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Good For Each Other

Independently the two of them came upon the realization that they were good for each other. Each knew it for some time, but on the surface, kept the truth from the other for many reasons.

It was the subtle moments together that the little snippets of truth exchanged between them amounted to the reality that they couldn't avoid speaking up about it much longer.

There are a number of complications. The essence is that it is so strange that they would find each other after so many years of living. Living a long time brings insights, but also a great deal of caution when forming a new serious relationship.

The hardest mountain to climb is how to approach each other with the news. What words are spoken? How to exchange the exact feeling desired? This is no affair, this is forever!

The right moment to be completely 100% open is just the beginning for them. Their remaining time together will be bound by their faithful commitment to each other and accept the loss of what they left behind to achieve their togetherness.

To be good for each other is a natural progression for lovers. It is not an easy road to travel, there are many bumps and dead-ends along the way. To those lovers that are unafraid to leave the congestion of the mainstream highway in life, the tranquil, back-road map to serenity may be found in each other's eyes.
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