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Medusa's Brother

Girls look in your direction and see you comin'
In the opposite direction, they start runnin'
You claim you are in excellent shape
Your face is a train wreck and you cinch in your gut with electrical tape
You drive a Yugo, it's color is Slime Green
You say you are just over run with bling bling
How can you claim you have the perfect life
You ar married to an inflatable wife
Women look at you and begin to cuss as they run for cover
Somebody spray painted a name on the car, it reads Medusa's Brother
You have no clue why everyone calls you M B
You believe they are saying M D, you think it's short for Mac Daddy
You wear your favorite tee shirt that reads World's Greatest Lover
In the females eyes you will always be Medusa's Brother
Well M B, for you there is some bad news
You will always be singing the lonely man's blues
You have asked M TV to pimp your ride
They can fix your car but your face you can't hide
You say well, I guess it's true, a man's best friend is his mother
But did occur to you, your mom also calls you Medusa's Brother
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