DREAMS | By: Jere Hutchinson | | Category: Lyric - Lost Love Bookmark and Share



It can’t end this way,
After all we’ve shared.
Why must it be you,
Take me, I never cared.

Can’t erase the pain,
And all the harm you’ve done.
Life is spinning out,
Going down with the sun.

Taste of your lips,
Lost in your eyes.
Warmth of your skin,
Haunting my mind.

I still see your face,
After so many years.
Held in your embrace,
Wash away my fears.

I fear the storm is getting closer,
Your not here to save me now.
Darkness holds me in her cold embrace,
The lone wolf begins to howl.

The fire in my heart still burns for you.
The wind still echoes your silent tune.
The waves still crash upon our secret shore.
The earth I will flee to hold you soon.

I fear the storm is getting closer,
I need your touch to make me high.
Everything is dead without your smile.
There’s nothing left, I want to die.
I need to die.
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