Pioneering | By: Spacer Conrad | | Category: Poem - Adventure Bookmark and Share


On a sultry summer night
in the middle of July
relaxing under the light
of a glitt'ry studded sky.

Books heavy on my weary lap
ancestors dead and gone
read old ship's names and yellowed maps
of time, and moving on.

From the far shores of the golden sea
to these, then striking west
in one place never long to be
a family's perpetual test

But what of the last mile travell'd?
oh where will we go now?
stagnate and come unravelled,
superfluous clan, not knowing how.

We're fading as the pages here
grow yellowed with the years
so slowly but the end draws near
lines end, yet know no fear.

Oblivion, that last frontier,
we all must cross someday
someone must make the trail stand clear
show other souls the way.

Or is there yet another place
where brutal tests beguile
the strong of heart and roughshod grace
Eyes up, stars beckon, I smile.
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