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The flood of rum

This story was never told because the government was too ashame of them self to tell anyone so the story was told to me and some other stupid people, anyway the story started not so long ago when New Zealand was nearly old, people there like rum but not wine or beer but their minds changed when some untold history happened.Many years past as New Zealand lives in harmony, many people were drunk because New Zealand got one of the biggest rum company in the whole wide world but then one horrible day, a flood came. It was the biggest flood in the world, more like a tsunami. Everyone was in ruin as business failed and family died,but that's not all, scientist predict there will be another one in a few years. All of a sudden people were terrify so the government did the most creative idea ever, there built a 100 meters tall wall around New Zealand! Everyone was happy with the idea and soon after a few years, the was wall built but before the flood came, all the rum company broke down because of the last flood which already made the buildings weak and soon it collapse. All the rum in the buildings were pour out which would have flow to the sea but it was trapped because of the wall so New Zealand was pretty much drowning in a pool of 50 meters high rum. Everyone was living in misery for a few months until the flood of the tsunami came. It bring down the walls and all the rum was pouring out against the ocean flood water which stopped the tsunami flood and let all the rum water pour out. From that day, people of New Zealand promise to never tell this to their grandchild or the world. After a few generation the story was forgotten and New Zealand hardly drink rum now but drink wine and beer instead.
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