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You better believe,
That I’m the one who holds the future,
Hey, you oughta know that by now.
You better believe,
That if I want you gone you go away,
Yeah, I’m the one who bears the crown.

Verse 1
Tired of your filthy lies,
Sick of all your fake goodbyes.
Ready now for something new,
My vision ain’t got room for you.

Time now for the best of days,
Changing all your ancient ways.
Breaking free of what you taught,
To keep us down things we sought.

Pre Chorus
What you say don’t mean a thing,
Time is coming your angels won’t sing.
And thunder in the skies can tell,
I’m getting ready to put you through hell!


Verse 2
Don’t bother trying to plead with me,
You’ve drained all my sympathy.
Sucking from the breast of love,
Your greed has raped your precious dove.

And now you look not at your sins,
Huddled together with bickering kin.
Guilt of things you all despise,
But not as long as it don’t affect your lives!



You aren’t the only ones around,
What made you think you owned this ground?
No more second chances here,
Judged by those you filled with fear.
Taking charge of what was free,
Now you’ll live in slavery!

I’ll kill you for food
I’ll use you for tests
I’ll breed your best daughters and slaughter the rest.
I’ll exterminate peoples if they get in my way,
I’ll sell ways to kill, same game that you played.
It’s not a big deal I’m better than you,
Why don’t you argue? I can’t understand you.
You yell and you scream but I’m not awake,
I’m dreaming up new ways to make you ache.
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