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the party

Stranded in a sea of munt and drunkenness, seemingly the only sober one in the room. Bass pumping, heart thumping. Arms and legs flailing wildly in every conceivable direction. All colours, all creeds, from old to young, fat to thin, male to female are represented. “You’re sober?” they ask, laughingly, “Then how come you look like the drunkest one in the room?” I answer- “I lost my inhibitions in the great inhibition crash of 2003 and haven’t looked back since.” The dancefloor is an animal, the people on it its arms and legs. At the moment it looks like its being ripped apart by some unknown force, body parts being torn from one end of the room to the other. People come, people go but the dancefloor beast remains. It’s a constant and never-ending battle- the dancefloor beast versus the creature of infinite bass. The caffeine kicks in. My body moves as if at its own accord, the music pulsating through me. Breakdown. A time to breathe, wipe the sweat off, replenish the fluids lost through rivers of sweat. The beast is quiet, resting but only for a few seconds. Another heavy bass drop and the beast roars back to life. Fists pump the air, fingers point, smiles all around. The expectation is heavy in the air as the DJ cues up another track. Boom, it hits with the intensity of a hurricane. The flailing begins again in earnest (and here too). People dance as if their lives depended on it. Maybe for some it does. I never realised how hot it got in here, I’m literally drenched with sweat. The floor has an ungodly smell from years of relentless partying but no-one seems to mind. It smelt better in here when you could smoke inside.

Two hours, seventeen minutes, two Red Bulls and three cigarettes later the end, at least for me, arrives. Handslaps and high-fives with friends as I exit the building. Fare thee well until the next party/soiree/gathering/gig/whatever. The cold night air cools my hot, sweaty skin. Ears ringing, legs stinging. My ears raped by Hijack* yet again. That was some party.

Fuck, I’ve got a uni presentation to give tomorrow.

*Hijack- the Hijack Sound System: the absolute best sound system in Sydney

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