Drycleaning | By: Jake Britten | | Category: Short Story - Comedy Bookmark and Share


'No, no, sir i apologise. you're jumper is ruined' carys hurried
'Ouch, this bloody coffee is scorching, and yes. the jumper is in solvable'
Carys had spilt coffee onto a passer by, the scene was one of a rush.
'No matter,' explained Carys, 'oddly enough a old a dry cleaners just south of here'
'how far!'
'A drizzle sir, u won't even notice the move. What's your name out of intrest and payment reasons'
'Opal. Payment?' wondered Opal
Carys shrugged of the comment and hurried Opal south toward the corner dry cleaner. The dry cleaners not a drizzle away was odd to the passer by and average animal. For a cleaners it was dirty. Their was a stain above the door, it spelt Carys 'the' cleaners. Opal puzzled was this graffiti or the sign, it was an odd establishment.
Carys proudly opened the door and nakedated Opal in a surgical fashion. Their was a smaller man behind the counter, he was reading a current smoking magazine. The man faned the magazine down to clear the smoke and took the jumper from Carys. Opal was confused when the man started licking out th coffee and spiting it back into a cup.
'8 quid love' said the small man to Opal.
'But she said,' Opal was stunned into a pause as he saw Carys exit the shop with the coffee in hand and repeating the coffee spilling on another fine gentleman, 'wait have i been had, very clever.' The frail man sternly looked outward through Opal with an open palm, waiting for his payment. Opal laid 8 new english coins onto the chaps hand. The dickensianesc man closed his fisrt and plunged the change into his pocket.
'Cheers,' he said in his broken London accent, 'heres your jumper.' Opal took the jumper and left the shop. He felt had and out of pocket. He unfolded the jumper and hello. Out fell a harvest crunch bar. Smiling from ear to ear Opal believed that he had the last laugh with the medling pair. And in a charlie from the chocolate factroy glear he pealed the foil back of the snack and began to fill with satisfaction.
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