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Parents enjoy your children each and every day while you can,for one day they\'re little babies and the next they are adults,just like a flash of light they\'re gone.Don\'t argue and fighr with the children enjoy them like they were your very last breath or air.When they are gone what\'s left?nothing but memorises of good and bad,we can\'t take back the bad memories but we sure can try to remember the good ones,the bad memories will always be there like a plague in the dark. Remember parents we were once children with wild imaginations ourselves, so what happened a long the way? did we forget that we were children ourselves? Children enjoy your parnts even though you don\'t understand them,but parents were children at one time themselves.One our parents are here and the next they are gone forever never to return, then all we have left are the memories of the good and bad.So Parents and Children enjoy each other till the end of time. the end
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