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Painted Skies (Part 1)

The End

Hundreds of years ago everything was peaceful their were no wars between the races and everybody helped each other, but those days were soon shattered to pieces. A young human broken down through the years, was walking down the streets of Haralga. When a cripple came to him with a large anticipating grin, and said “poor forlorn child, your eyes show no reverie for the future, am I not right?”
“Who are you? and what do you want?” the young lad asked suspiciously.
“Don’t be afraid I don’t intend any harm but help.”
“Sorry, I am not interested so why don’t you just go have a drinking party with a troll and leave me alone” he said rudely with an ounce of fear.
“If you accept my help I promise you riches and power greater than anything you’ve ever imagined. You will be the most powerful man that ever ruled over Saraca. Everybody will look at you with respect and never, ever will anybody laugh or mistreat you.” The young man was doubtful but this seemed like a proposition and he couldn’t refuse. The cripple must be a powerful magician which is dangerous but what else isn’t? “So, will you accept my help?” The cripple than tended out his hand towards the young man.
“Yes, I do” and grabbed the cripple’s old rugged hand and shook it. Nobody is sure what happened after that but what is sure is that the cripple’s body was laying on the ground limply and the young man was wearing a large anticipating grin, the same that the cripple wore a few moments ago. After that came 375 years of horrible tragedy, fear and misery. The young man called himself Caniric, but during his reign most used “he” so they wouldn’t get in trouble. “He has been here” they would all say when a defenceless village was trashed. Caniric did magic that the elves considered impossible, killed the strongest wizards and witches. But that’s not what Caniric wanted what he wanted is to claim the thrown of Saraca. Nobody controlled Saraca it was too big their were kings in certain areas though and that’s what Caniric was going for. One after one thrown he stole, one after one armies he defeated. He seemed invincible, the brave ones stood in front of Caniric to defend their families and friends while the cowards fought with him in hope of survival.
It only took him only a few years to take over most of Saraca. Destroyed the dwarfs best weapons, and took defenceless human girls to torture them in front of their parents. Caniric sent cruel tax takers to gain wealth, killed who ever might be planing rebellion. Later at the end he even defeated the elves and their magic. It stayed that way for 375 horrible years of suffering and injustice. Than when everything seemed to be lost forever, when all hope of brighter days seemed like a legend. Rumours of a group called Finary and at it’s head was a warrior strong enough to defeat Caniric. The villagers were hopeful, Caniric’s followers were worried, but the reaction of Caniric was the most surprising. Caniric found it funny even amusing that someone thought themselves strong enough to defeat him after all those years of being so victorious.
Maybe it was his greed that caused his fall, because one cold fall evening Caniric had an unpleasant visit. A man all dressed in white was able to sneak in his chamber. “It’s about time” Caniric said “I expected that you would be faster to pass my guards.”
“So you knew I was there?”
“I know everything, haven’t you guessed that yet?” said Caniric smirking and pulled out a long thick golden blade. “Now lets get to the conspicuous things” and walked toward the white warrior. There are many versions of what happened next some say the white warrior used old magic to fool Caniric. Some say they had a sword fight and the white warrior stabbed him in the heart. Plus many others tales that are as far fetch as possible, but what is sure is that Caniric finally died. Oddly he didn’t even leave a corpse, again their were many theories about that but the most popular one is that it’s only magic that keep him young so by then be would be at a very advance state of decomposition so advanced that their was nothing left. But nobody cared what his body had become the importance is that now he is finally dead. After that day their were countless celebrations, but after one a few months after Caniric’s death a large amount of followers got angry, and caused a riot. In all about 200 innocent people were murdered and the number of celebrations went dramatically down.
Every year at the date of Caniric’s death is held a ceremony in Haralga in memory of those who died fighting and to remember that cruelty is everywhere. Everybody knows this story, it only happened less than 25 years ago. Slavco’s father had told him this story countless times and now he was dead. Slavco looked at the coffin of his father one last time as it was slowly reeled down in its deep grave.

Chapter 1
Wooden Box

Life is an unjust place, the ones that deserve to live die, and the ones that deserve to die live. Slavco then realised, how hard it is to know who is good and who is bad. The ones that want to make it better are good, but what the bad ones do to their opinion is for the better. Then what is the difference between a hero and a villain?
A hand set its self on Slavco’s shoulder. Its owner said “Slavco everybody is gone, maybe we should leave. Slavco turned around, it was his best friend Tastain who had spoken.
“I guess you’re right” said Slavco passing his hand through his face feeling it’s wetness. Fucken bullshit life thought Slavco. “So are we going to your house? We never go at yours.”
“No, it’s kind of chaos. The older boys came with a dead boar this morning. By now Wilfo must have cut off the head and is chasing the twins around the house with it.”
Tastain was right, it was always chaos. Tastain had 8 brothers and sisters, though two had left the family home. It was kind of odd the two eldest left home instead of staying and inheriting the family farm, but Franger (the third child) was more then happy about it. It was always noising, people screaming and fighting over things. Lately they were trying to get the twins to marry, but one wouldn’t marry without the other. Slavco, in some weird far fetched way, liked it. It was so exciting and full of action. Something very different from his quiet household. It would be even more quiet now that his father is gone.
“So are we going to your house?”
“I guess so” said Slavco sounding bored. He knew that he was being a jerk and that Tastain was only trying to be nice, but he really, really didn’t feel like it. He just wanted to be a big fat boring person that does nothing.
As they slowly made there way to Slavco’s home, they crossed the path of Cynata Hasu. She was one of the prettiest girls in Deberson, every male creature wanted her, including Slavco. The problem is Slavco isn’t exactly a girl magnet. He’s measures barely 5 feet 7 and kind of scrawny, his skin is milk pale, with eyes like black peas. Over the top is his overgrown jet black hair that falls over his face. People often wouldn’t believe that he was his father’s son. His father was a handsome grand man. He always wanted to be like him but it didn’t end up that way.
Tastain personally hated Cynata, he thought of her as being a slut that is always to full of herself. Her father had once tried to get the two of them married, but Tastain refused immediately. As they got closer Cynata started smiling. “Look” said Slavco “she is smiling at me.”
“What are you talking about?” Inquired Tastain, and turned around to see Cynata joining one of her numerous friends. The person she was really smiling at. “I don’t get why you like her so much she is such a bitch.”
“How can you say that everybody doesn’t stop talking about her as such a good person. They all say she is going to make a perfect wife. All the parents would die to get their son to marry her. I still don’t understand how you could have rejected her.”
“Because she is would be a hoar.”
“Prove it!” Declared Slavco.
“I’m not supposed to say. I promised.”
“So you do have evidence.”
“Kenny is going to kill me, but I’ll tell you anyway. In secret he often goes to the prostitution house.”
“Well everybody knows that, except for your parents” said Slavco rolling his eyes.
“And over there he has a favourite and it’s...”
“Yes Cynata Sosce.”
There was a short silence afterwards, then Slavco finally said “Where is that place?” Tastain playfully hit him on the head for saying such a thing.
The next few minutes were dead silent. Soon enough they reached Slavco’s home. It wasn’t a regular house that was found in Deberson. Really it was an old post office converted in a house. The place had something special nevertheless.

8 years ago
It has been three days since they had arrived at Deberson. They had travelled a long distance from Bed’ki to Deberson. Slavco’s father, Dyman, had been laid off and they were looking for employment. Dyman was a fair sailor, and since Deberson’s main economic income was fishing, and trade they hoped for the best. Unfortunately they weren’t the only ones with such an idea. They couldn’t find anyplace to live, and the money was starting to run out.
Recently they had heard of a woman that was selling a used barge and a house for a cheap price. It seemed ridiculous that luck could have turned around so abruptly, after trying so hard. Slavco might have been young but he wasn’t stupid, this was probably just a hoax.
He was tired of seeing his father filled with false hopes, waiting for that “woman” to give them what they’ve always dreamed of. So he left the smelly room of the inn they stayed in, to wander around. During his short walk, he saw a dog barking, a baby crying, a salesman bargaining, and a blond teenage girl frantically running. It was SO interesting, that he just went back to his crappy inn room.
When he walked in the door, Dyman grabbed him and literally threw him in the air. Sure he caught him, but it didn’t stop Slavco from hitting the ceiling. As him regained normal mental capacities he read the two deeds that were laying on the bed. “A post office?” Inquired Slavco confused.
“You can’t complain that living there is boring.

The two young men were tipping the chairs of the kitchen table. Last night Slavco had, had an idea. He still wasn’t mentally prepared to share it, but this seemed like the right moment. “Would you come with me?”
“I hope you don’t mean were I think” joked Tastain.
“Tastain I’m being serious, why do you always need to think that way?” Asked Slavco and pushing Tastain’s shoulder. Tastain lost his balance but luckily fell forwards so no harm was done, and he started tipping again.
“I mean everywhere, we could travel the world looking for adventure.”
Tastain didn’t want to offence Slavco saying that it was a bad idea, but the problem is that it’s really was a bad idea. “Slavco this is real life, not one of your adventure books.”
“I’m aware, but we could take some sword fighting classes for a month or so, sell my father’s company, buy horses and leave. I’m tired of this rotten place and it’s memories.”
“Come on, we had good times, didn’t we. Remember throwing rocks in that old lady’s windows, making her think it’s the soul of her dead husband was haunting her. I still think she did kill him. Since she freaked out and left” said Tastain laughing. Again he lost balance, but this time he fell backwards and crashed. Slavco knew it wasn’t the moment but he couldn’t stop himself from laughing his head off.
“So will you come with me” Slavco said when he calmed himself down.
“Lav it’s not that easy, where do you want to go? The south is full of bandits, and did you hear the news? Some idiot kids, woke up a dragon and now a good part of Lacha is burning. By the looks of it it’s going to take a while before it’s out.”
“Tas, just never mind. I was stupid, it’s not important.”
“No it isn’t Slavco, what you wanted to do is escape reality, it doesn’t work that way in real life.”
“Tastain forget it okay?”

* * *

The rest of the day was spent doing, unimportant things. They went to bed early since tomorrow would be spent working on the ship. He didn’t know how he was going to deal with all the responsibilities that were waiting for him. Niss was probably going to help him, but the change was terrify. To add to it, he still wasn’t over his father’s death, he didn’t believe he’d ever be.
It was late at night, and Tastain had stayed to sleep over. His snores, Slavco was sure, could be heard at the other end of the street. It didn’t bother him though, he had gotten used to it a long while ago. Slavco was still awake because he was thinking. He always thought before falling asleep. Alone in his bed where no one could bother him. That night he especially had a lot to think about. Eventually fatigue took over, and he drifted to slumberland.
Slavco jumped out of bed. Tastain was sleeping as hard as a rock, but the noise had driven Slavco wide awake. Someone was in the house, probably robbing the house. He grabbed his hunting knife, and hurried downstairs. He tried to be the most quiet possible, but the old creaking floor was stopping him from accomplishing his goal. He got to the front door, but it didn’t seem to be forced in. He started making his way to the backdoor, when he saw light coming out of the door at the end of the hallway. The door led to his father’s office.
The access to that room, had always been forbidden. He had went a few times with the permission of his father, but most of the time he couldn’t go. Dyman always said “privacy is a luxury that everybody can afford but not have. I insist on having it.”
It didn’t matter anymore, he was dead so nothing mattered. He slowly made his way down the hallway, wondering what kind of thief lights a candle? Maybe it was a kid playing a prank, him and Tastain had already broke in a house.
He had had stepped on a fallen painting. Stupid painting thought Slavco
3 days ago
“Tell me the truth! Why are you so weird?!” Exclaimed Slavco.
“It’s more complicated then you think” answered Dyman calmly.
“Do you think I’m stupid? I’m not a child I understand things fuck! Why are you always locked in your bullshit office? Why do you kick me out in the middle of the night telling me to go to Tastain’s? Why have you been so weird recently?”
“You’ll know soon” his father said patiently, and went to his office.
Slavco started banging on the walls yelling “you won’t get away so easily!” When one of the paintings finally fell and broke on the ground, Slavco stormed out of the house.
“I’ll never know now” he mumbled to himself. He finished his walk down the old hallway of pealing wallpaper. His hand was trembling as he prepared himself to turn the rusty doorknob. What have I gotten myself into Slavco thought feeling stupid that he didn’t wake up Tastain. He added every ounce of courage in his body to finally open the door.
He couldn’t see a thing, the amount of light in the room was too strong for his eyes. They were burning and watery by the time he got used to it. Everything was in place like it always was, except for a small box on his father’s rosewood desk. It was small, 20 by 15cm perhaps. The wood was probably mahogany with a strange symbol on the lid, that Slavco had never seen before. He had never seen the box in question also. The symbol was a platinum oval with a thick line shifted more towards the left side. A thin line crossed the wide one going from the top left corner to the bottom right. The light came from the symbol, Slavco couldn’t believe his eyes he had never seen such a thing before.
Curiosity bit him and he got closer. Suddenly out of nowhere, the light stopped. It was now pitch-black (as it appeared to Slavco).
Thump, thump, thump
The box was shaking, and so was Slavco. It stop. Silence. The only noise was Slavco’s heavy breathing. Them it happened. What Slavco was fearing was going to happen, did indeed happen. The box opened. All Slavco could see is lights and sounds spinning and flashing around him. The windows slashed open, papers and quills flew in the air along. It seemed like time was suspended. Then all the light were being absorbed by his body.
As fast as it started it ended, leaving Slavco panting on the ground with the odd symbol burning on his chest, where his heart was. Tastain stormed in the room, he was finally awake. Slavco would have been worried if he wasn’t awake by now. Instead it was Tastain who was worried. This was the weirdest scene he had ever seen.
“What in a million years just happened?” Slavco was far too weak to answer he just looked at Tastain desperately hoping that he would stop staring and come rescue him. Tastain noticed and helped him up on a chair. “What happened?” he repeated.
“ lights...and whooooo! Everything got weird.”
“Okay now repeat what you said, but with more words” said Tastain. Slavco told him everything from his father’s odd behaviour, to the moment he stormed in the room. “So you think, all of this has to do with your father?”
Slavco nodded “and that symbol is important I know it is. It’s everywhere on the box on my ch...” Slavco stopped in his words. The mark had vanished from his skin.
“Ooookay” said Tastain more then freaked out. “Where is the box?” Slavco pointed at the desk, and Tastain went to fetch it. “There is a note (Slavco’s hope rises) it says don’t worry (the balloon broke and he fell face first). That’s all thought Slavco he does all this shit to me and all he leaves for an explanation is “don’t worry.” Slavco was more then angry he was furious. Then Tastain interrupted his thought saying “there is also a necklace. Oooww!!” Tastain sucked his fingers.
“What’s wrong?” Asked Slavco.
“That necklace burnt my fingers” he said showed his fingers, with the clear mark of a small necklace chain. Slavco tried to hold, but he didn’t get burnt though. It had the box symbol hanging from it’s chain. “It must be meant for you.”
“I’m so confused Tas, I can’t make a sense out of this.”
Tastain just looked at him, not knowing what to say. “Stay here I’ll pick up this mess.”
Slavco didn’t listen and reached to close a window, but before he could touch it. It closed by its self. “Fuck this is crazy” Slavco mumbled to himself.

Chapter 2
An Unexpected Hero

You never know completely. Sometimes it’s because they lie, sometimes it’s because the subject never came up. Though it already happened to everyone, that someone says something about themselves, and they are astonished saying “wow I didn’t know that.” It’s part of life, if you knew everything about everybody it would get boring, and unimportant.
“Slavco wake up, Slavco we’ve got to go to work” said a familiar voice. Slavco finally opened his eyes to see the familiar face of his friend. It was morning already, and then he remembered what happened yesterday and he crashed back to earth, he had performed magic yesterday night. Was it really magic? It must be, he had never seen real magic being performed. It must be what had happened. He also remembered about his idea of leaving this trash hole forever, with magic there would be less risk to travel. Maybe now he could convince Tastain.
“Tastain I have an idea” and Slavco went on with the idea again, though this time he added the magic factor.
Tastain sighed “Sorry Lav but your really out of your mind this crazy idea. You can’t even control that son-of-a-bitch magic.”
“You can’t believe how much I am decided, if you don’t want to come I don’t care I’ll go alone” said Slavco seriously.
“You don’t get it you’re still in shock of what happened, you aren’t yourself. Making bold decisions isn’t you.”
“Tas I know what I’m doing” Slavco told him, he got dressed, and hurried to see Jarnus Hasu, before they had to leave for the day. Better get deals settled fast.
The Hasu manor was huge, Jarnus Hasu junior was the one responsible of all the Hasu enterprise in Deberson he owned about 6 boats and wanted to own much more. His father Jarnus Hasu senior controlled everything in the company, he lives in Halen the main headquarters of the company. Hasu is the main fishing and travelling company in Saraca but Meti (Slavco’s father fishing industry) is the most important in Deberson. Deberson is trading hub, for fishing. There are a lot of fishing boats in Deberson and not enough clients in the region so the only thing Hasu can do to grow is to buy other boats and at the same time clients. Hasu has been trying to buy Meti for years so it’s impossible that they say no thought Slavco as he knocked on the door.
“Yeeellllow, how may I help you?” said a ridiculously tall and skinny butler.
“Aye” said Slavco suddenly feeling short, “I’d like to speak to Mr. Hasu it’s for business” said Slavco shyly putting his hand in the back of his neck.
“And you are?” said the butler eyeing him suspiciously.
“Slavco, Slavco Meti, you know Meti with all the boats that you do not have.”
“Yes, yes well stay here I’ll go see if Mr. Hasu is available” he said and closed the door leaving Slavco alone. After less than a moment the door opened again but instead of the freakishly tall butler their was a man no more than 10 cm’s taller than Slavco with a round little belly and hair combed on the side to cover his bald head.
“Slavco, what has brought you to visit me in such a peaceful morning” said Hasu but it was obvious that he had been anticipating for him to do that ever since he heard Dyman Meti had died.
“Hasu I’m pretty sure you know why.”
“Well then why don’t you come in for some coffee?”
“I will come in but I don’t like coffee though” said Slavco neutrally.
As he walked through the luxurious hallways lit but chandeliers and the painting of Hasu’s ancestors he wondered how it is to be flithy rich. The money they got went to either, give raises, buy new boats, or give to charity. Dyman only kept enough to stay alive. He had never seen importance in material things. Even Tastain’s family seemed rich compared to them. It never really bothered Slavco until right now he realised how much he missed it. They finally entered the study, he could barely see the elegant tapestry behind all the books piled up in messy piles. Hasu took off a pile of books that were lying on a chair in front of Hasu’s desk. Slavco sat on the comfortable maroon chair and looked at Hasu in the eyes, waiting for him to say something, after a few seconds of staring Hasu pushed back his chair and put his feet on his messy desk.
“Do you want some coffee” offered Hasu.
“No thank you, I don’t like coffee.”
“So, you want to sell do you?” said Hasu with a broad smile.
“Aye, you see I am not the businessman my father was.”
“Yes, yes and you want to sell everything?”
“Aye, everything clients, contracts, boats, everything.”
“Well Slavco, you’ve just made my day, I’ll have a contract made, it should be ready by tomorrow, could you come this evening bring the list of employees and all the financial papers.”
“Okay than, I need to go right now I’ll see you this evening.”
“Aren’t you staying for some coffee and cakes?”
“I really don’t have time Mr. Hasu, you see I wasn’t there yesterday and Niss can’t manage everything” with that Slavco left for the port murmuring “jerk” when he left the place. When outside he looked at the clock that proudly ticked on a tower in the middle of the town, he was late soon they would be leaving. Without thinking twice Slavco ran the fastest he could to the port, he never remembered running so fast he felt like he could out run a horse. He arrived at the port in no time, still running Slavco was waving his arms in the air and yelling “Come on Niss your not going to leave without me?”
Than he saw the friendly figure of Niss Sosce, Niss had been a family friend ever since they moved in Deberson. Niss is the only dark skinned man in Deberson but everybody loves him he is just so friendly. Niss is also the assitant-manager of Meti, Slavco never knew much of Niss, all he knew is that he came from a small war worn village in the south of the desert called Luza. His parents had been killed when he was young, and were sent to slavery. So he hated speaking about himself. Once Slavco had asked him why he didn’t speak much about his past. He had answered that when you are eating lunch one moment and see your bestfriends guts hanging from a tree the next. You don’t like talking about it.
“Finally Slavco I though the trolls got you” joked Niss.
“Aye, but I found a stick on the ground, did a few moves and in no time they were down.”
“Ya, right the day you can make trolls pass out I’ll give you my best net” and with that he threw a rope ladder to let Slavco climb up the boat. When Slavco was with Niss all his worries went away, he was rather short (thought not as much as himself), black hair and bright blue eyes, his face was kind and smooth but his body was strong and well built. When he finally reached the top Niss grabbed him from under the armpits and helped him up.
“I am really sorry for you I wish I could have told you at the funeral but I was just too caught up.”
“It isn’t a problem, but I have something to tell you.”
“Is it good or bad” said Niss with a worried glare.
“That’s up to you, I am going to sell” Niss gave him a look of disgust and then of understanding, both which terrified Slavco.
“I knew you’d do it, I just hope I’ll keep my job Hasu never really liked the desert people” Slavco just remembered that Hasu was known to be heartless to his employees and the last thing he wanted was Niss to be sacked or having to quit.
“I’ll make sure he doesn’t, if not than I’ll find a way” Slavco comforted Niss.
“Thanks mate, so now lets get busy the ocean is calm today so we’d better catch a lot.” Tastain was already dragging the net with Shenna. Shenna is the only girl employed on the boats in all of Deberson and also happens to be Niss wife. Most people believe that a woman on a boat is bad luck, but really it’s becuase they think that they are weak, worthless, and distraction for the other men. Slavco and Niss hurried to help the two of them.
“Hey, Slavco I am really sorry for what happened to you, if their is anything I can do.”
“No, it’s okay only time can repair those kind of wounds” just when he finished his sentence Shenna gave him a bear hug her flaming red hair brushing his face. She had already given dozens of those at the funeral but they were always so comforting. Shenna was like the mother he never had, and Niss was like a second father. Legally they were now in charge of him, but since he was soon 17 and because Slavco rathers it that way everything went to him instead of to the Sosces. Though technically they could take all his goods until he turned 17.
“Well, we have work, to do” and with that Slavco, Tastain, Shenna, Friggy, and Dean (two other crew men on that boat) installed the nets while Niss sailed to the large.
“I have the profits from yesterday” yelled Niss from the front of the boat a few minutes later. Slavco was in a very dangerous position at the moment and Niss yelling surprised him and he nearly fell.
“Need to be more careful Slavco” yelled Tastain. Suddenly out of nowhere a seagull appeared and crashed in Slavco making him fall, he reached for something to hold on but got nothing. Down he went, down and down, things seemed to be going in slow motion. He was only 2 meters high but still it hurts. First was his body that hit the hard wood but his head had at it’s turn quickly afterwards.
“Fucken shit”
Shenna jumped off of were she was ran to his help, Tastain who was adjusting the sails with Friggy quickly finished what he was doing, Friggy ran in the boat.
“My head” mumbled Slavco, his vision was getting blurry and he felt that he was slowly losing conciseness.
“Don’t worry” he heard Shenna’s voice say “Friggy went to go get medicine. Then without realising it, his sight was coming back and the pain went away. Slavco sat up stunned by what just happened and saw Friggy running towards him with a glass bottle in his hand.
“It’s okay” said Slavco “my head doesn’t hurt anymore” everybody looked at him a if he was some kind of deformed creature and said,
“What 10 seconds ago your about to die and now your fine” said Shenna confused. Slavco gave her a nod. “Well you are darn lucky” she said after a long pause, and than smiled. The rest of the morning went smoothly Niss forced Slavco to rest even though he never felt so well. Slavco just read one of the old books that were lying around. When he finished that he made a card castle and a bunch of other useless things. After being bored for almost 4 hours, the others finally came in for lunch. What they mainly talked about was Slavco’s sudden recovery.
“I think he got some fairy dust on him” said Friggy.
“Don’t be stupid, everybody now that fairies don’t exist it was established long ago” said Dean
“My grandmother says she saw one when she was young, she was walking in the forest and was hearing squeals she got closer to see what it was, and saw an injured boar. Before she could get closer a fairy man appeared he had pointy ears, white hair and white feather wings and a weird clothes” said Shenna
“This sounds like an angel” interrupted Friggy.
“Let me finish! So like I was saying, the fairy got closer to the boar and healed it’s wound and it ran happily around the fairy to then ran in the forest.”
Niss smiled, “isn’t that the grandmother that likes having extra drinks?”
“Maybe, but she wasn’t drunk that day. If you hear her say it, you know she is serious.”
“What I think is that the seagull that hit Slavco was a magical seagull and it was sorry for hurting him so it healed him” joked Tastain.
“Aye, right” Shenna took Tastain in a headlock and rubbed his head with her fist. Slavco knew though that it was because of the box, and that it was only the beginning. Slavco who had eaten before since he had nothing better to do. So decided to go look on the dock to see if everything was in order. After a quick inspection which resulted that everything was fine, Slavco was about to go join the others again when he saw that the rope holding one of the nets was about to break he ran to get it.
“TASTAIN GET HERE FAST!” Screamed Slavco grabbing the rope. The rope broke pulling him dangerously quickly to the edge of the boat, he needed to let go if he didn’t he would go in the water. Suddenly a burst of strength took hold of Slavco at the last moment and he was able to take a firm grip on the ground and on the rope. Slavco couldn’t believe it he was holding about so many fish with his bare hands!
Tastain appeared from inside of the both and saw Slavco tugging a rope with all his might.
“Is that the net you are holding?”
“The big one with all the fish?”
“How in a million years can you do that?”
“I don’t know but it’s heavy” then without warning the burst of strength stopped and Slavco was forced to let go. Niss then appeared, followed by Friggy, Dean and Shenna.
“What happened? Were is the net?” yelled Niss completely panicked.
“The rope broke and the ocean took the net” Slavco half-lied.
“Fuck” swore Niss, “that was an expensive net, but what am I saying are you fine?”
“Aye” lied Slavco hiding his brunt hands. They hook up another net and the rest of the day went without too much trauma. The day was coming to an end, Slavco wished that it was longer he wasn’t ready to face Hasu and his fake friendly attitude.
“Eh, Tastain, may I have a word with you?” said Slavco seeing that he was leaving.
“Aye, sure”
“You know I would rather that you don’t let the word of what I can do go around, people here have a large prejudice concerning, well you-know-what and I don’t want a riot in front of my house.”
“Sure, but the people here saw you grow up and I don’t understand how they could misjudge you after you’ve been living among them for so many years.”
Tastain was right, if he told Niss at this moment how he was able to cure so fast he still would be his friend. Hasu on the other hand would never let him get close to Cynata ever again. He never thought that he would ever hide something this big to all his friends. Nothing will ever be the same, then it hit him, why me? He always wanted to be special as a child to be a knight saving a damsel in distress, but now that he could do all of that he didn’t want it anymore. He wanted a peaceful life, right now he was selling everything he owned to go on wild adventures with Tastain, but something in him told him he didn’t want any of that.
When he read books and heard legends he was always angry at the hero for not wanting to be “special” and now he was acting exactly like them what had he become.
Knock Knock
“Oh, hello Slavco, how are you? Come in, come in” Hasu waved his hands towards the inside of the house, and gave Slavco a fake smile that said I-don’t-like-you-I-only-let-you-in-to-buy-you-out. Hasu didn’t like Slavco and Slavco didn’t like Hasu it was clear from the day that they met but Hasu was acting nicely to Slavco just in case he changes his mind. Why not test his patience thought Slavco then he remember that he is much too shy to do anything that would really make him angry. Darn why can’t I more like Tastain this is the perfect opportunity.
“Coffee” offered the butler.
“No, don’t you remember I don’t like coffee” said Slavco starting to get frustrated of that none of those jerks can remember that he doesn’t like coffee.
“Oh so do you have everything?”
“Aye” and Slavco pulled out a large stack of paper. The rest of the evening was very boring Hasu pretended to be nice to Slavco while Slavco pretended to be interested in what Hasu had to say.
“So was it fun at Hasu’s place” said Tastain who was throwing a ball in the air while lying on his couch in his house, but that wasn’t unusual Tastain was like a brother and had a key to the house.
“Not really but Cynata seemed to be happy to see me.”
“Whoohoo one point for Slavco zero for Hasu, you are the best pal.”
“I am going to take a walk on the beach, try not to have to big of a party while I am gone” joked Slavco.
“You now me” replied Tastain.
The beach was the only place that he felt safe and at home, the red sand was unique to Deberson well atleast that’s what he heard. He past his hands through the sand, it was warm from the sun, in the back of him was the sand stone cliff, the tide got really high around here. Ffffffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffffffffffff the sound of the ocean always relaxed him. He decided to shed his clothes and get in the water, when finally ready he dived in the calm ocean. He ocean was filled with life but this time was different he could feel every living animal or plant in the water and it worried him to be so surrounded. His gaze then turned to the Daimon Cliff also known as the suicide cliff. The cliff is very high, and if falling in water from this high doesn’t kill you, barley a meter under the water are big sharp rocks. Slavco never saw anyone suicide themselves there but remembers coming back home one day and seeing many people by the cliff.
Frightened by all the life he could feel in the ocean, Slavco got out of the water and started getting dressed. He was putting on his belt when he saw a woman at the edge of the cliff, he could have been wrong but it definitely looked like she was going to jump! Slavco left the rest of his clothes on the beach and ran to stop the woman. To his frustration he wasn’t able to run as fast as he did this morning nevertheless he ran faster than he usually did. The cliff was a good 400 meters away from were he was on the beach and Slavco wasn’t sure he would get their fast enough.
“STOP! Please don’t jump!” yelled Slavco desperately, but the woman didn’t even seem to hear him. He waved his arms like a maniac to get her attention screaming “stop” and “wait” but the woman still seemed to ignore him. Is she blind? Or deaf? Or both? Thought Slavco. He was now climbing the cliff he never remembered it being to steep and long like everything was going on slow motion, again. His heart was racing when he got to the top, Slavco extended his hand reaching for the woman’s shoulder but when he was supposed to touch her his hand passed through her!
“What?” wondered Slavco staring at his hand with astonishment, the woman then disappeared out of thin air. Surprised Slavco took a few steps back and bumped in something. Slavco was going to turn around but as fast as the speed of light there was a sharp knife at his throat.
“Your not going anywhere” said a voice of who ever was in the back of him, the voice seemed to be singing the words and they were of an incredible smoothness. Beside he saw a woman with overlong bronze hair, her eyebrows ridiculously exclamatory making her look angry but the rest of her face seemed worried. She pulled her hair back divulging pointy ears, an elf! What do they want from me. The pressure on his neck then loosened, to then drop. The person in the back of him had fallen to the ground. The elven woman beside him was kicked off the cliff, but she was able to grab the edge. Slavco turned around to see who kicked and saw a young woman with pale blond curly hair, so pale it seemed almost white.
“Run Slavco! Run!” she yelled at him but he couldn’t move a muscle. He just stayed there as the girl was sword battling the elf. How can I trust her? He wondered, maybe being rough and putting knifes at the throats of people was the way for the elves to be kind. Or maybe they were both bad. The girl then put her hand in her shirt as if to pull out her heart but instead pulled out a necklace, the same that he was wearing at the moment.
“I am on your side Slavco so please run!” Instead Slavco took the same stick that the girl used to knock out the elven man that was taking him in hostage and hit the elf hard on the head. Unlike the man she didn’t pass out but got very dizzy and Slavco and the girl took that opportunity to take off. Slavco had no clue were they were going and the girl didn’t seem to know anymore. Citizens of Deberson didn’t stop giving them curious looks mostly because the girl was arm to the neck and because he was half naked.
“Dammit, she’s catching up” said the girl, Slavco turned his head and she was right the elf was no more then 6 meters away from them. Slavco stopped running as though there was a brick wall blocking his way, and the left took the opportunity to tackle the girl. Slavco panicked, the elf was slaughter that girl, and didn’t know what to do.
He grabbed the elf and yelled “STOP!” As he pronounced the word a flash of red light hit her and she fell on the ground limply. Everybody was staring at him then at the elf then at him again, their jaws were all open never had anything like this had happened in peaceful Deberson.
“Is that the Meti boy? Who is that blond girl? He can he do magic? Did he kill her? It’s an elf?” Slavco heard them all whisper, he can do magic it’s for sure now, he can do magic.
The blond girl grabbed his arm and pulled him away from all the glares. Slavco wasn’t paying attention to wear she was bringing him he couldn’t believe it, he did magic, but did he kill that elf? When he fell back to the real world he realised that he was at his house.
“Get a bag ready we’re leaving this place before the whole town knows what happen. Meet me in 2 hours at the entrance of Lacha and be alone, bring a horse if you have one.”
“Wait we’re leaving?”
“Of course we’re leaving if you don’t your going to either get kicked out or kidnapped by the elf, is that all?”
“No, who are you, and why are you bringing me where ever you are bringing me?”
“First my name is Aly, and secondly I am taking you because of the agreement.”
“Eh? What agreement? Is it a fishing agreement?”
She looked at him for a few seconds and started laughing softly “fishing! Who do you think your father is?”
“He’s a fisherman that’s why I said a fishing agreement.”
“Oh, I am sorry I though he would have told you by now” she said softly, too softly “your father” she said pausing between each word “is a hero he is the white warrior.”

Chapter 3

Never ever is anybody able to guess exactly what is going on in someone’s mind. Most of the time you can guess it my the way they physically react. However there are things that are kept secret, things that are so hidden, that unless they say it, it’s impossible to guess. What is a secret? Other then an unspoken lie. Truth is constantly hidden, so doesn’t that make it lying about a lie. Why do people lie. Maybe because sometimes not knowing makes you happier then knowing that you are being lied to, or even plain truth.
Slavco slammed the door open, the noise was so loud that Tastain woke up startled.
“Eh? What’s happening? Hey have you been working out you seem fitter, I mean never mind what’s the problem?” said Tastain worried about Slavco’s foul mood.
“The problem! The problem is that everybody is a liar a stupid fucken liar!”
“Calm down Lav and come and tell doctor Tastain how you discovered that everybody is a liar” said Tastain with a little smile. Still furious Slavco sat beside Tastain and told him what happened. When came to point about Aly telling him who his father was he was at the edge of tears.
“I can’t believe he never told me. I’m his only son. I thought he trusted me” when he said the last word Slavco was now sobbing, but he felt so much better now that he confessed everything to Tastain. He knew that he could tell him anything without fearing that he would be judged or that he would tell somebody.
“Well I guess it’s time for us to get ready.”
“Pardon me?”
“You heard me well, that blondy might be blond but she isn’t stupid she is right you can’t stay here and I am coming with you. I changed my mind.”
Slavco looked puzzled at him “and how did that happen?”
“Well, when I came back from work. I looked at my older borthers and realised that I didn’t want to have the boring life of a farmer. I didn’t want to stay near my parents like insecure jerks for the rest of my life” without another word he left. Slavco just watched him leave not bothering to tell him about his doubts of leaving.
The next half hour was filled with movement, Slavco was running everywhere grabbing thing he might need and banging his head to try to remember what else he might need. Occasional thoughts like dammit that won’t fit and if it happens I’ll be in big trouble or maybe Tastain will bring that. Exhausted of his quick hard work he looked in his bags pleased with what he had collected, though he was sad that he owned no fighting equipment he closed his bag and started walking towards the front door when he saw the painting that he had fell a few days ago. He didn’t want to come back and see it on the floor and remember everything (if he ever did come back) so he decided to pick it up.
As he lifted the small painting he saw that a note was hidden under it, again he recognised his fathers writing and saw that that it was longer though, and it gave him hope.

Dear Slavco,
If you are reading this at the moment I must have already passed away, and you must have opened or will soon open the box. I was worried that the note in the box was too short and you must be asking yourself thousands of questions, but don’t worry. A young woman called Aly will or has already paid you a visit. You can ask her all the questions you want, she’ll be able to answer you. A few moments ago as you may remember we had a fight and I would like to tell you that it’s okay. I am regretting at the moment for not telling you before, but I always felt that you were too young to understand the complexity of what is happening. As you may or may not have discovered I am the one who defeated Caniric, and that there is much more to the story that everyone knows of. Again Aly will explain it to you, she will also be your mentor so I hope you will treat her with the most respect possible.

I love you
Dyman Meti your father

P.S. knock three times on the wall with the painting of the white boat. You might need it.

Slavco was just dumbstruck he just didn’t understand what he was supposed to feel, he got what he wanted and explanation but it had only brought even more questions. He knew that he would die, and that girl named Aly would come, it was all planed. his father chose his destiny without even asking him or telling him what would happen. Slavco chose anger, he was angry at his father like he’d never been before. He never asked for that or did he?
8 years ago
It had been the second day they had been travelling to Deberson, the wagon was going up and down because of all the small and big rocks they passed over.
“Slavco stop moving” Slavco had been running up and down the small wagon agitating his hands pretending to cast spells and yelling made up words.
“Father why can’t I do magic?”
“Oh, Slavco stop asking me this question I told you it’s because your a human and humans don’t do magic, they just don’t have magic in them. And if you want to ask me why you are a human it’s because both you parents are human.”
Slavco was disappointed of having no chance of ever doing magic but then remembered something that would corner his father.
“But you can do magic, I saw you made a coin disappear and then reappear” said Slavco optimistically. Dyman let out a little laugh and smiled at Slavco.
“It wasn’t real magic only an illusion” Slavco was really disappointed it had been forever that Slavco had that idea of doing magic. Ever since he read his first epic. He was tried of being like all the other children he wanted to be different. Dyman saw his disappointment and felt sorry.
“Don’t be sad you know magic is a big responsibility and you also need to be very brave, plus when you can do magic you need to learn to control it and you can’t get rid of it when your tired of it.”
“But father I am responsible, brave, I learn quickly and I promised I’ll never get tired of it” Slavco looked at him with big eyes pleading him.
“Well if you continue acting that way maybe destiny will smile to you, so do you want to drive the wagon?” Slavco was happy that he had a chance and happily drove the wagon with his father beside giving him tips. As the years passed Slavco understood that he never would be able to do magic and gave up the idea.
Was he sincere thought Slavco. He looked at the letter again P.S. knock three times on the wall with the painting of the white boat. You might need it. What did he mean? Slavco’s eyes were brought to study in front of him the door was ajar and on the wall he could see the painting of their first boat Deelenne which happened to be white. That must be it he thought, he quickly got to the painting half convinced that it wouldn’t work he knocked three times. As soon as he did his third knock the wall swung open like a door, revealing to Slavco’s point of view one of the most beautiful weapons he ever seen.
The blade was transparent wide and thin, the handle was a smooth sliver and well craved, he just couldn’t resist he took it in his hand it was extremely light. His hand fit perfectly in it, he gave it a wave the light of the almost set sun made it glow. That’s one good sword he thought, but that wasn’t the only thing the hidden door kept. In it was a long black jacket, with a green lining on the sides, the jacket reminded him of the ones rich people wore. The tissue it was made of resemble to nothing he had seen before, it was very soft but seemed nearly unbreakable. A dark leather belt went with it, there were also matching leather boots, and fingerless gloves that went up to the elbow, and a sheath for his sword. When he got everything on and his sword on his waist he looked outside the sun was down and night had rose. Better hurry up!

* * *

He was pleased to see Tastain with two brown horse as he walked towards Lacha.
“How did you get the horses?” Asked Slavco curiously.
“I told my parents that I was leaving with you to kill trolls and evil spirits, they told me good luck and gave me our 2 best horses” that’s weird thought Slavco usually his parents are really protective he decided not to worry about it and was grateful instead. He attached his heavy bags to his horse and climbed on it. Aly was already there when they arrived they were clearly late, he hoped that she would stay calm.
When he saw her earlier the only thing that caught his eye was her pale hair because she didn’t stop moving, but now he saw her in detail. What got his attention first was her eyes. A black thick line had been drawn around her eyes, her eye shadow was pitch black also, making her sad grey eyes dramatically stick out. She had thick pale blond hair, they made large curly locks and were tied up in a side ponytail. Her ears were pierced 5 times on each ear, 3 at the bottom side and 2 at top, the 3 at the bottom were a ruby, a sapphire, and a topaz, the 2 top ones were a diamond and a black rock. She had a round face and was tall. She wore light leather clothing. Her top was only sown together at the bottom. Starting at the middle of her leather top was 2 strap that were tied in the back of her neck, leaving her back bare if it wasn’t for a cotton tunic with very short sleeves.
Unlike almost every single woman in Saraca she wore claps, under her tunic that stock out from under her weird top. She had a solid silver bracelet on the top of the higher section of her left arm. Decorational bead had been sown on the straps also.
“I am happy you have horse it will make our travelling faster, but I hope you are not thinking that he will come” she said pointing at Tastain.
“I told you, come alone I don’t want to baby-sit your friend also!”
“Please” said Tastain before Slavco could find a reply “I’ll be nice, and me and Slavco are best pals you can’t separate us.”
“I am not talking to you” she said rudely clearly angry at Slavco for disobeying her.
“Don’t talk to me like this!” said Tastain annoyed by her lack of compassion.
“Can you defend yourself no, can you get food quickly no, do you have relations outside of Deberson that you really trust and that can help us no! To me your just more work.”
“Well give me a chance to learn!” yelled Tastain.
“STOP!” Finally yelled Slavco “look all Tastain knows is how to farm, fish and other little tasks but so does me. You can just teach us at the same time, and if you still don’t agree well I am not coming with you if Tastain doesn’t!”
Everything then became suddenly quiet only the soft chirps of birds could be heard. Aly was obviously very frustrated, her eyes were darting a dirty look at both Slavco and Tastain. After what seemed like forever she kicked the ground and murmured “fine, he can come” and walked in the forest. Lacha was a mix of many kinds of pines, and leaf trees. Some of the trees in the forest were many hundred years old. Moss grew a bit everywhere and insects could be seen literally anywhere you looked. It was dark in the dense forest, once in a while a ray of light was able to pass through the canopy of trees.
After a few minutes Slavco saw a dark brown horse standing there alone waiting for it’s master. It’s fur, mane, and tail were the exact same colour as the dark bark on the trees making it nearly impossible to see if it wasn’t for the saddle, bag and bite on it.
“What’s your name?” Said Tastain breaking the silence.
Aly smiled at him happy that their argument was over “Alita Nircot Sirnon but just call me Aly.”
“Aye, I’m Tastain Balden.”
“Balden? That seems oddly familiar.”
“I have a sister in Haralga, and a brother in Halen there are also a lot of other Balden’s all over Saraca.”
There was another silence but this time only for a few seconds “What’s the agreement?” Tastain said unable to keep his curiosity anymore.
Aly did a small laugh and smiled at Tastain “So Slavco told you everything, didn’t he?”
Tastain looked at Slavco and then at Aly “Aye.”
“Well Tastain, I agreed that you could travail with us but you must understand that you can’t know everything, what is happening is very complex and I’ll reveal some secrets to Slavco that are dangerous to know and that you should never even think about for both you safety and Slavco. I also expect that Slavco won’t slip anything to you, but I’ll tell you somethings like why do I need Slavco, but not now. Eves dropping is still dangerous here.”
Slavco understood that Tastain was curious but it was his business and he was happy of Aly’s reply.
“What kind of thing are you?” asked Tastain curiously.
“Thing? So for you I am a thing?” she said shocked by the term Tastain just used.
“No, that’s not what I meant, I...” Tastain quickly said.
“Listen Tastain, I don’t like questions, and I am very nervous right now so please shut your mouth and wait.” And that’s what he did, everything was very silent for the next couple of hours except for Tastain kidding around sometimes. That gave Slavco a lot of time to observe Aly, she was to his point of view very different. She talked differently she had an odd accent a bit like the Hasu’s and Niss, but not quite like them. She also pronounced her y’s ea instead of ie. But what really caught his attention was the way she looked at her surroundings as though admiring a masterpiece. She wouldn’t stop looking everywhere with a big smile, happy of being there.
“Isn’t this place beautiful” she said at one point.
“What? It’s only trees and bushes there is nothing beautiful about that you can see that anywhere” said Tastain rudely.
“Aye, it’s just a forest” said Slavco more kindly.
“You won’t say the same after a few months with me” she said with a faint smile.
After about 4 hours Aly finally stopped “You boys should rest it’s getting late, and I need to talk with you.”
“Late?” said Tastain exhausted by his day “I am so tired and my butt hurts.”
“Well luckily for you don’t have to sit any more, you and Slavco are going to get some wood while I go looking for a good place to camp.”
Tastain gave her a nasty look, for a few seconds until Slavco grabbed him by the sleeve and pulled him in the forest. “Why aren’t you saying anything are you intimidated by her or just don’t care what all of this is about?”
Slavco wanted more than anyone to know what all of this was for but he understood the danger and compared to Tastain he was gifted with incredible patience and was able to wait. “You are just to inpatient.”
Aly immediately found a good place it was deep in the woods but it was perfect all cleared. “You don’t need a lot we are going to keep the fire small” she said when both Slavco and Tastain were holding armfuls of wood. The sky had no stars that day only the bright moon was shining threw the clouds. The unusual darkness gave Slavco a feeling of insecurity, and he saw by the look on Tastain’s eyes that he had the same feeling. When Aly lit the fire it only made it worse, the orange glow made it seem like the time was suspended.
“What I am about to tell you is very important, it is also very troubling so get ready for the worst. Dark days are coming sooner than you think, Caniric isn’t dead.” Slavco stared at her. He knew that it would be related to Caniric from the moment she told him who his father was ,but never had he imagined that he was still alive. It couldn’t be he was dead, everybody knew it even his followers. “He is only sleeping, that’s why they found no corpse” she finished.
“Who knows” said Tastain brutally.
“Pardon me” Aly said calmly.
“Who knows that he is alive?”
“Presently, me the rest of Finary, the lead Prente, Ligars those little bastards always know everything, and now the two of you, basically you were just confided in one of the most important secrets that Sacara ever held.” Slavco’s jaw dangled open he couldn’t believe it, he understood right away that if Aly told him that, it was because his roll was important.
“What are Prentes and Ligars?” Asked Tastain filled with ignorance. Slavco knew about Prentes but never Ligars and was curious about Aly’s answer.
“Prentes are magical creatures, they live in the desert, have very dark skin, yellow eyes that help them see in the night. They are also fairly taller then the normal human, and they also have some magic that is unknown to most. When a traveller is dying because of the harshness of the desert Prentes save them, care for them, feed and heal them. When they are healthy again they asked for a reward for example a large amount of money, or magic they also can take your skills and talents. Ligars on the other hand look a lot like Dwarves though far from being as muscular, they isolate themselves all there lives and trying to learn the most things possible.”
She looked at them as though expecting for something then continued talking, “why he is alive but not doing anything you might ask, it is all because of the agreement. The agreement is a long magical contract with many exceptions and obligations. It is so long that I only know the general rules and some of the rules that Canric added.”
“I don’t understand they didn’t fight?” Asked Slavco confused.
“No, your father might have been very powerful never he could not have defeated Caniric. We needed time a lot of time, and that’s how the idea of an agreement came in place. Basically what we wanted is that Caniric stops everything and gains power for a very long time while we try to gain even more power than him so that we could overpower him. In short we were trying to win a race against a horse who is almost finished when we start. It was very difficult since he already had a head start. In the agreement nobody from Finary could try getting more powerful, the person also wasn’t aloud to know what he or she was to do until a certain time before he came back. So we needed somebody that we could trust and with already had a lot of magic, a person that fit with all the restrictions, this was a mission impossible, but we had an idea. We were to gather magic from hundreds of different people and add it together to a person.”
“Like a Prente?” asked Slavco, trying to follow and understand everything, this was very confusing and he wasn’t able to have any emotions at the moment but confusion though he knew that the other emotions would come.
“Yes, they were to ones that were willing to show us the secert of how to extract magic from people, but originally only Prentes were able to do that feat until now.”
“You mean?” said Tastain astonished.
“Yes Slavco is the first living creature not counting Prentes, not only to get a donation of magic from other people but also to get magic when he had none at birth. 2 years ago after 22 years we had only collected enough to make you average, so than Dyman made the most important decision of his life. Though many gave, it was most small amounts and it was understanding because they didn’t know the truth it was mostly trust. So then Dyman knew he needed to do something radical. So he gave all his magic, and that” she struggled to say the last words “is why he died, he sacrificed himself.”
“But I don’t understand” said Slavco shaking and with a look of dispair “he shouldn’t be dead he just... just should have been weak or with no magic... no that can’t be the reason.”
“I am sorry Slavco, your father was a great man, what he did needed a lot of courage to do, I too will miss him a lot.”
“No” with all of this Slavco had gotten hope that his father was still alive but this was the hard confirmation.
He was gone.
“But, why me, I have no knowledge of magic or sword handling or anything, why didn’t he teach me?”
“Certain rules in the agreement forced him not to, but don’t worry I am a very good teacher and I’ll teach you everything I know” she said trying to cheer him up.
“No, this can’t be I’ll never be able to do this he is too powerful, and...”
“Again don’t worry, you won’t be doing this alone the agreement lets me fight with you, so not everything is doomed.”
“But there is still one thing I don’t understand. My father he had the whole army of Finary at his foot why didn’t he use them to combat Caniric’s?”
Aly smiled at him “unlike most people seems to guess. Finary isn’t a giant organisation, with a headquarters filled with thousands of people. Finary is a small group of 5 very trustworthy and power magic users. Each member represents an enormous group of people that trust and follow them, but never do they have any involvement with the group. There is only 5 people, never more or less. So unless you consider 5 an army, that is why.”
Slavco searched his mind for questions he had so many but the shock of the truth, had gotten him unstable and he couldn’t think of one. Finally he remembered.
“If my father could do magic why couldn’t I, until now?”
“Oh my, this is very complicated. I’ll tell you, but like I told you before sorry Tastain but there are certain things I can’t tell.”
“Oh,” said Tastain disappointed “I guess...”
“No you don’t need to leave we’ll just talk of this another day. So if you have nothing else to ask...”
“What, well what are you?” Blurted Tastain “it’s just I guess you can do magic and I was just wondering.”
“I told you I rather not talk about myself. My life is like a maze filled with dead ends, traps, twists and turns, don’t go to far in it or else you won’t be able to come back.”
Aly’s words were deep and poetic as she talked Slavco could form an idea of what kind of person Aly is. “It’s enough for tonight, our brains aren’t functioning completely because of exhaustion, and stop us from thinking well. We are better off just going to bed.” Aly was right if it wasn’t for his curiosity he would be sleeping hard at this moment, he had worked so hard today, and it was only his nerves that keep him awake. The boys agreed and went to bed while, Aly kept watch. As he was slowing falling asleep, he wasn’t sure if it was a dream, but he thought he saw Aly frowning. A single tear slide down her cheek.

Chapter 4
Ocean of Flames

The bright morning sun was creeping over the trees to Slavco’s face announcing that morning had arrived. Slavco had slept like a rock, a war battle couldn’t have woken him up. He covered his eyes, sad that he needed to leave his nestled comfort of sleeping to hard reality. The funeral, the box, the elves, and Al...
“Slept well Lav” said Tastain with a burp at the end.
“Please don’t burp, I hate that.”
“It’s not like I wanted to.”
Slavco finally resigned to get up and see two individuals, standing beside him eating, buttered slices of bread. The first was a boy, he was very tall and fairly built. He had a good stubble, giving him a dirty look. His hair was kept rather short, divulging his monkey ears. The girl beside him, looked 17 but her eyes were old and showed that she knew things that she rather, never have known.
“Are you going to sit there and stare at us until you starve or are you going to join us” said Tastain wiping butter from his upper lip. Slavco crawled beside them and helped himself to some food. It was a rather odd situation, eating breakfast in the middle of Lacha, with a complete stranger. Aly didn’t stop looking at her horse with a worried look and that intrigued Slavco.
“Cool horse, you have, blends in perfectly with the background.”
“She always blends in” she said without any emotion “her name is Ilina she’s a misceo horse, or a chameleon horse, she changes colour to the background, when she feels in danger. I’m worried that she didn’t change back to her natural colour yet.”
“Awesome horse” said Tastain
“Yes, she is also very intelligent, you can talk to her and she will understand. Though she can’t talk to you back, she will send emotions and images to your mind to give you an idea of what she wants to tell you.”
“Were are we going?” said Tastain his month full of bread.
“Don’t know” she answered simply.
“What?” said Slavco spitting out some crumbs by accident.
“You heard me right I don’t know, basically what I need to do is, teach you everything you need to know, until he comes back. When he comes back there is a place were we meet with the rest of Finary. Meanwhile we’ll wander until, we are sure that those elves lost us. After that I’ll bring you somewhere quiet where learning what you need to learn will be easier.”
“Okay then” said Tastain.
“So far we’ll probably we’ll go through Lacha, I know there is a lot of people using it but I don’t even want to try getting through the Lacha without a road to guide me. Plus we wouldn’t we able to ride the horses in this dense of a forest” she finished. She stared at the 2 boys as though waiting for something to happen. “Oookay then!” She stood up and started to pack up everything. She had literally forced Tastain and Slavco to pack everything saying that they had to get used to do it fast. In case they had to get out quick.
Tastain protested. He hated being told what to do. Aly fustrated slapped him in the face and started doing it by herself. Then suddenly out of nowhere 2 large water skins hit them. The impact had been hard and left a red mark on his arm, in Tastain’s case his face.
“I saw a creek flow by there” she said pointing at there left. “Why don’t you go fill those up”. Tastain was about to protest again, but Slavco put his hand on Tastain’s mouth.
“Listen” he whispered “without her we are pretty much sentenced to death. So stop acting up and obey” and with that the 2 young men got up and started walking to the direction that Aly had pointed.
“Odd girl” said Tastain putting his hand in the ice cold water.
“I don’t know I find her mysterious more then anything, as though she will always hold secrets even to the people who know her for years.”
“Or that” joked Tastain “she gives me that weird feeling, I don’t think we should trust her.”
“I am not sure who to trust right now, but I came here on my own will, she didn’t kidnap me like the elves, she also had a necklace identical to mine.
“Your right for the first part, but you know someone could just have seen the original and made a copy.” What Tastain was saying worried him, he didn’t have doubts before, but know his head was filled with them. Tastain had good points but Slavco found he pushed too hard on Aly, she had only offered help so far and answered there questions with honesty.
Slavco was screwing the lid when he got this huge feeling of being watched. He looked around when he saw over Tastain’s shoulder hidden in the bushes a face.
“Tastain” he murmured “don’t look back but there is someone watching us.”
Tastain didn’t listen and looked back. He saw him too the person hidden. The person in question saw that he was spotted, and ran in the forest.
“Run Tastain! We need to tell Aly” said Slavco panicked. They used all the force in there legs and ran, Aly was sitting on her horse waiting, when the boys stormed in waving there arm frantically. This immediately worried Aly.
“What’s going on?” She asked.
“There was someone watching us!” Yelled Slavco.
“I think it was an elf!” Added Tastain. Aly dismounted her horse and pushed it through the trees towards the forest.
“Hurry up, it’s really not the moment to be slow” snapped Aly. As they tumbled through the trees Slavco was sure Aly was on there side no matter what Tastain said. It was the weird type of trust that his father put in people. He somehow always knew who was good and bad.
10 years ago
“Father! Come and tell me a story” yelled the 6 year old Slavco from his bedroom, Dyman walked in Slavco’s room smiling.
“But Slavco I told you all the stories I know.”
“You can tell me the one about Larisa again.”
“But I told it to you so many times you know it by heart. Why don’t you tell me for once?”
“ It’s only good when you say it.”
“Okay then, a long time ago before Caniric was ever born. A young girl was born, her name was Larisa. Her family came from a long line of pure blood elves, her mother Nadia was the heir of the thrown and she was the first and only child. A bright future was waiting for her, but as she grew up they saw that Larisa was different, she just didn’t have the same personality as the other elves. I don’t say that the elves are bad, but they are very greedy, want to control everything, are sometimes racist, and very superficial. It just is in there nature, anyway Larisa was the opposite of all of those things. It was only when Hurgar, her mother’s husband discover that she had abilities that no elves had, that they knew that he wasn’t her father.
To make matters worse, her real father came to Oiel one day claiming his daughter. Her father Felix was the king of the fairies, Larisa was his only daughter. Like elves, fairies had a hard time having children. They both wanted Larisa as a heir she was intelligent, had extraordinary leadership skills, plus she was a beauty. Elves and fairies always had a tense relationship, mostly because, fairies were the only known race to be stronger then elves, and this was the drop that made the bowl overflow.
The elves and fairies started a very long war, it still isn’t over. Though no acctual battling is being done any more. No elves can go in the land of the fairies and the same thing around. What happened to Larisa, no one really knows. She left the elves, but didn’t join the fairies. Sad, because she felt it was her fault that all of this happened.”
“Father, is Larisa still alive?” He asked his voice sad.
“I don’t know, this happened so long ago.”
“Who told you this story?”
“An old friend of mine.”
“One day when I get older I’ll stop the war, and find Larisa” he said proudly to his father.
“Well that a big task are you sure you can do it?”
“Jenou, I can do anything, when I get my mind to it.”
“Faster!” Yelled Aly “Slavco come back to earth and then climb your horse.”
Slavco did as he was told and the three of them galloped down the rough road. In a few minutes he was able to see the elves half a km away from them. They were 5 Slavco recognised one of them as the man which Aly knocked out. They all had long hair either tied up in a not or a braid. In the distance in front was a man on foot, he stared at the trio as they ran on there horses towards him.
“I wouldn’t go by there if I were you, the fire is getting really close” he yelled at them as they zoomed by him. Fuck! Thought Slavco I forgot there was a fire! Aly on the other side was smiling. It didn’t take long for the elves to catch up. Aly quickly took out her bow from her back and started knocking arrow at the elves. The first one hit on elf right in the middle of the throat, even though the other arrow were very well aimed, they dodged them with ease. The elves were screaming at Slavco to go away, that it was too dangerous. If he didn’t turn he would die burnt, if he did turn he would be kidnapped and manipulated.
“Aly we can’t continue the fire is too dangerous, we can’t contour it neither it’s too big. Aly maybe we should try to find a field of agreement” begged Slavco terrorised.
“Trust me, just follow me everything will be all right” Aly reassured them, and galloped in front of the two of them. Tastain on his side was just stun and did what he was told unable to react. The horses were giving everything they had, Slavco could feel it’s heart pounding hard on his legs. He felt like this was a wild goose chase and they were the goose. He didn’t know what to do, trust Aly, or take a chance with the elves. Aly seemed so sure of her self, but his common sense told him to stop right there.
Closer, and closer got the elves, closer and closer they got to the fire. Then Aly did what seemed like a suicide. She stood up on her horse. She looked at the fire with a concentrated gaze, while her horse continued on running at full speed. The elves started shooting arrows at her, she dodge them without even looking back. The elves we less than 30 meters away from them and the fire less then 100.
“Aly! We’re going to die burnt” exclaimed Slavco scared to the bone.
“Trust me Slavco! Just continue!” she yelled at him with her pale hair blowing in her face.
“Surrender, you can’t run away, you’re cornered” yelled one of the elves at them. He had a deep accent, and his voice was very high for a man.
“Aly!” he yelled at him from the bottom of his lungs.
The fire was right in front of them, the heat was drying his eyes, he closed them, and they got all watery blurring his view. The horses jerked, avoiding the hot flames, the three riders persisted and they sank in the ocean of flames. A as soon as they got in the flames the heat effect disappeared. They just pasted through without burning or even being hot. The horses on the other side didn’t calm down even though they too didn’t get hurt. It was very difficult to make them obey.
Tastain’s horse suddenly stood up on two legs when a burnt trunk fell on the ground. This was foolish, but he agreed it was the only way. It was only when the elves tried getting in the flames them too and there clothes got on fire, was when Slavco was happy that he had followed Aly.
Tastain was laughing at the elves pathetic attempt “Ha ha losers!” he said giving the thumbs up. He turned around and big branch fell on his face, but when he was supposed to hit it. It literally passed through him.
“What the?” exclaimed Slavco witnessing the whole scene. He then understood why they weren’t affected by the fire, the flames passed through them like a rock through water. After what seemed like forever the horses finally calmed down, but Aly insisted that they continued. She want to be sure that those fucken elves weren’t able to follow them anymore. They didn’t talk to her, her gaze was always so concentrated and they were scared that if they made her lose her concentration, they would become prey to the flames again.
There surroundings were of an incredible beauty, he felt like he was swimming in an ocean of flames. Slavco was sure that not a lot of people would ever get the chance to see such a thing. He couldn’t believe how much years the trees took to grow and know this fire was ruining killing everything, but the colours it were unbelievable. Red, orange, and yellow that’s all the saw. He could baring see Tastain or Aly who were only a couple of meters away from them.
“Only one more hour” she said tiredly. One more hour ended up being 2 then 3, then when they got used to the bright background. Aly dismounted her horse, closed her eyes and just stood there. The two boys started dismounting there horses also but Aly showed them her palm meaning “stay.”
Seconds turned into minutes, Aly just stayed there immobile. Everything was quiet, “Take a big breath.”
“Wha...” started Tastain but was cut by Aly.
“Obey!” They did as she said, as soon as both Tastain and Slavco’s cheeks were blown up, all the oxygen disappeared as though it had never existed. He looked around a giant wave passed threw the forest and every little speck of fire in it’s way disappeared. 10 seconds later oxygen started to come in again, oxygen so fresh he felt like he had never breathed any before.
“Aly!” Burst Tastain. Slavco turn around to see a horror scene. Aly was lying on the ground, as pale as a ghost, her eyes were spaced out, and he nose was bleeding. He also noticed that her eyes weren’t there normal sad greyish colour, instead they were a veil dark brown almost black.
“Oh no!” said Slavco terrified, and passed his hands through his hair. Tastain looked at her terrified he had no clue of what to do, and so did Slavco. “We need to bring her to a healer” was the first idea Slavco had. Slavco put her (noticing that she was of a ridiculous lightness) on her horse who was now the same dead brown of the trees. Slavco sat in the back holding her and the reins.
“We won’t make it Lav, Alma is still a day from here” said Tastain tragically.
“We need to try anyway” responded Slavco “if she dies it’s because of us.”
The horses were exhausted and trusty, Tastain made them drink some water from the water skins, and they left. Aly was very hot, and she trembled uncontrollably, Slavco was very worried what would he do without Aly, he couldn’t go back to Deberson and how will he be able to defend himself.
“Li eragin we mis herrir” she murmured.
“What did you say?” whispered Slavco to Aly without Tastain hearing.
“Li eragin we mis herrir, Li eragin we mis herrir.”
Slavco couldn’t understand one word of what ever language she was speaking. Her eyes rolled around and she passed out. No! Thought Slavco, in the distance a high pitch squeal was heard.

Chapter 5
A Curse or a Blessing

Slavco heard it again, but Tastain didn’t even seem to notice.
The sound was so intense that Slavco had to put his hand over his ears and block the noise.
“Arghhhhh!” yelled Slavco finally getting Tastain’s attention.
“What’s the problem mate?” asked Tastain worried of Slavco’s odd behaviour.
“Can’t you hear this noise? It’s busting my ears.”
“What noise I don’t hear anything.”
The noise was getting louder and even more eerie, Slavco was sure that if it wouldn’t shut up soon, his ear drums would explode.
“Well I hear it, and it’s getting louder” he said dismounting his horse “Come with me, my brain is going to burst out of my head if we don’t figure out were it comes from.”
“What about Aly?”
“If we don’t stop that squeal there will be two injured to bring to Alma.”
They started looking around the burnt trees, how can anything survive here?
Though he wished just to run away from this horrible noise, he used the squeals to guide him to it’s source.
The noise was so loud, he knew he was getting close. Slavco looked in the back of an especially large tree he saw what made the noise. Slavco couldn’t believe his eyes, never had he expected to see this, only in his dreams he saw some. It was the first time in his life that he saw a real live one. Leaning on the tree was a large smooth egg, as white as snow with a bluish glow. The top had been broken off, pieces of it lied here and there. Beside the egg was it’s owner a little dragon. It’s scales were of a greyish blue, it had large eyes of the same colour. Slavco watched the small creature struggle to hold it’s overlarge head as it walked towards Slavco.
“What you found were it came from?” Said Tastain hurrying to join Slavco. When his eyes met the ones of the baby dragon, his eyes widen and his month dropped open. “How in a million years, but... but... it’s a, a dragon.”
“Squeak?” It said happily.
“I think it’s happy to see someone, it must have been lonely here all alone.”
The dragon wasn’t bigger than a cat and it’s head, and eyes were disproportional. The small critter spread out it’s wings leapt in the air and glided on Slavco’s shoulder.
“What are we going to do?” Inquired Slavco “We can’t leave it here, his mama must have been the dragon that started this fire, but she’s gone, and he’s so defenceless.”
The dragon snaked it’s tail around Slavco’s neck and rubbed his cheek affectionately.
“Maybe we should keep him until, Aly feels better and when she has her thoughts straight she will be able to know what is better to do.”
Aly, he had completely forgotten about her, she was lying in agony on her horse while they were talking about a baby dragon.
“We’d better get going, we can’t make Aly wait anymore” said Slavco and together they went back on there steeds. The dragon was eyeing Aly with sad eyes, tipping his head on one side then on the other. Slavco put his hand on her forehead as they were riding, she was boiling hot. No this can’t be we won’t make it the horses are too tired we are too far, she is too sick.
“Tastain, I am really worried for Aly” he said sadly.
“Me too but what else can we do? But, continue looking for help.”
The dragon suddenly bounced off Slavco’s shoulder to Aly’s lap.
“Come back here” commanded Slavco, but the dragon ignored him, and got on two legs leaning on Aly’s torso. It rubbed it’s nose on Aly’s cheek.
“Leave her alone don’t you see she isn’t feeling well” Slavco was about to grab the dragon and pull it back when Aly started coughing roughly. She was awake, she continued coughed putting her hand on her stomach, she spite blood, and leaned backwards on Slavco.
“Aly? Can you hear me Aly?” Slavco stopped his horse, and Tastain turned around to see what was happening.
“Slavco? Where am I?” she turned her head around and was only a few inchs away Slavco’s face. Her eyes weren’t that dark veil brown they were many minutes ago, nor were they grey like usual, they were a rich hazel. Her skin tone was getting more rosy, and most of all she was conscious again.
“Thank god, Aly your okay. You can’t believe how worried we were” he exclaimed hugging her tightly.
“What is happening, why is everything dead?”
“Can’t you remember?” She looked at him with large eyes trying to remember.
“Yes, the elves, the fire, we’re in Lacha” she said happy that she remembered.
“I am happy you are all right. We were worried sick. We though you were going to die” said Tastain uneasily. She turn around looking at Tastain grinning. Aly past her hand on her face clearing her mind. When she took them off she jumped, when she saw the small dragon.
“Oh my, but it’s a dragon!”
“No it’s flying chicken” said Tastain sarcastically.
“But, how did you find it? Is it wild?”
The two boys told her about Slavco hearing the squeal, how they had found the dragon, and about their theory of that it was the dragon that started the fire is it’s mother.
“I hope you know we can’t keep a wild dragon” she said seriously.
“But it’s just an infant it can’t even feed its self.”
“You don’t know anything about dragons how do you think you can take care of it?”
“Well” said the two of them at the same time, “we have you and you know a lot of things.” She smiled at them, and sighed in a sign of giving up.
“Fine, we can keep it, but I am warning you, at one point when it’ll get older it’s has to leave, and when that day comes. You will be attached to it and it’ll be hard.”
Tastain and Slavco gave each other a high five in victory. “Also I think it’s only fair because I am pretty sure it is he that saved me.”
“Yes it’s a he” she said smiling.
The next few hours were spent talking about dragons. They asked questions to Aly about how to take care of it, how much it eats. At one point to fight boredom Tastain started singing. Slavco followed along, but Aly didn’t saying she never sings. Slavco found that Aly was always so distant. They were trying to be nice and make friends with Aly, but she seemed to be determined to do the opposite. They finally decided to call it “Espory” Aly said it ment hope in a language named Dalasdian.
“Aly, I am so hungry! We didn’t even eat lunch! When are we going to stop?” Complained Tastain for the one millionth time.
“Look, we are going to eat in Alma, we aren’t far from it now, and get used to not eating any lunch cause I never do and neither will you.”
As Slavco listened to the argument, billions of questions were growing in Slavco’s head, what did Aly say? Was it the dragon that cured her? Did she completely kill the fire? Was that why she fainted? Was there a reason that a dragon was there or was it just a coincidence? So many question most of which Slavco was sure Tastain wasn’t allowed to know the answer but Slavco would end up telling anyway.
“Look! It’s Alma finally!” Tastain yelled of joy.
“Stop right here” ordered Aly.
“Uh? What again?” moaned Tastain. The first thing she did was grabbing Espory by the belly and deposing him in her travelling bag.
“Now stay there you and don’t make any noise” she ordered the small reptile. The look on Espory’s face could have been confusion or compriention, either one Aly closed her bag, and looked at the boys.
“Listen, the villagers might start thinking it’s us that stopped the fire... take that back they know it’s us. So if they start freaking out, it’s Slavco who did it, understood?”
“What?” Protested Slavco “you risked your life doing this and you want me to take all the honour?”
“But, why?”
“It may sound foolish but believe me it’s better this way” she said deeply “also before I forget, to anyone else then you two I’ll be Ela, try not to forget.”
“Really? I want to be the super-awesome-really-amazing-man” joked Tastain.
“No, you two will keep your names, they feel in our debt and if we ever need their help, they should better know your real names.”
“Ooooooookay, so now can we eat?” said Tastain.
“Yes, darn your so impatient” complained Aly.
Alma is nothing like Deberson, Deberson, was mostly made of stone, bricks, and concrete there was wasn’t a lot of vegetation. Everything tasted salty, and there was always a lot a people in the streets, and basically everywhere. Alma on the other side, had houses built at any particular place, most were log houses, many ranches stood up in the outskirts, trees grass and weeds seemed to grow everywhere. Slavco saw that the villagers had trouble keeping the fire away, many farms, and ranches were burnt down, and fields where there used to be carrots, turnip, and many other provisions for the winter were now ruined. Many people started walking out of there houses, staring at the three of them, Ilina, who was now the same light brown as the houses, looked at the villagers ready to run if necessary.
“Is it them?” they heard a villager say. In no time many dozens of villagers were staring at them even following them. Then a buckly man ran towards them in front of their horses, forcing them to stop.
“Who are you? And why are you here? Do you have anything to do with the sudden stop of the fire?”
“Slavco, gave a look to Aly asking for help.”
“I am Ela Void, he is Tastain Balden, and him Slavco Meti” she said pointing at the boys. “We came here for provisions, and yes we have something to do with the fire.” The man came towards Aly with a smirk in his face,
“Sorry lady, but I was asking the men. Did you or not, stop the fire?”
“I didn’t, but Slavco did” said Tastain everybody stared at Slavco. He was so uncomfortable, he never had attention neither did he ever ask for any. All those glares it troubled him deeply as though they expected him to do something but he had no idea of what to do.
“Well them he’s our HERO!” yelled the man smiling. Everybody then yelled in joy. “We will make a feast tonight everything you want you’ll get free.” Everybody went ballistic towards Slavco putting him on there shoulders and bring him to the centre of the village.
“How, kind of you” he heard Aly say behind him.
The rest of the evening a large festivity was held, people cheered for Slavco. There was lively music, and a lot of beer and food. Aly though hadn’t even showed up. In the middle of the night, Tastain and Slavco came in there inn room that they had free, and saw Aly lying on a bed petting Espory.
“Hey baby!” said Tastain drunk.
“I see you had fun?” said Aly placing herself in a sitting position.
“Aye, but Tastain will have trouble waking up tomorrow” Slavco who had barley drank was completely sober, luckily or else Tastain would never have found his way back.
Tastain laughed hysterically at what Slavco said, and dropped on his bed. Quickly he fell asleep with his bottle of rum. “I am happy that you didn’t fall in the deathly claws of alcohol” said Aly smirking.
“Back in Bed’ki, my neighbour would get drunk every night. Often he would come knocking at the door asking for a broom. The first time he asked ofr it my father gave it to him. I wish he never did because he started talking to it as a person, and brought it back home. To do I don’t want to know what. It traumatised me forever” he said with a disgusted smile. “Why didn’t you come?”
“Have you forgotten what happened today, I needed some rest.”
“Then why aren’t you sleeping right now?”
“I don’t need a lot of sleep to feel better.”
“Talking about what happened today why did you faint?” Slavco now serious.
“I did something stupid, I did magic way more powerful then I could do, I could have died. Even I still don’t understand why I haven’t” said Aly ashamed of herself.
“Well I have a theory” he said looking at Espory, Aly noticed it.
“What happened?”
“Well, Espory went on you and touched you with his nose, then you started coughing and then you were okay” she looked at the dragon with astonishment.
“What odd creatures dragons are you think you now everything about them and then they surprise you.”
“I have another question” said Slavco.
“Spite it out.”
“When you were passing out you said something in a language I didn’t understand it was something like Ni eragin ye mis hennir.”
Aly looked at him with big eyes completely stun in place like a statue.
“Was it Li eragin we mis herrir?”
“Aye, that’s it” her face was trembling “what’s wrong what does it mean?”
“Are you sure I said it before you found Espory?”
“Aye, it was about 20 minutes before” he said worried by Aly’s reaction “Aly tell me what does it mean?”
“The dragon will cure me.”
“Pardon me?”
“The dragon will cure me that’s what it means.”
The same stunning look spread like a virus to contaminate Slavco’s face. He couldn’t believe it, was she joking? How did she know that?
“Wow, can you remember saying that?”
“No” she simply said.
“Wow” repeated Slavco “that’s on hell of a coincidence.”
“I don’t believe in coincidences, there was a reason for that kid to throw a rock towards that dragon. That Dyman was a Sasita. That we fled towards Lacha. Destiny in on our side Slavco, we are going to win.” Slavco doubt her words it didn’t make sense, everything couldn’t be planed, and did she call his father?
“What did you call my father?” She looked at Tastain he was sleeping like a baby, his snores were loud in the small room. She then looked back at Slavco in the eyes. They were back to their normal sad grey.
“Well that brings us back to our, discussion of yesterday. You asked me why you couldn’t do magic until now if your father could. I’ll try making this the simplest possible, your father is what we call a Sasita, the word is took from a language that was once spoken but now forms the language we are speaking. It means “distant origin”. What is a Sasita you might ask. It is a very odd phenomena, it’s when a magical person has a child with a human, and the child has few or none magical abilities. The child of the child has none and it goes on and on for many generations and can go on to dozens. Then out of nowhere a baby is born with an extremely high amount of magical powers, the descendants won’t have any magical ability unless they mix there genes with another magical person.”
“Wow,” said Slavco trying to absorb all the information.
“Is that all?” She asked passing her hand over her face.
“I think so,” he mumbled.
“Then goodnight you will need rest we will be leaving early tomorrow” she said smiling and blowing the candle. It took a while for his eyes to get used to the darkness, but when he did he stared at Aly on the other bed. Except for her hair and her odd look Aly was very ordinary, like any other girl he could find in Deberson. Still there was something about her, that made her so different.
“Were you close to my father?” he said after a long moment of silence.
“Yes, he was like a father to me, I hate his idea of giving himself up, and wished I had spent more time with him.” Never before had Aly been so open about her emotions, it was always either a worried face or a small smile. At that moment she was screaming for help, the walls that she had built up had fallen down. She was figuratively naked.
“Why haven’t I seen you before?” Asked Slavco intusiastic about the new more open Aly.
The walls suddenly rebuilt themselves and she was back to normal. “You’ve seen me numerous times, you just weren’t looking.” Slavco looked through every scraping corner of his memory, no nothing. Aly turned her eyes off Slavco to Espory who was snuggling beside Slavco.
“What do you think of Espory? You must have fallen for his charm by now.”
“I don’t know, this dragon could bring us anything, he can be either a curse or a blessing.”

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