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Kate is a wizard. She lives in the fields of a small town with her cat, Merlinn in memory of the greatest wizard that the world has ever known.

She has a strange beauty about her with her long black hair and long dresses with the colors of the rainbow.
 This makes the people of the village frightened of her.
They know that she has powers that they canīt control.
Furthermore, she is a little strange in that she talks to trees, flowers and animals. Some people even say her cat talks back to her.
She talks with the trees, the flowers and the animals.
She has the power to make it rain when the earth is dry.
On cold winter days she can make the Sun shine to warm the day.
Living in a small house with her black cat she spends her days
climbing to the highest mountains looking for magic herbs.
When someone is sick they donīt hesitate to call her to cure them with her magic medicines.
The pay she receives from this allowd her to buy food for her and the cat.
Kate only talks to the people unless she needed know the syntoms of their illness.

Her silence is more powerful than words.

Occasionally she receives... the visit of a strange man with a long
white beard. His name is Oberon and he is a teacher of many secrets.
He is a wise old wizard who knows how the stars foretell future events as well as ______ caused by the changes in the moon.
He is an old wizard and he knows about the stars and the sky and the changes of the moon.
Kate is an excellent cook and prepars for him exquisit food and wine made with the grapes that grow around the little garden.
Rather than normal talking, ....even though the people couldnīt understand their words.
They whisper in an antique language so nobody can hear them,
When Oberon arrives...Kate..with a gleam in her eyes, kate runs to meet him.
Is her only friend even when the nature is her friend too,and give off their best fragrance when Kate passes near and the movement of the tree leaves sound like music to her ears.
The wild flowers open and give their best perfume when Kate pass near them while the movement of the leaves in the trees sound like music.
A symphony that follow her in her long walks.
Animals and insects surround her kissing her bare feet.
She is happy when the little animals of the woods and the insects
surround her.
Kate shine in the night and the stars create a crown in her hair.
She became so beautiful flying in the wind with her long arms
floating like wings.
The planets even change...them; blinking....and playing in the dark blue sky
This is not a fairy tale. It is the real story of Kate,the wizard.

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