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Age of R'kaus part 2

As Nathan approached the moderatorís pedestal which went up three levels extending high enough so all the dignitaries could observe. When he reached the staircase the squeezing of the unseeable restraints slow loosened its grip, still no one but Nathan could move freely. Once atop the podium he could tell he had there undivided attention. Most squirmed trying to break free but one keep his eyes fixed on Nathan, some how he knew who and what Nathan was about. Out of all these leaders at least there was one who would not need assuring that was a start only a few billion more and then he could return to his home for now a promise must be up held. The guards would try to overcome him, there was only one choice seal the room. Seconds after he envisioned the chamber keepers stone bulged from underneath the basin of the building staidly ascending, entombing the leaders. The frigid stone-gray wall was ten feet thick and impenetrable light flickered from the rock wall blanketing the entire room, the silver illumination radiated from the stone. Picking up the exhales from the crowd he knew there doubts were being examined , he would have choose as an alternative not to frighten them but this was the way it must be no one can change things in the yesteryear only look to the time to come and take delight in the fact there is much more in the world than what is in front of you, and always strive to better your surroundings never dismiss from the mind that with out them you can not exist. Now all eyes were on Nathan his role in these events was now becoming clear in there minds, still they had no estimation to what was to follow.
Nathan began to speak but the crowdís racket was drowning him out this would not do but there was hesitation to frighten them any further it would only complicate matters even more than they already were, his task was demanding enough so he waited for there adrenal to ware off. Time was the greatest tool at his disposal with all the powers none remained as constant as the passage of time, at the start of this limitless span only one remains who can attest to all of its affects Zorah. The mob began to simmer back to a crowd letting Nathan once again try and captor there attention still only one gentleman remained latch on to him. Now that they were succumbing to the situation at hand, Nathan raised his voice just enough that it trickle over there ears planting a source which was only sufficient enough to make each acknowledge that he was present. Thinking of how mankind could fall from grace in such a small amount of time reminded him just how unretentive humanís were. War that was on everyoneís mind and when nothing else is greater in your mind thatís what your response will be. These people have cornered there selves with thoughts of war so it must be the corner he needís to get rid of so a choice is present only they can make. A path would be laid forth with no dispute to its being genuine. Now that all were paying attention Nathan drew on what Samantha had said, it was very rude to start a conversation with out a proper introduction.
He began to speak "Thank you for coming today ladies and gentle men today we ascertain the future tensions between the tribes there must be a peace or no one will survive, warís a certain death for millionís if not billionís. My name is Nathan Ríkaus I speak for all those who have a voice you no longer endeavor to hear. On this day you reside in my judgement there will be choices do not take them lightly for this is as incontestable as the creators word. No creator is resistant to my authority in this matter I understand there are many questions and the only way for me to respond is to start from the beginning. If you are to recognize that the course you are taking leads to devastation for all life no one in this room is soli responsible for this travesty it is the human race as a whole. Now the obligation falls upon this delegation to set right the world or parish. Now is the time for change the first choice is if you will accept it. Now I will allow some questions but they must pertain to the subject at hand this will take some time."
" Your patience will be welcomed for there must be a incontestable knowledge that you fully understand whatís at stake." as he completed a voice of de-stress cried out, Nathan knew this tone it was something he had come to know passionately there had been many to have been in such fear that there voice transported there it. As he swivelled to face the gentleman who had yelled out in desperation.
It was a tall fellow thinning salt and pepper hair that kink up from underneath his turban with out his heigh the narrow frame would have been lost in the sea of people. His ghost white grimace did not match the sun ripened skin, this was a inescapable sign there was dread in his heart. Nathan motioned for him to come down to the pedestal. As he slithered threw the crowd his thin frame was most accommodating it only took a few seconds to reach Nathan, haste drove him forward no person in the crowd would imped his advancement to speak of fear that radiated from him. Landing on his knees in front of Nathan with head bend down pleading for Nathan to hear his words. This annoyed Nathan, he was just a man no different than any other but this was another matter he had became accustom to. Reaching down to clasp him by the shoulder and said
"Rise my friend I am not your superior only a equal please tell me what troubles you." Nathan knew exactly what was on his mind but to reveal that at this juncture would only complicate matters.
As he rose speaking , the words spate out at a pace only Nathan could hear so with a tranquil smile and a few comforting words the tones were once more audible. "Please mister tell me what troubles your mind." he asked with a good-natured voice trying to brighten this fretful mans mood.
Grabbing Nathan by the shirt and pulling his self nearer to him. "Please you must not do this I am not the leader of my nation. The only reason they sent me was that if something went unsuitable he would be safe and launch there assault. There are hundreds of misselís armed and ready to fire they are targeted at all the major cities millions will perish."
Nathan flashed a grin toward this uneasy soul, all the while tidying up his apparels once the collar creased into place he began to address him.
"Your concernís are genuine but this was anticipated, you must trust there will be no aggression caused by this meeting. A scream from the crowd that caught everyone even Nathan by surprise rang out echoing threw out the granite walls leaving no ear untouched.
The barbaric outcry had made everyone snap there attention, finding at the end of the shrills stood a chap nearly as wide as he was tall. Plump red cheekís flapped with each phrase that left his mouth there was no opposition as he trotted toward Nathan. None willing to block his path for concern of being trampled there was no need to slither, the sea of people parted opening up leaving a clear path to Nathan. As he approached Nathan did not want see this spacious fella collapsing to his knees he made sure to grab him before it occurred.
"Please, please" a cry Nathan knew all to well "I am the leader of my nation, as we speak those rocketís he spoke of are being prepared. You must let me reach them so I can call it off there orders are to fire." as Nathan contemplated how to relieve the anxiety, uneasiness filled the room the pleas come from every direction.
As Nathanís armís raised the arctic air viciously engulfed the crowd, swirling from the ceiling slipstreaming its way threw out the stone hall snipping at the flesh and quivering them to the bone. Steam billowed up from gaped mouthís pumping out of there lungís which feed there fluttering heart, not knowing what hand grasp them only hasten the procedure. When he was sure there second injection of adrenalin had wore off Nathan began to address the mass once again.
"In that respect who give that order" Nathan said in a restless flavor
"That was my order please let me stop it Iím begging you." Cell phoneís began to ring one after the other Nathan observed as each turned to him as if asking permission to answer. With the plump fellow in tow Nathan ascended the steps once atop he announced to the herd of concerned men and women.
"Speak to your people it must be known to all. This is the instant where your going to be given a choice for several decades there has been what you call a industrial age. This was part of how my name slipped away now it will be used to hurl it back into the peopleís mind." fright filled the room as most watched on there phoneís as a projectile soared toward itís target. All eyeís were fixed on the small screens as the missel raced toward them with only momentís to survive people prayed for a miracle oblivious that it stood before them only feet away.
Plowing to its destination the warhead shredded the atmosphere transporting devastation the moment was upon them, the weaponís built to save liveís now were dedicated to there demise. As it approached the city the stone walls that Nathan had erected parted letting the warm rayís of the sun light the hall, the bitter cold had faded but fear remained perpetual. Now the streaming white cloud was visible most had excepted there destiny, at the point of ignition the sky turned to flameís a light so bright no one could look. Then the raging inferno collapsed back into itís self only a warm incandescence light flickered behind them. As headís turned to focus on the orange glow they found Nathan standing beside a tumbling ball of fire it hed attention he knew they were ready to discover what was in store.
"This guiltless flame has become your instrument, its testament unheeded you molded it to fit needís that should at no time have arisen. Now is the time for your first decision hear my plea for your survival or have me destroy all of humankind choose knowing I hold your greatest weapon in the palm of my hand." Nathanís voice viciously rang out stimulating more dread than the flame which held steady. The soundless herd stood before Nathan unwilling to speak not knowing how unmerciful the punishment would be.
This was not what Nathan desired he did not want them to fear the power he exhibited, just the course there ignorance had lead them down. Calming this mass hysteria would be a colossus under taking. Though the hall was voiceless there mindís raced, filled with horrific images only to leave out the good that can come from Nathanís help. The pulsating orb slowly degenerated to a minor puff of smoke then Nathan began to address them.
"Do I have your attention now" headís shook still fearing to speak "Good now how can I assure you it is not me that should be feared but the route you are taking that will be a much regretful fate. Do not fear to speak your words will be heard but I do request that you let me inform you of how all this came to pass."
Silence stile rained tongues put away not wanting to be the first to speak. Only the gentleman who had been fixated on Nathan since he had arrived stood amongst the crowd with an air of self-confidence. In all of the turmoil he never once flinched knowing precisely who had graced there encounter. Nathan also knew this manís thoughtís he was the only one that understood what his purpose in this meeting really was.
"There are exceptional changeís that must be performed but with out absolute agreement it can never come to pass. I am going to tell you the story of my beginning, all must hear and understand align oneself with accordingly. Three days before my seventeenth birthday I woke as one commonly does little did I realize that it would be the finale day of that life and the beginning of a much more complicated one. Some of the choices that I have made threw the millennia were much more demanding than this sole choice that will be made today." each individual in the crowd hinged on every word spoken wanting to know the question that meant there entire survival.
Now that there attention was fully at Nathanís disposal the tale of his journey could commence. The attentive herd hinged on Nathanís every move foreseeing the monstrous future and anticipating the worst. Even with all his reassurance skepticism occupied there mindís but with out the dread there attention could not be held and he demanded it for that was the only course which would have a successful end. With doubt in oneís mind that which eluded your perspective now had a route to proceed down. In time each would find there direction and receiving the knowledge that Nathan posseís a accurate alternative could be exposed. Nathan stepped toward the railing a breath of expectation filled the air propping his self on the railing he began to speak.
"We must endear extreme measureís in the undertaking you are ask to travel but at the final crossing you will find the journey was worth any cost. April the ninth marks the day I was charged with watching over spiritís and to keep there path rid of obstructions that my jeopardize otherís.

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