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Age of R'kaus part 1

A young man sits atop the tallest peak in the world, quite a accomplishment for any man but for him it was common. He dwelled on the metallic flashes with cloud trails following close behind. This saddened his heart knowing mankind was trading the entire world for the exhilaration of flying it was not only the planet they were destroying but all of its inhabitants. Why a race so advanced could not see they were driving there selves to extinction, thatís what bewildered him most. Here he was called upon to decide the fate of another race that threatens the cycle of life. This role was not asked for simply appointed, a new kind of war was on the horizon he had made promises to preserve life even if it meant taking lives. The only thing man had accomplished in war was how to kill without mercy this new war had weapons that not only killed man but every living creature on the planet. This one man could change there destiny but real change can only come from ones self. A meeting of all the tribes of this era has been called, the name of this meeting place was the united nations which confused him because none of these tribes were united. As he started the descent a felling of regret raced over his entire body, the knowledge of having to judge his own species obscured him enough that the climb down seemed to vanish. He loved to walk it gave time to take in all the surroundings this pleased him a great deal seeing small details give a person perspective in what it takes to sustain spiritís.
Not far from the basin laid a village which spanned considerably farther than the eye could envision. Buildings rose till they extended into the clouds towering above like the mountain he just left. Gray masses engulfed by a stench that always turn his stomach were surrounded by people marching threw the streets. Ants that was what this village appeared to resemble he thought, in all his years that connection was never made of coarse he was viewing these inhabitants as a threat now not kin. Still that did not make it fell morally better seeing nothing but there heinous acts. Now surrounded on all sides by the structureís people scurried by oblivious to the fact power of unimaginable scope stood in there path. His name lost to the strands of time they knew not of his duties but soon the world would whisper the name Nathan Ríkaus once more. There are many cites between here and his destination plenty of time to get a fill for what the majority of the population thinks of the war there leaders are demanding. With most who have great power responsibility for there actions does not calculate in there response. The villagers feared war for most would loose there lives for a cause they did not understand, there leaders have no fear of death when its someone elseís spirit lost to this world. Thatís what Nathan must change convincing these men and women to accept the fact there lives would be forfeited. At the next village or cities as they are called in this era Nathan come upon an elderly women with shoulder length silver hair which seemed to bush out in every direction ruff and dry matching her skin which time had not left untouched but wisdom comes with time who better than one who has lived threw this so called industrial age. As Nathan drew nearer a smile wrinkled her face even farther he began to ask her about this place she cut him off.
"First of all young man if you insist on having a conversation with someone itís not civilized to do it with out telling them your name mine is Samantha what is yours." the elderly woman rasped still holding a grin.
"May name is Nathan Ríkaus sorry to be so ill-mannered it has been a long journey may we sit and talk awhile Samantha" Nathan enquired pointing to a couple of empty chairs sitting on the sidewalk.
"Friendís call me Sam now Nathan we can sit for a few minutes youngster and tell me what is on your mind." the grin extended even farther as she took her seat.
Nathan bent at the hip showing making sure to show this lady all the respect she deserved then took his place beside her "Today your leader will represent you, deciding your very exsistance
what would you have him bargain for the peoples lives or for there place in the new regime."He asked while sliding in to the seat.
With a highbrowed look she replied "Now who would ever care what an old women had to say much less listen."
"Well just say I can guide them in the right direction do you have any idea where that ought to reach. Trust that what you say will not fall on deaf ears."He said needing a straightforward answer.
"Ainít you filling your oats today"Sam replied with restored grin but Nathan was not "Ok if you insist I donít know exactly where to begin but I shall give it a attempt." With a half grin Nathan responded "Thatís all I can ask from you, the most bare answers are the raw truth."
After two hours Nathan come to realize this noblewoman knew that humanity merited the opportunity to change. He thanked Samantha for all her assistance and a kiss on the hand Nathan continued the journey to the village called New York where the U.N. is too meet. In his entire life would he have ever see the human race demolish the whole world. City after city he found these people did not correspond with the thoughts of those who represented them this would be what Nathan had to convert there state of judgement. The day of the assembling was upon him, sitting atop a structure watching the leaders of the tribes entering the building. The streets wear lined with tanks carrying thunder from there powerful diesel engine even the ground trembled. Armies streamed among the vehicles each carrying there preferred weapon of death. Tensions were at the degree that a single spark would cease many lives, but not today some one put out of mind will be attested on this day. As the last dignitary made his way threw the sea of soldiers Nathan made his way off the building knowing there was a vast company of desperate men who would try to stop him, but there flight for halting Nathan would be fruitless. Advancing toward the building Nathan was surprised no one had noticed since he wore no army fatigues but that would not last long the nearer he drew to the building soldiers fixated there attention toward him. The first to confront him was a attention-getting behemoth at six foot two inches and two hundred twenty five pounds Nathan was by far no little man, but this military man dwarfed him. Muscles bulged out of his uniform the seams holding with all the durability they could summon, his smooth shaved head glistened with rays from the sun which was almost as big as a pumpkin. If the man had a neck Nathan did not see it, he did observe that he was at least two feet thick and a good six inches taller. Holding a weapon most men would have difficulty carrying, as he drew nearer his commanding voice called to Nathan "Halt or be shoot down" the echo of his statement turned the entire armyís attention towards this officer then to Nathan. He had gotten much farther than anticipated, thou there was never a doubt that a struggle would be set before him because his identity had been for gotten by the passage of time. Here is where heíll make his stand.
"Halt" shouted out the soldier once more this time Nathan was encircled by weapons and facing the barrel of the goliath soldier doing the shouting. Nathan raised his hands to show he was not armed this did not make a difference the rifle still hung in the air ready to fire. Nathan announced to the crowd
"I am here for the summit." He knew it would not be so simple, but giving it a attempt had to be attempted.
"Yes and Iím the President of the United States, now hit the ground face first I really donít wont to shoot you mister ." rumbled the massive gentleman
Nathan knew this mans every thought he was a savage on the outside but his heart ruled his every action, He politely replied "I can not do that the meeting will be starting soon please let me go along my way."
Laughter filled the air, only the brut stood fast never taking his eyes off Nathan he knew this man was not joking he wondered what action this fellow was willing to take so he could acquire entre. Still he could not let him pass but soon Nathan would convince him that there was no halting for, it was time for his dominance to emerge. Nathan advanced toward the steps leading up to the building, halt was cried out again then the clicking sound of the trigger being pulled. The gun did not go off the sizeable soldier that had confronted Nathan first stood baffled that his weapon did not fire, slamming back the bolt to chamber another round he tried again. Snap thatís all he could produce from the firearm, this intensified his anger so that he drew his blade and charged at Nathan not recognizing no one else rifles had operated not a single shoot could fire. As the man drew closer Nathan did not flinch, the barbarian closed the ground much faster than Nathan anticipated but when the blade sliced threw the it impacted an invisible wall which enshrouded him. The shear force behind the swing from the infuriated man caused him to come down violently on top of three other warriors, which neither of them compared to the size of the behemoth crashing down upon them. Nathan called hear bones break abruptly, screams from the crushed men reverberated threw out the crowd Nathan did not want any one else to get hurt. Striding toward the entrance with every footstep his path was extended, the soldiers were in confusion not knowing what force held them from assaulting this intruder. When Nathan passed threw the doorway it abruptly sealed off behind him, closed so no door may be seen. The soldiers frantically tried to enter to no avail, the buildings surface had turned to solid granite, everyone realized what was happening and in a stampede the troops retreated some getting caught up and trampled to there demise. Nathan could fell the vanquished souls outside which sadden him, people still dreaded what is not understood but if that was all the lives lost over there blind ambitions then this will be a good day and the will not have died in vain. Now that he was inside there were more guards wanting to stop him, no more death until my offer is heard. The air went cold a rush of frigid wind consumed the building everyone except Nathan were rooted in place by the very air they breath. The panic could merely be observed in there eyes, a impregnability shield held them securely in place unable to twitch a single finger. As Nathan passed by each one making it clear to each there was no peril going to happen to any one, but there was doubtfulness radiating from each. Once in the great hall all he could know see the subjects that were to be convinced that change is required. The same disarray filled this room as the hallways, everyone fearing for there liveliness not understanding this was there opportunity to live with out despair.

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