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The story which you are about to read is the actual true account of what a couple of friends of actor Chris Deleon along with their gang members witnessed one night in the Philippines' Sacrifice Valley exactly one year after Marialuisa Lota met her ghastly destiny at the hands of that mysterious tiki statue. In a detailed letter to me from the filipino actor, Chris explained to me in detail what his close friends suddenly experienced on a night back up in Sacrifice Valley when the gang members of John Pogi and Benito Galvez along with their ten member gang of college guys decided to "declare an all out war" on what it was which still existed up there in Sacrifice Valley which had claimed a special friend of them all, the young and beautiful filipino cover model whom I once called my beautiful filipina daughter Marialuisa. The word had spread about the police investigation turning up nothing and ordered to be closed and filed under an unsolvable mystery case. Gang leaders Benito Galvez and John Pogi got together with all of their ten members and informed them all of their well-devised plan to sneak up to Sacrifice Valley late one night armed with everything they could possibly carry with them from guns, rifles, dynamite sticks, and even hand grennades which he(John) had taken from his Philippine Army Post arsenal in which he was an active member of the National Army Cadet Corp. It was late on the night of October 15th 1999 when John Pogi and Benito Galvez called all of their gang members together in a special meeting and revealed their proposed plan to violently attack this tiki statue in the hopes of destroying it to pieces. All of the gang members were friends of the late Marialuisa Lota as well as her former roommate Josie Bienvenida as well as with Teresita Compuesto.( To update: Josie had now left her modeling job,where she had also worked as a model in Rosa's Modeling & Fashions( along with Marialuisa Lota & Tessie,) & had moved away from Manila and back to her parents home in Cebu City to spend time with her family there as she had been very disturbed by what had happened to her former roommate & closest friend. Tessie was still modeling but she was very hesitant about saying anything more about Luisa and quite often, she had to take time off because she too could never forget what had happened to her( Luisa)! She was now married and was planning on leaving the Philippines to go to America soon as Emanuel was now in Vallejo, California where he had been hired as a computer technician.) John Pogi & Benito Galvez called every gang member together in a meeting in their club house located in an hidden alley somewhere near the many shipping warehouses & loading docks of Manila Harbor.It was here that they met secretly with all of the members who each had brought a gun, several rounds of bullets, knives, sling shots, and at least one bow & arrow and layed them all down on the pool table located in the center of their one room meeting hall.Benito Galvez had every member carefully lay his weapon down on the pool table under the one hanging light while he carefully inspected each weapon to see if it was working properly and was a powerful enought weapon to be used for the "all out" gang style attack which he and John Pogi had carefully & precisely taken months to plan and were now about to present it to everyone. John Pogi had a small case full of hand grennades which he planned to quickly arm them and get set up in an "attack" position when they arrived at the sight of where the tiki stood. On the night of October 29,1999, Exactly one year to the day that Marialuisa ran off and vanished there, the entire Pogi/Galvez Gang all climbed into John's 1980 Chevrolet station wagon and drove off to Sacrifice Valley. The time was now 7:30 PM Friday night October 29th. "We vowed that this thing was going to be totally destroyed tonight and will never threaten anyone here again." Is what they all vowed to do before they returned back home from Sacrifice Valley later that night. Half-way to Sacrifice Valley, the Galvez Gang met up with a former "rival gang" known as the "Punno Warlords." These two gangs who once met in a fearce rivalry in the alleyways of Metro Manila years ago and some had been seriously injured in clashes with police as well as each other but now they had vowed an alliance together to launch an all out attack on what it was that instilled fear and spread rumors & superstitions throughout the Philippines! "TONIGHT THIS DEVIL!TONIGHT THIS KAMATAYAN WILL DIE IN FIRE! was the battle cry of both gangs as they all joined hands in friendship! Now 20 men were proceeding in two stationwagons each man loaded with as many pieces of dynamite, handguns, rifles, flares, cans of gasoline & books of matches as they all vowed to blow this horror to pieces and watch it burn in the largest "bon fire that they can ever build. Ricco Punno along with his ten member gang shouted the battlecry.." Dito se war ng war sa kamatayan! Patay se demonyo sa Sacrifice Valley!! ( This will be the war of wars tonight! We will kill that demon in Sacrifice Valley!! At those words all members of both gangs raised their hands and weapons and shouted their allegence to this cause! By 9:00PM that Friday night, both gangs pulled into the open area where that pathway leading down into Sacrifice Valley began. Everyone quickly got out of the cars and got all of their weapons together, laying them all on the ground. Benito along with John set up two large battery powered flashlights and annouced just exactly how the attack was going to be carried out. Ricco Punno then announced that he would lead his ten man team down into the valley while the Galvez gang would follow right behind them with their flash lights and to give them needed support. "Ok, When my gang gets down there close enough to the "tiki statue, we will follow plan "A". I want everyone to spread out at least 4 feet apart in a semi-circle. Stay at least 30 feet away from the tiki because when we start firing at it we don't want anyone here to get hit by pieces of stone flying off the statue or any ricocheting bullets. Guys this is going to be a massive all out attack on this thing that is down there and I want everyone here tonight to come home safely! then John Pogi got up and made his pre-war announcement..."Sigue comrades! (Ok guys you heard what Ricco said, we are going to get this thing destroyed and we all are coming home together. Marialuisa will smile at us all from Heaven when we destroy what destroyed her!" At that moment a loud cheer of total support came up from every man there as they cheered and waved their guns in the air! Then Benito Galvez said, "Ok guys lets get our guns loaded, all of our weapons ready and when Ricco gives the order, we'll follow right behind his men and carry out every step of attack plan "A" For the next moment, a brief prayer was offered for the success of this war mission as well as for Luisa's spirit to rest in love & peace then for the next couple of moments the area was a scene of loading rifles, hand guns, lining up of numerous hand grenades, etc along with making sure the one gallon cans of gasoline was ready to be spread out on the tiki statue where it would then be set on fire! Not more than five minutes later, everything ( & everyone) was ready to procede on down the rocky pathway loaded up with all of their weapons for this what was hoped to be a final fiery "show down" with Tapuyan! Then came Ricco's order.. "Sigue men, aalis na kayo.( Lets go!) Quickly every one stood up and hoisted their guns, and other weapons over their shoulders and formed in a line right at the entrance to the pathway. Benito & John quickly turned on more flashlights as the Punno gang followed their leader down the steep rocky path with flashlights shinning everywhere. The tropical night was mildly warm & humid. It was clear night with stars but only a sliver of a moon.Like a year ago, the deep shroud of mystery hung over Sacrifice Valley like a dark & misty curtain but with 20 men present, an overwhelming sense of adventure dominated the night as the silence would soon be shattered by the rapid sounds of gunfire, flaming gasoline, explosions, etc. Slowly & carefully climbing down over the rocks which unlike that horrible night a year ago were dry, both gangs carefully followed their leaders as the flashlights shined ahead of them creating numerous ominous looking shadows. A half hour later Ricco announced that he had reached the level area at the bottom of the pathway which marked our entrance into Sacrifice Valley. Here he, along with all the men stopped and carefully checked to make sure they all knew just which path lead off to Sacrifice Valley and which one lead to where the tiki statue stood. (Chris then added that the reason why Luisa followed the exact path to the tiki was that she was under the control of the power of Tapuyan.) Ricco then carefully studied the pathway and then remarked, " Guys, this is a little confusing here. I'm not sure which path goes where but what we'd better look for is where there is a line of brown vegetation. It may be pretty well overgrown by now because it has been a year now since Luisa's mysterious disappearnce happened but there still may be something that looks brown. when you find anything, let me know because that may be a part of that line of burned grass which that old lady said she followed and which lead right up to it." For awhile, all of them stood around and checked the ground as they all kept an eye out for any sign of old burned grass. suddenly one of Benito Galvez's members spotted some of it and yelled. Ricco along with two of his members checked the grasses. Sure enough, this was what they were looking for! Spotting more browned grasses he then followed what was left of the old line. "Sigue, This is it guys! Here,it seems to be heading off down this pathway. Yes this is it alright! Ok lets get ready & go. They all followed down the second pathway which lead deeper down into another valley. Chris then went on in his letter "On that night that we were following Luisa, we only had one flashlight and in the darkness, we did not see this split in the paths as we kept our eyes on Luisa." As Benito Galvez's Gang followed right behind Punno's Warlord Gang as they all slowly walked that second pathway which followed what was left of the line of browned vegetation. Suddenly off in the darkness, the lights caught sight of what was a barbed wire fence! Ricco as well as Benito carefully studied it over."This fence was just put up here recently. I think that either the police put this up or someone who was on the investigating team who handled her(Luisa's) disappearance. I'm not sure just how much further it is but I've got a feeling that its not all that far away now." The next few minutes were spent carefully laying down weapons on the ground as everyone of the men carfully crouched down & crawled under the fence. When everyone had climbed under it,they then picked up their weapons again off the ground and reformed a single line behind Ricco & Benito as they all continued walking on. Fifteen minutes later Rico yelled out for all to stop! "I think I see something out ahead of us! Shine your lights!" As all of the lights focused directly in front of them, there stood a large stone statue in what appeared to be an open area.This is what was believed to be the sight of an ancient aboriginal village. The tiki statue had to be at least 25 feet tall (maybe taller) as it was nestled among a thick grove of acacia & bamboo trees and numerous vines, moss& lichons covered it now.) As all of the gang members slowly approached it and the lights illuminated the "tiki" statue, Ricco stopped to get a close look at what it was while everyone slowly came up behind him to get a look at it also. "This is it alright! This definately resembles an ancient tiki statue but you know, take a look at the shape of it. It looks a little bit like a "budda" also. Guys, they say that this was built well over 20,000 years ago by an ancient civilization of aboriginals who inhabited the Philippines long before Magellan came here, and this "tiki statue" was built by them as the "image" of their God whom Chris's friend,Manoy found out through his intensive research was known by the name of "Tapuyan." Ricco, Benito & John continued to carefully study the "tiki" statue while the others looked on and occasionally asked questions also. Where the head had once been, (when it got blown off by the lightning that night exactly one year earlier.) only one "eye" was left connected to a narrow, thin strand of rock which extended just above the neck. It was a "ghastly" looking statue! It definatly had a "monster-like" look to it! Everyone all agreed. They all then looked at what appeared to be the large stone arms, which extended the entire length from the top of the shoulders,all the way down to its large stone "hands" which rested on the knees of its legs. "Compadres, Can you see those arms & hands up there?" "Yes, We see them." They all replied.That is where they say Luisa was summoned to climb up there and was lying up in those arms totally nude when she suddenly vanished right before their eyes that night! She was begging him as well as crying & was very frightened but she was totally helpless under his power and then suddenly according to what Chris had heard from his seanse with that medium he went to in Leyte back in August, when the lightning struck, she(Luisa)had been carried off to some eerie world where they say that she was brutally raped and tortured by him before he vaporized her!" "Oh my God! Please Lets not talk about this anymore!" Benito remarked, " He is really a sadistic kamatayan! We will kill him for what he did to her.He'll burn in the fires of his own evil!" Curiously John Pogi asked, "You know I am just a little bit curious about something, I am wondering if this statue is completely all solid rock right straight through or is it "hollow" inside? You see the reason why I'm asking is that if this statue has a "hollowed out" interior, there just may be an "outside" possibility that Marialuisa could have simply fallen down inside it when she was lying up in the arms when they say the lightning bolt hit and I'm just wondering if she or what is left of her body now, may still be in there somewhere?" Ricco replied, " Well that has always been one theory into her strange disappearance but from what I understand Manoy had found out in his research that this is all solid rock right straight through. In fact I can tell by the structure of this statue, that it is built of solid rock all the way through." Ricco then asked that the members of both gangs to find a level spot well back away from the tiki where they would have a clear sight of it and get their weapons set up to shoot at it upon Ricco's order. The men walked back into the jungle to get set up for the attack while the three gang leaders continued to carefully study the tiki statue as their flashlights shined on it. "Well what do you think?" John asked Benito & Ricco, " Well I'm not really sure. It's going to take a few maybe even several dynamite explosions to destroy this whole tiki statue to pieces. This is one huge stone statue but we are not leaving here until we do it and I won't be satisfied until I see this thing lying in pieces & burning in flames !" Ricco answered. Putting his hand on his chin, he(Ricco)then remarked "You know right now, I am interested in what that "eye" is made out of. This is very interesting. It seemes to be made of some type of thick, solid glass or maybe even quartz." John Pogi then remarked, " Ricco,You know what I had heard about that eye?" "What is that?" He asked in return. "They say that on the night Luisa vanished here, they all claim to have seen what appeared to be a dark & strange "glow" coming from the eyes! They all described it as a mysterious, green color." "Are you serious?" Ricco remarked with surprise. "That's what Chris Deleon along with the other few guys who were with him that night claimed to have seen when Luisa approached it and then climbed up into those arms before she(Luisa)suddenly vanished when the lightning hit!""Wow that must have been one huge bolt of lightning that hit the head of this thing in order to split the head off like it did!" Benito replied."Well they say that the lightning bolt was not any ordinary one.It hit with such a force that they described it like a huge explosion! Well tonight there are going to be several huge explosions!" Benito said. "Guys, this whole thing is beginning to really scare me now!" Benito again explained. "Me too" Ricco remarked. Looking back at where the other men were "hunkered" down in the jungle and getting set up for the attack, both Ricco & John Pogi then looked back around at the tiki and said, " Well Guys I think we'd better plan on getting this over with as quickly possible and get out of here. I think that we'd better blow this thing to pieces and then we're going to throw the biggest "victory party" we ever had! I can really "sense" something here which I don't like at all." "We both agree!" Benito & John answered. "OK Guys, Lets get to it!! Ricco then stepped back into the jungle where he had ordered his gang members to get set up for the attack and wait,while John & Benito followed closely behind and then joined up with their gang members also. " Sigue, Benito & John, Let me know when your men are all in place & ready!" Ricco ordered to Benito Galvez while John Pogi quickly went around inspecting every man, making sure that each of them had his rifle set up,loaded and was ready to fire on command."OK Guys Here is how were going to do it! I'm going to shoot first at that big "eye" you all see on top of what was once the neck. If that is made out of some kind of glass, then my bullet should shatter it!" Then I'll yell "HOY" and everyone fire one shot at once at the eye socket, the head and what appears to be the "nose & mouth." Ricco along with the other gang leaders completed their check of everyone and then took up their own positions and waited. Then suddenly Ricco aimed his pistle at the eye and fired one shot with a loud BANG! Instantly, his bullet hit the eye shattering it into pieces all over the huge stone shoulders. Cheers rang out as the gang members all watched. We waited for another second with our guns aimed at every part of the tiki's head. Then suddenly with the word "HOY!" The nightime silence became a fireworks scene as twenty guns fired all at once as their bullets hit and broke off several large pieces of the eye socket, nose & mouth! (THESE GUNSHOTS HAD AROUSED TAPUYAN'S HORRIBLE ANGER!) Ricco then ordered to "cease fire" & wait while he slowly approached the tiki to get a better look at what damage had been done so far by the gunshots! "OK Guys Sigue we've done something here but this is only the beginning, Now lets go to the next phase, John get a few of your men together and get as many dynamite sticks planted all around and on those arms, while I'm going to make sure that my hand grenades are ready to be thrown at it. Meanwhile Benito, You get a couple of your men to spread the gasoline all around the tiki. I'll get a couple of my men to give your guys a hand. We've got to make sure those arms & legs are totally saturated with gasoline because I am then going to throw a match on it when we are all safely back away from it & ready." The men quickly & eagerly carried out Ricco's order right to the letter! Several moments later, Ricco & Benito checked to see that all was ready for this next phase of the "Plan "A" Attack, before returning to their positions again to begin this next & more violent phase of the attack on the tiki. Ricco then got ready to light a match to the gasoline covered statue. Screaming obscenities in Tagalog to the tiki, he then lit the match. Almost instantly the tiki statue was engulfed in a huge wall of fire! as more screams of rage came out from all of the gang members. Suddenly the first dynamite explosion rocked the giant statue as the flames set off one of the charges. More large stone pieces fell onto the ground as the "ear & what was left of the neck came crashing down and broke into pieces on the ground!(NOW TAPUYAN WAS ABOUT TO MAKE HIS GHASTLY RETALIATION ATTACK ON THE GANGS!)Flames ravaged the statue as the gasoline burned in an "out-of-control" conflagration! Another dynamite stick blew up as the fire set it off! Again the tiki violently shook as now one huge piece of its arms broke off falling to the ground with a thundering crash spreading the wall of flames. (TAPUYAN NOW BEGAN HIS ATTACK IN RETALIATION!) Suddenly above the noise of the flames & explosions one of the gang members screamed that he saw in the rising billows of smoke from the burning gasoline form into the huge frightening satanic face of tapuyan! He had huge horns, his eyes glowed firey red & green with anger! "The member screamed in horror, "DEMONYO DEMONYO! I SEE HIM! I SEE THE KAMATAYAN! I SEE HIM TAPUYAN!" Then almost immediately something appeared in the mouth of the tiki! It was the pointed heads of at least ten huge boa constrictor snakes! They all had to be at least 15 feet in length and quickly appeared in what was left of the "mouth" of the statue. Upon seeing what had appeared, Ricco started shooting in rapid succession at the serpents as they quickly slithered out from the mouth and dropped down one by one on the shoulders & what was left of the right arm of the tiki. Ricco shot twice,killing two of them at once while more snakes appeared! The gangs members quickly opened continous gunfire shots on the approaching snakes as one by one they killed more of the approaching serpents as the remainder got roasted alive by the flames. John Pogi, Benito Galvez now watched in horror along with the rest of the gang members as yet another even more powerful dynamite explosion violently rocked the tiki causing over half of it to crack & split in two! TAPUYAN'S ANGER SUDDENLY EXPLODED AS HE RELEASED A MAJOR ATTACK ON THE GANG!)For suddenly from out of the huge crack in the now "split- in- half" shoulders of the statue there appeared thousands of vampire bats along with a huge "swarm" of African killer bees! The locusts formed a large "cloud" over the now broken statue as the gang members suddenly saw this cloud of bats & bees and reeled back in horror at why they were not driven back by the intense heat of fire & thick smoke. Now frightened, every gang member dropped their weapons and ran further off into the jungle in the hopes of trying to outrun this huge "cloud" of bats & bees but they rapidly approached everyone! "OH MY GOD!" John Pogi screamed, "THESE ARE KILLER BEES! THEY ATTACK IN SWARMS! GUYS, YOU'VE GOT TO RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! WE'VE GOT TO GET OF HERE NOW! All 20 men dropped everything and began to run as fast as they could back to where the barbed wire fence was but the bees were coming just too fast for them! One by one the painful screams of the men could be heard as at least a hundred bees landed on each of the men, covering them with hundreds of lethal bee stings all at once! The killer bees attacked the men while the vampire bats also landed on them and began "ripping" at their faces with their sharp teeth causing blood to ooze from the bites. The men desperately tried to run while waving their arms at the hordes of bees but they were swarming each of them too quickly. One by one, the gang members fell down on the ground as more bees swarmed and delivered more deadly series of stings on them! The painful final screams of many of the men could be heard as one by one they succumbed to the series of deadly stings & bat bites but we could not turn back to rescue our fallen comrades!. We had to run for our lives as we ourselves managed to get stung by several bees. As we managed to quickly climb under the barbed wire fence and back out to where the main pathway which lead out of Sacrifice Valley was. "We then heard a violent explosion as the tiki was shattered to pieces! The cloud of bats & bees retreated back to where the destroyed tiki now lay in pieces amidst the diminshing flames and began feasting on the bodies of our fallen gang members before retreating deep off into the jungle. Stung and bitten we somehow managed to get back out to where we left our stationwagons and got back to Manila where we immediately were all admitted to one of Manila's finest hospitals where several doctors tended to our many sting welts & bite marks. Out of the 20 men who came with us that night only seven survived. The entire Punno Warlords Gang and three of our Galvez members had been killed but the tiki was now lying in pieces on the ground back there in that section of Sacrifice Valley. To this day no one is able to get there as another even higher barbed wire fence was erected across that pathway by the police. A series of inquiries were conducted by the Manila Police as to why these gang members took it upon themselves to violate what was a very strict curfew and launch this violent attack on the tiki statue which inevitably cost the lives of 13 men. Again the police wanted to keep this latest show down with the kamatayan "Tapuyan" out of the public media in the Philippines because of the fear along with the skepticism as well as the criticism of the handling of both the original police investigation of Marialuisa Lota's strange fate along with this "gang attack" on the statue and the frightening account of the survivors of the Galvez Gang on what they actually observed occur, just before they desperately ran for their lives from Sacrifice Valley. To this day, the mystery goes on!
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