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Metamorphosis: Project Trinity

Year 2123-
Sahara desert
Delgiumon International Underground Laboratory (DIUL)
Flashes of nightmares were fading as first comprehension of reality emerged from the back of her mind. Panic rising, she felt like stabbing against dark, fearing what will happen next. Help.
Help me. Her silent plea was deafening in her own sense of hearing. Her mind was slowly working on it. Think. Think. Help me!
With a sudden jolt, she opened her eyes and sucked up air from the tube on her mouth. Water. She was surrounded by eerie bluish water. Looking about she waded her arms and parted the large volume of silver hair to looked through the glass. A being stood in front of her confined water world. A brown being wearing long white cloth and has black feet. Was that his real feet?
He turned partly to the right and said something. Then a whinning sound churned the water and started to drain away from my world. I suck up air again from the tube. Breathe, a voice said. So I should do it.
The glass opened and I crawled down on all four toward the being. Man. His kind is called man. He lowered himself beside me and put a warm dark cloth and took off the tube taped on my mouth. A gaped and tried to move.
Breathe, don't be afraid. The man said.
It was his voice, I realized, that woke me up. This man. I gasped for air and find myself taking inside me the content of the non-water world environment for the first time. My heart beats and mind cooperative now. I looked up to see a face not like mine. He smiled, no fangs or teeth showing. Her eyes had only one consistent color-gray.
Welcome to our world, Trinity. He gently announced.
It was the beggining of my journey, two years ago. A birth to the rights of being the last of the morph people who walked on earth. A man-made creature with mind and reproduction of its own they later slaughtered all. All except me-the cat-eyed Morph.
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