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hayden and Hazel

Hayden and Hazel

Once upon a time there was a prince named Hayden.
He has younger sister named Hazel (princess).
But their Father died when Hazel is only three years old and Hayden is only
6 years so they grew up in their stepped father named
Julio and mother named Adriana. He too has been married before,
and has one son and one daughter by his first marriage named
Drusilla and George, who are just Hayden’s age. But when they’re
mother visit they’re grandmother if 3 months, then when they’re
mother is there the true nature is revealed. Then he announce that
Drusilla will become the princess and George will become prince
then when the housekeepers heard that they become angry. Then Hayden
and Hazel go to the market to buy fishes then he saw a beautiful girl.
Then Hayden ask her name then she answered my name is Ava.Then Hazel
saw an handsome boy. Then Hazel ask his name then he answered is Max.
Then Hayden bring Ava to the castle and Hazel bring Max too. Then Drusilla
saw Max then she become nice the George saw Ava then he become nice too
and bring them to their rooms and talk while Hazel is serving Foods to
them and Hayden is cooking. Then Julio saw that, then after than when Hazel
and Hayden watching TV they heard that Donato Bryon Miguel (father)
is alive they were so happy because they saw the picture of they’re father,
then Julio heard that and said that’s a joke your father is dead,
they answered no you’re wrong he’s alive then Hazel call to her mother
in her grandmother’s house to tell that then……. The next day Donato go
home and Adriana go home too then they saw each other they were hugging
each other but Donato saw Julio hurting Hazel then she shout who are you?
Why you are hurting my son? Get out of this palace then Drusilla and George
get they’re things and go home and Julio go with them and Max and Ava would
go to but Hayden and Hazel said don’t go you will stay here forever am I right
Dad? Donato answered Yes your right.Then after a few years Hayden and Ava where married and has 2 child named Christopher and Sophia and Hazel and Max where married too and has 1 child named Faull Joe. Then Donato and Adriana become King and Queen. Then Julio and his family become a slave on the palace.

Then they live happily ever after

-Hannah Elcana P. Garcia

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