Halloween | By: Robert James Sr | | Category: Short Story - Comedy Bookmark and Share


The word Halloween is actually a two-part word. First you have Hallo, which comes form the word “hello”. Some say that ghosts and goblins say hello to each other, but when the wind is blowing it sounds like hallo – in the Fall, around Halloween, there are a lot of windy days. Due to absolute weightlessness on these windy Fall days, ghosts get blown around very easily. This is where the “ween” comes in; they are saying “wee”, like a child would say while going down a slide. They try to lean into the wind to stop themselves from being tossed aimlessly to no end. So other ghosts yell to their friends, LEAN!! LEAN!! at the same time the ghost is yelling out WEE!!! WEE!!! So the situation occurs like this: a ghost sees a goblin and says hello at the same time a gust of wind blows him away and he shouts out wee, wee, and his friends yell out lean, lean. It’s
usually a happy occasion, so HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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