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everlasting love

Everlasting Love

How many times will I say I love you?
Before you feel that my feeling is true
Will I have to wait all life through?
Just to hear you say I love you too

How many tears will fall?
For the feelings you’ve just ignored
How many times will I cry?
And how many times will I lie

How many times would you hurt my heart?
Before you begin to enlighten the light
How many phrases will I speak every night?
Just to know if my feeling is right

How many years will be counted just to
wait for you’re love?
How many years will be wasted because
of the words left unspoken?
How many seasons will change just to wait for the day that we can be together?
I am so tired, I am so hurt, and that’s why sometimes I just want to forget all about you
But above all this, I’m still willing to wait for you
That’s how much I love you and that’s how much I care for you

I just want you know that I can do al the sacrifices just to be with you,
Now, I offer you….
My everlasting love…….

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