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Life balanced on a razor blade

The falling Ivory Snow swayed back and forth and onto the streets of newyork only to be enmeshed with the dirty slop laying on the sidewalks.A man around his fifties drudged through the slush and stopped on the side of the street looking both ways before crossing to meet up with a filmsy hooker leaning on a pole issued with ads.On the other side of the city,In a warm home,A newly mother rocked her baby girl beside an open fire.A mile or so away,You raced in the deep slush trying hard not to slip in fear of being caught by the police.You couldn't let them catch for it would be the last time your mother would bail you out.The cold peirced your cheeks as you ran swiftly alongside abandoned apartment buildings and after passing a tall ramshackle complex building,you rounded a corner while blinding running foward and without noticing it you slipped down a slope.In panic,you grabbed tree root which snapped from your weight and
with the mud squishing under your boots you lost all control and so you tumbled down the hill intill you felt on your back."Looks like we found the dumb bitch" you heard a familiar voice say "get her up" you heard another voice order.The guy with his foot on your back pulled you up to your feet and made you face him.It was constable Keap(pronounced cap),head of the police force.Constable Keap has been watching your every move ever since you could remeber and now it seems he finally caught you.He made an irritating clicking sound with his tongue and crudly shoved you onto the cruiser while moving his hands over the side of your waist,you cringed and bit your lip.His bigs hands reached down and stopped at your rear-end.You were about to kick some serious ass when the other man spoke up "Lets not do this tonight,Dave" "Im just searching for a weapon dumbass" Keap spat then roughly clinged cold handcuffs onto your muddy hands then pushed you into the police cruiser.You fell onto the freezing leather seats below and began yanking on your cuffs even though it would do you no good.You watched outside the window at Keap and the man talking then watched as the mysterious man pulled out a cellphone,probally phoning to confirm your "capture".You hurridly hoisted your tied arms up to your waist and dug your closest hand into your secret pocket and searched for your dagger.The hushed voices of Keap and the man approached towards you, so you quickly found the dagger and began to pick the hole in the cuffs.You quickened your pace with the cuffs and finally came a soft click,you pulled apart the handcuffs and chucked them aside.Your heartbeat quickened as you wrenched the car door open and felt the immediate adrenaline rush as you heard Keads hoarse bellow "YOU LITTLE!" then as if on cue,your left foot slipped on the wet cold ground and your body gave way making you fall face first into the snow.Keap walked over to you and crouched beside your numb self."Natures on my side today" He laughed pushing your numb face deeper into the snow.You groaned as he secured the hand cuffs on again and heaved you up onto your feet then dragging you to the car."You know..Im getting real sick of you"Keap snarled then swung the door you just ran out of and shoved you inside once more.Damn him,damn everyone.You thought once Keap and the man climbed in the front on oposite ends.The man watched your thin muddy figure struggle against the handcuffs before putting on thick black sunglasses.Your eyes wandered his jacket and found a nametag reading officer Dan wonk.Jerk.Keap kept looking at you through the review mirror before turning a sharp corner into what looks like a junk yard.You admit,you were afraid now.A shabby warehouse stood surounded by tons of neglected,crashed cars.The warehouse's immense doors stood open revealing a dark short figure and from inside displayed shadows from the tall desks that lay inside.The cruiser came to a stop infront of the warehouse and keap opened up the front door along with Dan and opened your door grabbing you by the cuffs and walked over to the figure while lugging you along in the muddy snow."Here she is"Keap announced menacily "so your the famous Laina"The figure said walking out of the dark.She had the most sinister smile that was ridiculously outlined with dark red lipstick and her eyes shone with a most terrifying cynical glare.Her greasy red hair pulled back into a tight bun and shined in the moonlight.She wore a lime green dress with frills at the bottom and a v-neck shape at the chest.She has no buisness with dresses.You thought hatefuly then looked down at your clothes,You wore a long black enties hoodie that rolled up to your elbows showing your thin pale arms.One of your arms was a tied black bandana.Everything you wore made you look even paler,if that was possible.You also wore ripped dickies that frayed at the bottom showing your Emily the strange high socks.On your feet were the black and white converts you stole from the mall.Judge me,If you will but I happen to be pretty good for the most parts,I just have my reasons.Rain began showering down mixing with the already wet snow and soaked you and everyone else."Shall we walk inside?" She began walking inside the warehouse door.Keap just grumbled and pushed you along inside.Another man in black pressed a botton on the wall and the door mechanically shut itself.The woman lead you over to a messy desk overflowing with paperwork and folders.She stopped inchs away and turned around on her lime green heels."As you probally know,my name is Feiva Lorienga" she sneered "I know exactly what do with your kind"she said while walking over to her desk and sitting down."You think your speical dont you?" she asked her sneer disappearing."well your not!
"she cried "I've delt with these things before,its just it took a while to catch your scrawny ass!"she continued hastily.You expired in annoyance and looked away watching a couple rats nearby scurry to and fro behind boxes then you looked back."All I have to do is signal to my men and you'll go straight to the Punitory!"she roared.All the while you just stared at her in a devying scowl.Feiva turned her attention to Keap who was standing behind you with his arms folded.She signaled to him and He began dragging you away to the door."WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO!?"you yelped fighting off Keap."Sending you off somewhere"Keiva sighed writing something down on a sheet of paper.Your eyes widened and you began smacking Keap in the arms then realized that you might not live to see anyone else ever again.You kicked Keap in the leg violently and he lost his grip on you.You tumbled forwards and as an instinct you ran opposite from Keap then pumped into the two men dressed in black "bitch!"Keap screamed while holding his leg.Keap advanced towards you with the back of his to you and slapped you hard across the face.You winced slightly and felt your swallon cheek."Get her out of here! I dont want to see that little horror ever again!"Feiva cried with her fists clenched.The men carried you out of the open door and into the rain.
Gusts of wind carried across plains of sand and flew past the bus windows.You looked around you at the other two girls in the same plaid orange uniforms watching out the windows,wondering what will be in store for them or What will happen?.You asked yourself the same questions as you too looked outside into the desert.You wondered if you'll ever see your friends again,Becki,natasha,amanda,thomas,curtis..You rattled your chains in frustration and the others looked up startled.You missed your brother,Nick.You wanted to see him again before you got locked up,but they didn't give you a chance.Didn't even let you get your clothes,bastards.A guard sitting ahead of you smirked at you mockingly almost excepting you to cry.You whined quietly under your breath and put your chin on your folded arms.I can just imagine what these fifty years are going to be like..Unless.You muttered softly.break-out.You could make out a small brown dot in the setting horizon and figured that must be the camp ,finally after twelve hours of driving.The bus skid awkwardly when it came to a stop and halted infront of a wooden house.A mile or so away stood a clutter of other small wooden cabins that each have a different number on the doors.A similiar set of cabins were placed on the opposite side except these cabins were the girl cabins.The only living things visible were the scattered cactus here and there,some with a little flower on top.Two guards approached you with causion and each grabbed one arm so as you walked they would guild you by the side."How pathetic"You mused carefully watching the mans hands around your arms.One of the men roughly shoved you outside the bus causing you to loose balance on one foot but you quickly regained balance on both feet."I dont like you either" you concured "move it"The other man said emotionless pushing you with his black leathered hand.After walking off into the what appears to be the entrance, the others followed suit with just the same look on your face,you were all horrifyed.An old woman behind the front desk motioned for you and the other Juvis(alone)to walk inside the directed door.So you heistantly creeped inside the room with the two other girls cowering behind you."come in,hurry"A shrill voice demanded.The closet girl to the door quickly creaked the door closed and followed you and the other chick to the where the shrill voice came from and stopped at the desk in the back of the room."You girls have gotten into a heap of trouble"said the voice again.The chair behind the desk twirled around and sitting inside the chair was Debra Snivel.A hatefull crude woman that depised all living things,well maybe except her cat Hedley,which is probally as hateful as her owner.You and the others said nothing but stood still in the hot air."You will endure painful expeditions and receive only hate towards you,because you know why?"Debra asked.The girl quivered before saying"because..thats what we deserve?" Debras lips curled into a maladjusted sneer "thats excatly why,why is that?" "we need to be punished for our mistakes.." The girl murmered.Obviously that wasen't the answer Debra was looking for because at that moment her sneer turned into a snarl."OF COURSE YOU NEED TO BE PUNISHED!..severely,this isn't the punitory for underaged vampires for nothing!.punitory means a disciplinary for underaged vampires! not to learn!!"Debra stopped suddenly looking in your direction with menacing eyes "I want to make you suffer intill you get things right"
*coughs*crazy bitch*coughs*Why haven't you noticed this before?!,There was no way you could be a vampire."There must be some sort of mistake"you said skepticaly "oh theres no mistake-" Debra paused while flipping through a chart "-ms.Leonhart" her eyes watching you through her half moon glasses."See look"you argued pointing to your teeth "no fangs!..and I dont even have any powers!" "I assure you,you will gain them soon enough" Debra retorted "what do you mean?"you asked.Debra rolled her eyes and checked the chart again,her eyes wandered back and forth as she read."It says here you are to turn into a vampire on your 14th birthday" "My birthdays only a week away!" you claimed "So?..oh and one more thing before you all go.Liana your a half vampire"

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