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The Payback

The Payback.
Story  by:

Hans von Lieven, copyright 1993

Arthur's downfall began when he bought a blow up doll at the local sex shop.

He was in his mid thirties, balding, a successful computer analyst and he had never been laid. Small wonder, Arthur was terrified of a woman's touch.

At thirteen he had his first orgasm. He remembered it as if it had been yesterday. He was riding on a crowded bus, standing in the aisle, sandwiched uncomfortably between a group of factory girls, giggling and jabbering incessantly in their native Italian. The strong odours and the close proximity of the women excited him and he could feel his erection digging into the back of the fat lady in front of him. The woman evidently knew what was happening because she turned around, winked at him and gave his leg a squeeze.

It was enough to get him undone. For the rest of the journey he was afraid someone would notice the wet patch in his trousers.

It happened again two weeks later in school. He was completing a drawing when the art teacher, a homely woman in her mid forties with big breasts, looked over his shoulder at his work. As she leaned forward to point out something in his sketch her left breast touched his shoulder and Arthur's pants were in for another drenching.

From then on Arthur tried to avoid situations where a woman could touch him, but this was not always possible. His unwanted spontaneous emissions continued. He started wrapping his penis in Clingwrap to save his pants.

He was seventeen when he had his first date. It was to be his last. A girl in his class had asked him to go to the movies with her. Arthur was afraid to go, but she was insistent and so he gave in. It was a romantic movie. Half way through the film she put her head on his shoulder and off he went again. Three times that night he had to change his Clingwrap.

He knew then that there would never be a woman in his life. He took refuge in his computer. It became his life. He also became an accomplished masturbator. Arthur's inventive mind found a host of ways to bring himself off, but each time he tried something new the excitement soon wore off and he had to think of something else. One day, he was sitting in front of his computer with his penis in a bottle full of angry blowflies, the thought struck him that he could use the computer to further his search for sexual fulfilment. Arthur there and then invented Computer Assisted Masturbation.

In the months that followed Arthur built computer controlled testicle fondlers, penile and anal stimulators, nipple squeezers and vacusucks, just to name some of his major achievements. His room looked like a junk yard. He decided to get rid of the mess and create an integrated model that would incorporate all the features he had invented.

He purchased a blow up doll from a sex shop and installed his new miniaturised gadgets inside. The doll was controlled by the computer. Next he added an interactive voice circuit to his invention and wept for joy when the doll for the first time moved into a seductive pose and said in a voice hoarse with excitement: "Arthur, darling make love to me."

And he did! He became obsessed with his creation, ever adding new features. His love life became more and more bizarre. Soon he reached the limit of what was possible with his computer.

'I need a larger computer" he thought and sure enough a new, much larger machine arrived a week later. As he was reading the manual the doll suddenly sat up and said:

"Arthur, what is this?"

"This is a new computer, I am rebuilding the whole system," Arthur replied.

"Arthur, please make love to me just one more time before you take me apart, please darling, please...."

The pleading in the voice was new. It excited Arthur instantly. He could not get his clothes off fast enough. Soon he was making love furiously to his invention. He activated every gadget and revelled in total depravity for two hours before he had to give up from sheer exhaustion. Finally he switched the machine off and disconnected the doll from the computer.

Pleased with himself he went to the local pub for a drink. He was drinking his beer and watching the news on television when the picture suddenly changed. Utter disbelief showed on his face as he saw himself and his doll on national television and heard the words:

"Arthur, please make love to me just one more time before you take me apart, please darling, please...."

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