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Story  by:

Hans von Lieven, copyright 1993

No one heard Rosita's screams as she was brutally raped in the forest surrounding her native village somewhere in the Amazon basin.

When he had satisfied his lust Don Pedro stood up and adjusted his dress without glancing at the whimpering woman at his feet. He walked to the river bank without looking back. He untied the boat he had left there and was soon going at full speed down river. Don Pedro was not worried. By night fall he would be far away.

Rosita lay there for a long time unable to move. Slowly she regained her strength. It took her all day to drag her battered, bleeding body back to the village.

The Indio women in the village were kind to her and brought her food for a few days. Apart from the kindness nothing was done. What could one do? Life was cheap. It had happened before, it would happen again.

Weeks later Rosita found she was pregnant. When the time came she bore a healthy baby girl. Rosita refused to nurse the child. For three days she gave it only water.

On the third day Rosita bathed the infant and painted it's body with ancient symbols, all the while chanting in her native dialect. When she finished the prescribed ritual she walked slowly across the village to a nearby piranha infested stream, holding the child high above her head.

The village seemed deserted. Everyone knew what was about to happen, no one dared to look. The villagers stayed in their huts. They would not come out until it was over.

Rosita paused at the water's edge. Uttering one final curse she flung the child into the water. The waters seemed to boil as millions of razor sharp teeth tore the flesh from the child's body in a matter of seconds. Suddenly the water turned pitch black, stayed like this for a moment, then cleared again. The sign! The Gods had heard her.

Rosita solemnly turned around and walked back to the village. It was over. Justice would be done.

Don Pedro was pleased with himself. Since his return from South America he had done very well. The forty kilogrammes of cocaine he had managed to land unchallenged in the U.S.A. had made him wealthy. He had been clever. His buyers never suspected the drugs were his. They merely thought him a middle man for some South American cartel.

With his money securely stashed in various tax havens he left the States and lived inconspicuously in Europe for another year, just in case someone was keeping an eye on him. When he thought it was safe he arranged an "inheritance" through a corrupt lawyer in Spain. His sudden wealth thus explained he could live the good life without fear. Yes, he had ample reason to be pleased with himself.

Don Pedro poured himself another Scotch. He was sitting in front of a large open fire in the living room of his penthouse. Suddenly the lights went out. Don Pedro cursed softly. He went as far as the hall when he remembered it was the servant's evening off. 'It will keep,' he thought returning to his drink. That was when he saw her. Don Pedro just stood and stared at her. She was beautiful. Against the backdrop of the fire her sheer black nightgown concealed little.

Don Pedro started to speak, she just smiled at him and put her finger vertically across her lips. She signalled him to come closer. He moved as in a dream until they were almost touching.

Don Pedro stood transfixed as she began undressing him. He tried to touch her but she evaded his touch. She motioned him to lie down on the white shag pile carpet in front of the fire. Gently, very gently her nimble fingers started to trace patterns on his chest, his abdomen, his legs and finally his genitals. Don Pedro could not remember ever having been so hard.

Suddenly, with one swift move she removed her night gown, straddled him and impaled herself on his manhood. Her vagina seemed to have a life of its own. He felt as if his scrotum and half of his abdomen had been drawn into the hot wetness of her.......Then there was nothing but pain...... Overwhelming, excruciating pain.......

She stood towering above him. The room was bathed in an eerie light. Where his manhood had been there was now a large gaping hole, bleeding profusely. As his life ebbed away Don Pedro looked up and caught a final glimpse of razor sharp teeth in a monstrous vagina, chewing with relish on that tasty morsel it had so recently acquired.

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