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Candles Black Essence Chap.1

  Thus,it was the year 1880 in Connecticut,Hardford County.Alice White was 13 years old and walked to school with her best friend,Emilyann Wood who was also,13.Alice was a very poor girl.She lived off of scraps from the trash,and wore her mothers weaved clothes made from old curtains.Emilyann on the other hand,was born very rich.Although,Emilyanna's parents were nothing but white spoiled rich folks that lived in a very large house and her father invested in oil mines and dug for gold,silver,copper,and diamond,Emilyann was not like her parents at all.Emilyann shared her fathers investments when he gave her money from the profited oiled mines;thus useing the money to give to some of the kids and teachers at her poor school.


  It was a Monday morning and Alice was getting ready for school.She tugged off her white gown,and slid open her drawers;grabing out a weaved blue curtain slip her mother made,and pulled out the used white sweater she wore over top of all her clothes that Emilyann had bought her.Alice had blonde straight hair that was shoulder lenght,and blue twilight eyes.Alice straighted out her messy hair from her slumber with a soft bristled brush that her eldest sister had.


  Alice tip toed downstairs,hopeing to sneak out the back door today.But no,Alice was once more caught by her mothers great hearing."Alice,"her mother Fiona called from the tiny kitchen.Alice sighed and paced into the kitchen where she spoted her mother sitting at the small wooden table and chairs.Her mother flashed a smile,and patted the table as a sign for 'Come here and sit'.So Alice did.She pulled out the wooden chair across from her mother and took a seat.It was awkard for a momment,then Fiona broke the silence."Heres your lunch,dear."she said with a grin,and pulled out a folded cloth with stored garbage inside.Alice gave her mother a fake smile and took the bag."Thanks."she replied.Emilyann arrived and shouted,"Alice,lets go!"


  "Be there in a second."Alice said swiftly.Moveing quickly,Alice kissed her mother on the cheek and grasped the bag.Emilyann awaited for Alice outside,where she hid the sack lunch specially made for Alice in her lace bag.Fiona watched out the door way,and Emilyann waved.Fiona waved back and flashed her a smile as well.The two girls began running off.As soon as they got around the corner of the house,they both stoped to breathe.Emilyann pulled out the sack lunch and handed it to Alice."Thanks Emily,"Alice said with her mothers smile."what is it this time?"


  Emilyann pointed at the bag and replied,"A chicken sandwich with apple juice." Alice bear huged Emilyann,and they heard the bell ring from the school yard.Emilyann looked at Alice and said,"Race?"

  Alice smirked,and counted backwards from five.Then,they were off!Emilyann had gotton passed Alice.Alice started paceing up to try to get infront of Emilyann.Emilyann triped over a overgrown root in the dirt and caused them both to trip.Emilyann fell on her back while Alice fell ontop of her.Alice just peered into Emilyann's eyes.A sudden connection gathered between those two that day.That one slip,caused a whole effect on both of their lives.Alice pulled off of Emilyann,and helped her up.They never spoke the rest of the day after that.


  It was the next day,and Alice had gotton ready for school as usual.Except this time,Emilyann didn't show up.Alice ended up walking to school alone,and guess what?Emilyann wasn't at school either.So she ended up eating her mothers scraps.Alice sat next to an empty desk dureing class.She didn't answer any math questions,nor did she end up going to the board to write solve a problem.She just stared at the empty desk that Emilyann was supost to sit at.

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