Us | By: Nadia Ward | | Category: Short Story - Despair Bookmark and Share


We were like one Serperated into two halves I had you and you had me All those late night calls Just to hear our voices The comfortable silences Shared between only us Seperated when we hung up Being there for each other When we felt like we couldn't ....Live anymore Longing for us once more For this....this thing We shared Clung onto so dearly With the last of our lives With the last of your life... I'm sinking deeper and deeper Drowning in my agony To see you, to hear you To be connected to you In some way, somehow I try and I try to go on But it gets harder everyday I want to get to you I need to get to you When you left, I died on the inside I cried, I hoped it wasn't true I hoped that you were still here It hurts to know That you're not coming back And it hurts to know That I severly miss you My heart aches in grieving My soul has disappeared My mind had gone numb And my spirit has died
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