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the saint and the sinner


"He is dead., yes, yes he is dead this time". A fat filthy rich man said in low voice. Another man who was sitting on the sofa uttered with tone of certainty. "He can't be dead. He is just drunk as usual, just dead to the dreams and despair, ills and good of this money-worshipping world. But to him, money is just like a trash". Listening to the chief aristocrat, all the men both of elite and middle class became astonished. The chief figure further added. "His name is Gilano Great. He inherited billions from his father who died a couple of years ago in Europe. No one knows how his father passed away. But I know that his father also drank and … The man present in the well-decorated room left one after the other babbling and mumbling something.
Gilano, who remained intoxicated for about an hour, came to his senses. He stood up and went out of the room with uncertain steps as he was doing it for several months. Gilano belonged to nobles and aristocrats of the town. He didn't have any relatives and blood relationship with any one except a man Virago who had a close tie with his mother when she was alive. This man was spiritual and religious who spent most of his time in prayers, recitation and exhortation but having contact with people of all classes. That's why he was a bit famous among masses. He being the only acquaintance of Gilano paid visits to his palace like home and exhorted him to give up
Evils. He was the only reminder to tell him of his return toward good. Rest of his friends and servants wanted him to do all sorts of evils and squander his wealth like people flow the water.
As time passed by, Gilano went on spending his money uselessly. His visits to the sophisticated house of his friends for drinks, and to other ill reputed places and lots of misdeeds had almost made him a notorious character. None of his friends ever let him realize his evil deeds, which he didn't commit when his father was alive. To them he was better as a generous man who gave wealth to flatterers and hypocrites, scoundrels and poor…Virago who possessed some worldly gains had close link with nobles of town but didn't have as much as he aspired for. His wife and children always blamed him for being poor and helpless and… He wasn't known as a bad figure among masses but to a handful of wise men who knew him well. His constant exhortations couldn't stop Gilano from vices completely but had left a deep impression on his mind that could result in something unusual.
Gilano well renowned as a generous heart always offered Virago a handsome amount but he refused every time. Perhaps he was looking forward to have…After being a vile soul for about a decade, he sensing his moral decadence, his spiritual bankruptcy and feeling sick of all pleasures, repented of his all wrong-doings and devoted a huge, part of his assets and wealth to poor and wretched ones. He also appointing Virago the caretaker of all works granted a great part of his property to him considering him the cause of change in his life.
After his penitence, Gilano found out that all his friends wanted his money not him. Seeing him in prayers, his friends often ridiculed and mocked at him. Perhaps his friends didn't believe to see a man so meek and submissive who was always in dirt of wickedness. He was alone but with God as he himself thought. He felt ashamed and his eyes got filled with tears whenever he remembered his sins and while talking to his Master in prayers. Being lonely for the first time in his life, he often spoke to himself "No matter how evil I had been but My Lord! I am your depraved and deviated slave …"
Time elapsed and Gilano went on with deeds of virtue although his only relative Virago had also left coming as regularly as he did, before his penitence. One night Gilano saw in his dream that he was with some unfamiliar men in a unique, lovely and never-before-seen garden. His face was glowing with joy and light like others. He was in bliss and ecstasy and … He also saw in his dream that Virago, who exhorted him to virtue, was in a dark chamber chained and shackled. Around him, there are some familiar faces in torture and anguish. All were crying for help. Gilano woke up with shriek from sleep at dawn. He offered his prayers and lost in strange thoughts and bewilderment about his twin dreams for a long time.
It was almost noontime when he planned to visit Virago for the interpretation of his mysterious dreams. He was confused while driving fast in a congested town to see his friend. Suddenly a drunken truck driver hit his car with great force. The people gathered on the road and took Gilano out of his damaged car with great difficulty and lots of efforts.
He was in pool of blood and while on the way to hospital, before he could reach hospital, before his eyes could see this mortal world again, his soul flew towards his Creator and left this world for others to suffer in.
Thus, he departed from this perishing world to the imperishable one without knowing what he had found and achieved in his transient earthly life.

Jawad Ali Anjum
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