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Bloody love

Swush, crack, the whip came down hard on his back. he was crying hard. all this was becuase of me ... of us.


"You see why we cant love them they brake to easy and they will kill us at the first chance they get" high counsler said down to me.


I was chained and being forced to watch as they brought my Weretiger to his knees.


"Do you know whats ironic. is that you love her," He pionted to me,"and yet she is the vampire that killed your parents and left you and you sister to fend for youself."


"No, she didn't, she couldn't , tell me its not true, Cassie." he growled from in between gritted teeth.


I couldn't have lied if i wanted to for the vampire holding me told me that if I told the truth then he would not be hurt anymore mentaly.


"I did David and ... I'm so-o sorry." i whispered


"No," he howled, it was the most aginizing sound i had heard in my all of my two-thousand years.


I hung my head and they unhooked him and threw him in a prison cell. the king vampire appeared from the bnm


"It was for the best princess Cassieya. we don't mix with Shifters no matter what their breed is," the king says gentally wipping my blood off my cheek,"it was for the best my most loved daughter."


"I'm not your daughter anymore." i said coldly and i stood and faced him.


"You may feel that way now but you'll be happy years from now and curse his name that you would fall for him."


"I'll love him for the rest of my being." i hissed at him.


He back handed me in a blinding fast move then through me in the same cell as David was. i looked at him as his green eyes glared at me from under his ink black hair. his tan muscles were tense and bleeding from the whips. he wasn't chained neither was i. but there were chains and shakles. i looked at him as i came and sat beside him. he flinched then hissed at me.


"If you don't let me take the blood and the pain away then we won't ever be freed." i said leaning closer to him.


"I gues you would kill me if i didn't." he hissed.


"I'm not going to try and deffend my self becuase right now you would only hate me for it." I said gentally.


"Fine but we are talking after this." he looked at me seriously.


I smiled ,"Wouldn't miss it."


i bit him and i fell into his mind. he was rembering meeting me for the first time. My dark brown hair down blowing away from my amber eyes. running away from a slayer with an obbession. But then to the night when his parents were murderd and he fit me in place of his blank spot. He wanted me to suffer like he did, feel what he did. i pulled out ofhis mind after that.



"I'm going to kill the king then come back for you." i promissed with bloody tears streaming down my face,"i love you, please in time forgive me".


i kissed his forehead for maybe the last time, "I love you to."


I felt stronger then ever and i looked down at my skin and it had a silver glow on it.


i came to the gaurds station two gaurds came in front of me. i grabbed both of the gaurds' swords and plunged them into their hearts.


i came to the king's chamber both blades ready and watched his eyes go wide before shoving both swords into his heart.


i ran back to the cell and grabbed David.


"What took you so long?" he asked drowsy.


"You know how kings are they love to make people wait."i joke.


When we are taken by our friend, a witch, I pass out holding hands with my David.



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