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My cousin came to town and asked me to meet her at her hotel room. After few minutes of catching up on gossips, we went to the hotel dining hall to eat dinner. It was supposed to be a buffet but most of the bowels were empty. “Well, my cousin said. We are not going to going to get 50% worth of our money. Are we”?

“I am bereft of words”. A man behind me said and I turned to look at him and met his angry face staring back at me.

“It is not deliberate Ma’am; we are going to replenish what has been eaten please. An attendant told us”.

“That is okay. I guess we should just wait then”. I said.

 We sat down to wait but after ten minutes, we were still waiting so I suggested we eat whatever is available and go. We went round from one end of the long table to the other, with little success; until we found what can go as dinner and we sat down to eat. My cousin was eating coconut rice and I asked her why she was not eating vegetable salad too and why she does not have a bowl of fresh fruit salad like me.

“Where are they domiciled”? She asked me.

Domi...what? Food don’t domicile, it is kept. Check over there. I pointed to the place. She walked over to that place and came back with some nameless fried stuff in a saucer.  The fried stuff caught my attention. “What is that in that saucer? I asked her

“Chin-chin”. She said. “There are chocolates over there too”.

I almost ran off to get the chocolates. I took four of them. “I will put them in the fridge when we go back to the room”.

“Mmm, I think I will get mine too. I might even take all.  Imagine a chilled chocolate melting in your mouth mmm”.

And true to her words she took all. Back in the room, I put the chocolates in the fridge and moments letter while we were chatting, I remembered the chocolates and I got them out from the fridge to munch but loo it was butter. Some kind of  little size butter wrapped in fancy foils like chocolates.

You want some chocolate? I asked my cousin


Here. I threw one to her. She unwrapped one slowly and trust it into her mouth without looking. Then puuh, she scattered it all over the bed. We burst into laughter simultaneously.  

We laughed at ourselves. We wanted to get back at the hotel management for presenting little food for dinner and ended up with the wrong stuff. 



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