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“Aphrodeath! “ My grand god, Zeus, yelled, “Get up! We have a meeting to attend to!”

I rolled sleepily out of, my gold and silver silk canopy, bed while muttering “stupid summer solstice” under my breath.” Coming sir, one minute.”

I slowly changed into my black, strapless, dress with a train so long it could cover the world. I have midnight black eyes; my hair is also a midnight black and is always in a bun at the top of my head with two loose hairs curled loosely around my pale heart shaped face.

Around my neck I wear a chocker with a black band and one facet dangling loosely off the band. My fingernails and toenails are a black cherry. 

“Hurry, Sweetheart if we’re late this year…” Hera’s voice trailed off, but I knew what she was going to say.

Last year, I made us late because I was tired. Even Hades made it, and I guess that means something. See my Uncle Hades changed me when I rebelled against my mom, Aphrodite, because I was just a Queen not goddess. I think it was called the “deadly rebellion.”

“Aphrodeath!” my mom yelled interrupting my train if thought “You have twenty seconds to get in here! Starting NOW!”

“I’m coming!” I yelled back.

When I entered the candle lit throne room everyone’s eyes flickered to me. “What?” I asked impatiently.

“Twenty minutes late. Why are you so late?” Zeus asked harshly.

“Sorry, didn’t know a goddess couldn’t sleep in. Why do I need to go to these things anyways?”

“Because it matters to us. You don’t want to disappoint your mother again do you?”

My mom glared at him. “Don’t you dare play that card, father. You know she hates you when you do that! Why do you even think about that? Why put her in pain by making her think I’m disappointed with her? Why?” My mom asked in an acidy tone.

“Well its only true daughter.” Zeus informed us calmly, but smugly.    

When this was happening I was walking to my, black and gold broken heart shaped, throne. My chair is next to Ares and my moms. I have only been goddesses for two centuries. I have very strong hate toward Hades, because one peck of a kiss will kill anything, but a God.

“I’m here! Hades has arrived!” Hades yelled when he entered the throne room.

All the Gods and Goddesses groaned in unison. Hades took in our weary gazes and sat down. He eyed me suspiciously for a long moment. I think he was waiting for me to snap. I snapped my head back and looked at Zeus for the introduction; he likes to make a big statement at the beginning.

“So as you all know it is now the summer solstice. This means Hades no big earthquakes. Aphrodeath.No killing famous people.” Zeus spoke to me with sadness.

“Yeah we know you say the same thing every year.” I said smugly.

Half way through the discussion I stopped listening.

“Okay, then you all know what to do.” Zeus’s voice rang with finality of the discussion.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Goodnight!” I yelled as I slammed the door to my room.

    And again I got close to sleep and then “BAM, BAM, BAM” and “LET ME IN!!”

“Errrrrr! Go away NOW!!” Even without introduction I know it’s Hades.


“Listen closely: I’M ASLEEP!!” I barked to the black door.

“I can break through the door.”

“Do that and I will have your head!!!!” I was serious.

Finally, I heard steps walking away and down the 37 flights of stairs.

When I did finally get up, it was darker than usual, but oh well I overslept before.


I got out of bed fixed my hair, changed dresses, now to a thin strap floor length dress, with no train. As I walked out of my room I crept silently through the main, dimly lit, hallway, and stomped into the kitchen. Hungrily I ate three blueberry muffins, and a bowl of Cheerios. Then, sat down in my huge, oversized recliner, and watched some TV. And fell back asleep.

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