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Kate and Mike

It was a hot day in April when Michael was walking down the street thinking to himself. He walked slowly with his head down watching his feet take each step. He didn't know what he had to live for anymore. His girlfriend had just broke up with him because she had cheated on him, he felt so alone. Michael mumbled to himself. "The day I fall in love again will be the day that hell freezes over." He sighed and continued to walk, hating the world and everyone in it.
As he turned the corner, he noticed something. Something he did not like to see happen to anyone. He glared at the man yelling and beating on a woman.
"Katlyn! I am so sick of you! Everything you do ruins me! I hate you! You are a dirty whore that needs to die!" The man said as he hit her several times in the face.
Michael walked up and interrupted the man. "Excuse me sir? But you have to be a coward if you beat on a woman!"
"Mind your own business and stay out of this jerk!"
"I don't like walking down the street seeing a man, if that's what you can call yourself, hurt a woman."
"Then don't go walking in the streets! Come on Katlyn, let's go."
The woman stood there not knowing what to do.
"I said come on!"
"No. I don't want to go with you Jon."
"When I tell you to do something, you will do it! Whether you like it or not! Now come on!" He demanded.
"No." She stood there looking down at the ground, scared of what she called her boyfriend, or fiancée.
Jon grabbed her arm and dragged her away from the area. Leaving Michael standing there angry and disgusted. He didn't know what to do. He knew it wasn't any of his business, but he did not want to see her get hurt. She was a good-looking girl after all, and no woman deserves to get hurt.
Michael followed slowly and quietly behind them, making sure that he would not be seen. As he watched them, he noticed Jon push Katlyn making her fall to the ground crying. He kicked her and pulled her back up by the arm. She continued to cry, but this time it looked as if she was in great pain. He yelled at her and dragged her to him, kissing her forcefully. He then threw her into a building shutting the door behind her and walked away.
When he was out of sight, Michael walked up to the building and knocked on the door. He listened to hear who would answer, but only heard sobbing. "Miss, are you in there?" He asked.
"Who is it?" Katlyn asked.
"It's Michael, a man who is concerned. That man should not treat you like that."
"Leave me alone! I'm not allowed to even look at another man."
"He's not around. He left. I'm not going to hurt you, I promise. I just want to talk to you."
"You're not some police guy, are you? Or from the FBI?"
"No ma'am. I am just an average guy. I work in an office and sit looking at a computer screen all day, and I get paid when I sleep on the job too." He laughed a little. "Don't worry."
"I'm not supposed to let anyone in here, but I guess I could use someone to talk to." She slowly opened the door and looked at the tall handsome man standing outside her door. She looked at him admiringly seeing him as the most handsome man she has ever seen before. "Come in." She said smiling a little, her face still tear-stricken.
Michael walked in. "I'm Michael, or Mike, whatever you want to call me."
"I'm Kate." She said as she shut the door. "Make yourself at home, sit where you'd like."
"It's so dark and cold in here. Do you have an air conditioner on?" Mike said as he sat down on a chair.
"No. Do you want anything to drink?"
"No thank you." He looked around and picked up a picture of a couple. It was Jon and Katlyn. "So why is it so cold in here?"
"I thought it was just me." She shivered and sat down on the couch.
"Is this you and his house?"
"No. This is where he locks me when he goes and cheats on me."
"Why are you still with him? You don't look so happy."
"I am happy." She said with no emotion. "Jon is a good man."
Mike raised an eyebrow as he continued to look at the picture. Under his breath he said, "Shows it."
"Excuse me." Katlyn stood up and walked out of the room. She returned carrying a sweatshirt putting it on as she walked back to the couch.
"Why does he treat you like that? And cheat on you?"
"Because I am a bad person, and I won't have sex with him."
Mike shook his head. "And you stay with him because..?"
"I love him. And this is none of your business anyway."
"You're right, I'm sorry." He looked down at the floor and thought to himself. He has never seen such a beautiful girl in his life, and wanted to make her see that she did not have to live that way.
"Are you sure you don't want anything to drink?" She asked again.
"Alright, what do you have?"
"Iced tea?"
"Sounds good."
"Ok, I will be right back with that then." She stood up and walked out again.
Mike sighed, wishing he could do something to help. "Why does life have to be like this?" He said out loud to himself.
Soon, Kate walked back in carrying two glasses of iced tea. But before she could get to Mike, she collapsed and fell to the floor.
Mike quickly stood up and rushed to her side, kneeling down beside her. "Kate! What's wrong?!"
Kate cried in pain and held her stomach as she laid there.
"Kate? Are you ok?"
She shook her head not able to answer him.
"That's it. I am taking you out of here. I'm going to bring you to a doctor. I'm not going to let him hurt you anymore, or not care about you." Mike gently picked her up and carried her out the door.

Kate woke up and looked around, not knowing where she was. She noticed Mike sitting in a chair next to the bed. "Whwhere am I?"
Mike looked at her relieved that she had finally woken up. "You are at my place. The doctors would not look at you."
"What did you do to me?" She asked scared.
"I didn't do anything to you Kate. I promise. I just carried you here and laid you down so that you would be somewhere safe. How are you feeling?"
"My stomach hurts."
"I don't know. It feels like someone is stabbing a knife into it."
"Can I look?"
Kate nodded her head.
Mike lifted up her shirt a little so he could look at her stomach. He noticed she had a cut on her stomach that was deep and had opened up. "God! What happened?! Kate, did he do this to you!?"
She nodded. "I told him I was pregnant, hoping that he would break up with me, but instead he just slashed my stomach and called me a whore."
"Kate. You can't let him do this to you."
"If I break up with him, he will kill me."
"Do you honestly love him?"
"Sometimes I do. He can be a real sweet guy sometimes. But other times"
Mike sighed, not knowing what to say.
"I have to go back before he gets there. If he sees that I am not there, he will track me down and kill me."
"No, Kate, I don't think you should go."
"Stay out of my life. Thanks for your help" She stood up off the bed and walked out.

Mike often would think of Kate after that. He wondered if he would ever see her again and if she would survive and not be killed.

Days passed, Mike couldn't stop thinking about Kate. He was worried about her, and felt like he needed to see her. So he one day left his house and walked to where she said Jon locked her up. As he got closer and closer, he could feel coldness hit through him. And he felt something weird inside of him. Panic. Something happened. He suddenly came to the place, and knocked on the door. There was no answer. He looked into the small window on the door to see if anyone was in there, and to his surprise, he saw something that he did not want to see.
He banged on the door loudly. "Kate! Oh my God!"
To his surprise the door was unlocked, he opened it and ran in rushing to Kate who was laying on the floor unconscious and in a pool of blood. He kneeled down beside her and looked at her beautiful face and body. It was torn. The blood came from her stomach where the large gash was, and her wrists were both slit. Her face was bruised and cut. Mike didn't know what to think. Did she try killing herself? Or was it Jon? He started to cry. He never felt so bad in his entire life. He looked at her, and noticed she was still breathing. "Oh God! Please let me help her now!"
He stood up running into the bathroom getting towels drenching a couple with water. "Hang on Kate! You're going to make it!" He ran back to her and wrapped the towels around her wrists. He continued to cry seeing such an awful sight. The blood from her stomach had stopped and dried up, but her wrists kept on bleeding. As he held her in his arms trying to stop the bleeding from her wrists, he looked at her and admired her. Not just for her beauty, but for her courage and strength.

After Mike had gotten the bleeding to stop it was nighttime. He laid Kate down on the couch and sat on the floor next to her. He watcher her hoping that she would wake up soon. He shivered, and thought to himself. "The day I fall in love again, will be the day hell freezes over" Mike looked at Kate, and brushed the strand of her blonde hair, which was in her face, behind her ear. He noticed her eyes flickering, trying to open. "Kate?"
"AmamIgoing to die?" Kate said weakly.
"NoI'm not going to let you."
"NoIt's not JonIt's Mike."
"Please don't let him near me ever again"
"Don't talkJust rest."
"Mikethank you for not listening to me, and for saving me" She closed her eyes and fell back to sleep.
He smiled a little and was relieved that she was still alive. Something told him that he couldn't lose her or let go of her. And he knew that it wasn't her that tried taking her own life. It was Jon.

The next morning, Kate woke up seeing that Mike was still there by her side. He was sitting on the floor with his head on the couch asleep. She tried getting up, but couldn't. Her body was in too much pain.
Mike woke up when she tried moving. "Are you okay?"
"You're still here?" Kate asked.
Mike nodded. "I wanted to make sure you would be ok."
"I'm fine. I just am having trouble moving."
"Let me help you." Mike stood up and helped her stand up. He put her arm around his shoulder and led her to the bathroom. He shut the door for her and went back into the living room, sitting down on the couch.
"GodPlease help her. Give her the strength to go on, and everything. Thank you for giving her another chance in life." He sighed as she opened the door and came slowly back out. She had changed out of the clothes she had on which were blood stained and ripped. She now wore a tank top and some PJ pants. Mike looked at her, then rushed to her to help her back to the couch.
"Can I get you anything?" He asked her as he sat her back down on the couch.
"I'm really thirsty." She answered.
"Ok, how about some water?"
"That's fine."

"So what happened Kate? You are lucky that those cuts in your wrist weren't too deep"
"I didn't do it." She started to cry. "JonHehe left me. He told me that I wasn't good enough for him anymore, and he went to Susiewhoever that isand he was drunk and tried to kill me. Made it look like it was suicide so that he wouldn't get in trouble. Knowing him he ran away with this girl somewhere, and I'm all alone."
Mike sat there in disbelief. He didn't know what to say. "I'm sorry Kate."
"No, I'm sorry. For being so rude and telling you to leave me alone and everything. I owe you my life Mike."
"Don't worry about it Kate. Anything for a friend."
Kate smiled. "Thank you." She hugged him close to her in a grateful embrace. And a warm feeling went through the both of them.

Mike did his homework after that. He did not want Jon to get away with what he did. Him and Kate kept in touch and talked all the time, getting to know each other more and more. Though Kate missed Jon a lot, she knew that she should and would never be able to be with him again. Her heart was broken and she showed no emotion anymore. Mike hated Jon, not just for physically hurting Kate, but for emotionally ruining her too.
The day came when Mike ran into Jon. "Well if it isn't the jerk ass hole himself?" Mike said standing behind him.
Jon turned around and looked at him. "Who the hell are you?"
"I can't believe you had the nerve to do that. And then to run away?"
"What are you talking about man?"
"Oh God. Is she still alive?"
"Yes. But emotionally hardly."
"I don't care. She is my past, she's not going to ruin my future."
"What you did, you deserve to go into jail!"
"Stay out of this."
"No. I'm bringing you in."
"Try it." Jon swung at Mike, but he blocked his punch and twisted his arm backwards.
"Listen preppy! I'm sick of you and you're bull shit! I want you to stay away from Kate and me. If I ever see your ugly face around here ever again, I will bring you to the police myself. Don't you ever try anything with her again. You hear me?"
"Oh I am so scared!"
"You better beNow get out of my sight! Next time I will destroy you." Mike let Jon's arm go with a push. He walked away angrily walking into a store.

Kate sat at home packing all her things away in cardboard boxes. She decided to take all of her saved up money and move out into an apartment. When she came across the picture of her and Jon she sunk down onto the couch. "I'm going to live alone in that old apartment by myself for the rest of my life. Maybe I should have died when he tried to kill me" She sighed as tears welled up in her eyes. Angrily she threw the picture against the wall, and soon grew into hysteria.

Months went by as Kate adjusted into her apartment and got a new job as a waitress, becoming more and more depressed. She hated living alone. Mike would often visit her, which made her happy. She loved his company, he would always be able to make her laugh no matter how down she was. She liked him.

"Michael, I know that I cheated on you, and I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." Mike's ex girlfriend, Alison said. "But can you take me back?"
"No." He laughed. "You didn't mean to? Well that's just a load of bull shit! What happened, did you fall and land on his"
"Michael, I love you. I won't ever do it again."
"No Alison Leave me alone." Mike walked away from her upset. He thought about Kate and wondered if she liked him. Probably not. They were just good friends. It would be bad if they lost their friendship. He loved her, but didn't know how to tell her this.
As Mike walked down the streets, he thought about his past. His whole life has been pain. His father, an alcoholic, his mother was strict with him, and he had some kind of gang after him for a while. He thought about what his purpose in life was for. Nothing. What's the point? I have no girlfriend, I have no life, and everything is just shit right now! He thought.
He walked into the restaurant where Kate worked and was seated in her section.
"Hello Mike. How are you?" Kate asked when she walked to his table to take his order.
Mike shrugged. "I'm fine I guess."
Kate looked at him, she knew something was wrong. "Are you sure?"
"Yeah, I'll be fine."
"What can I get you to eat or drink?"
"Umma bottle of poison and some bullets."
"Sorry. I'll have my usual."
Kate frowned and looked at him. "Alright, I'll be right back."
As she walked away, Mike laid his head down on the table and sighed. Everything seemed to be going downhill for him. He didn't know who he was or what he had to live for. The only friend he had in life was Kate. And she wouldn't need him that much. He looked back up, grabbed a pen and a napkin and started to write. When he finished, he left the restaurant before Kate got back with his food.

"Here's your food" Kate walked to his table carrying a tray of food, only seeing that he wasn't there. She noticed a napkin on the table with writing on it. She set the tray down on the table and sat down reading the napkin. "Oh my God!" Tears streamed down her face as she read the short note. When she finished, she ran back to the kitchen to her boss. "I have to go! Something extremely important has happened! I'll explain later! Bye!" Kate ran out of the restaurant and to her house, picking up the phone dialing numbers. Mike's phone rang and rang. No answer. The answering machine picked up. "Hello Mike, this is Kate. I got your note, PLEASE don't do anything to yourself! MikeI love you" The answering machine cut off before she could say anything else. By then she was balling her eyes out. "I'm going over there"
She quickly left her apartment and drove to his house, knocking furiously on the door. "Mike! Open up!! It's Kate!!!"
The door slowly opened and there stood Mike. His face was stricken with tears. He stood there looking down at the floor with no emotion.
"Mike" Kate stared at him, crying herself. "What's wrong? Can I come in?"
"Yeah" He let her in and shut the door behind her. Before he could say anything, Kate threw her arms around him and cried into his shoulder.
"Oh God Mike! Please don't kill yourself! You are my best friend! I can't lose you. You mean so much to me, you have saved my life, please don't go." She cried.
Mike hugged her close to him, not knowing what to do. "What do I have to live for Kate? The only thing I have is you for a friend."
"That's not true Mike. You have more to live for than you think. Please Mike? Promise me that you won't kill yourself, or hurt yourself in anyway!? I love you."
Mike stood there hugging her. Her words made his heart cry in happiness. She loved him? Did she mean it? When was the last time anyone had said 'I love you' to him, and meant it?
He looked at her and sighed. "I promise."

Mike and Kate talked for the rest of the night, about everything. They both talked about everything that was bothering them, and they both cheered each other up.
"It's really late. Why don't you sleep here tonight? The couch folds out as a bed, you can sleep here if you want."
"Alright, I guess. I'm too tired to drive anyway."
"Okay. Do you want to watch TV for a while?"
Mike turned the TV on. "Big Daddy" was playing on a movie channel. It was one of his favorite movies.
The both of them watched the movie, and Kate soon fell asleep, her head on the arm of the couch.
Mike stood up and got a blanket putting it over her. He shut the TV off and glanced back to Kate who looked so peaceful in her sleep. He leaned over to her and kissed her forehead. "I love you Kate." He said and then walked out going to bed himself.

The next morning, Mike woke up finding Kate still asleep on the couch. He never saw something look so beautiful in its sleep. He stared at her admiringly imagining her being his wife. Mike was falling in love again. This time, it felt real. He sighed and walked into the kitchen deciding to make some breakfast.

When Kate woke up, she looked around nervously forgetting where she was, then soon remembered. She sat up and rubbed her eyes, yawned and stretched. She looked into the kitchen seeing Mike sitting at the table.
"Good morningsorry I slept so late." Kate said as she walked into the room.
"It's alright. Did you sleep good?"
"Yes, thank you."
"I made some breakfast, do you want any?" Mike asked smiling.
"Ummno thanks. I'm on a diet, and I'm not that hungry."
"You sure?"
"Yeah. Thanks anyway."
"Okay. You don't look like you need to go on a diet."
"My doctor told me it would be a good idea to."
Kate brushed her hair behind her ears. "I better go anyway, I have to work today. Are you going to be alright?"
"Yes. Thank you Kate. I really appreciate everything. Thank you for being here for me."
"Don't thank me. It's what friends do for friends. Plus you saved my life before. I owed you."
"KateI have something to tell you."
"I love you too."

After that, months passed and Kate felt herself falling in love with him. Not just as a friend, but she wished she could be with him. Every time the phone would ring, she'd jump up and answer it, hoping that it's Mike. One day, her phone rang, and it was Mike.
"Hey Mike, how are you?" She asked.
"I'm okay. I have some news that might make you happy."
"Remember my friend Joey that you met?"
"Well, he told me that he is interested in you and he asked me to ask you if you will go out with him tomorrow night at some night club restaurant thing."
"Yeah. So what do you say? Can I give him good news, or will it have to be a shot down?"
"Wellgive him good news. I have nothing else better to do tonight I guess."
"Okay. He told me to tell you if you said yes, he'd pick you up at around 8 P.M."
"Alright. Thanks Mike."
"No problem. I'll talk to you later Kate. Bye." He hung up and stared at the phone sighing.
Kate sat on her couch and thought. She didn't even like Joey. Mike would have been the better person to hang out with tomorrow night. But if only he'd ask her out! She sighed. "Maybe it will be fun with JoeyI don't have a chance with Mike. He'll be better off with other girls. He doesn't need me. Joey could be a better guymaybe." She tried convincing herself.

The next night, as Kate was getting ready for her date with Joey, her phone rang. It was Joey.
"Hey there woman. I'm running kind of late. You think that you can meet me there at the club?"
"That way you can save us a table and everything."
"Alright. What time will you be there?"
"Around 8:45 or so."
"Okay. I will see you there then."
"Catch ya later good lookin'!" Joey hung the phone up. Kate sighed.

As Kate sat at the table by herself at the nightclub, she looked around watching for Joey. Music was blaring loudly, people were dancing and having a good time, many couples sat together admiring each other. Kate sat there alone, waiting for someone she did not even want to be with.
She watched couples dance to all the slow dances, and became depressed. She couldn't remember the last time she slow danced with anyone. Jon never took her anywhere. She missed Jon, in some ways, but hated him in many. Her watch read 9:30 P.M. Was he coming? Had she been stood up? Guys seemed to like to hurt her.
"Miss, can I get you anything to eat or drink?" A waiter interrupted her from her thoughts.
"I'm not hungry. Can I have some water though?"
"Sure. I'll be back with that." He walked away leaving Kate alone again.

At 10o'clock, Joey still wasn't there. Kate stared down at the table, feeling like the biggest loser in the world. She didn't know what to do. If she should sit there incase he was coming and was just really late, or if she should leave. She wanted to cry, just bury her face in her hands and cry. Nothing ever could go right in her life it seemed. Not even trying to go out and have fun!
The music that was playing suddenly stopped and the DJ turned his microphone and started making an announcement. "This next song is a really special song that goes out to all the great couples in the world. May you be together forever."
"Great!" Kate sighed as another slow song started playing. "Angel of Mine" by Monica. A tear rolled down her cheek as she sat there and listened to the song. It was a really beautiful song, but such a horrible night.
As the song continued, she suddenly felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around finding Mike standing there. "Mike?"
"Dance with me?" He asked with a smile on her face.
Mike took her hand in his and led her onto the dance floor. He put his arms around her waist as she put hers around his back. He held her close to him as they slowly danced to the song.
The lights were dim, and there were many tiny spotlights on the ceiling looking like a midnight sky filled with stars. Kate closed her eyes as she laid her head down on Mike's chest. She felt weird. Her stomach felt as if she had multiple butterflies in it, and her heart was beating so loudly that she wondered if the whole room could hear it.
Mike looked at her and smiled. He didn't want to let go of her. Holding her in his arms was the best feeling he's ever felt his whole entire life.
Kate soon forgot about everything, and everything seemed perfect at that moment. Mike did too.
When the song stopped, the two continued to slow dance. Everyone looked at them and smiled. Another slow song started up and the crowd circled around the two. Aerosmith's song "Don't Want To Miss a Thing" was playing throughout the room, as they danced together not noticing all the people watching them. Mike pulled Kate away from him a little and looked at her.
"KateYou are so beautifulI have fallen in love with you since the day that I met you. And fell deeper in love with you the day you saved my life. When Joey told me he liked you, I got upset. Then when he called me tonight and told me to get to you and tell you he couldn't make it after allI was glad that I got the chance to come see you again. Kate, I want to be with you"
Kate had tears in her eyes. "I want to be with you too Mike"
Mike smiled and leaned closer to her pressing his lips against hers. They kissed a deep and passionate kiss, which made them both forget about everything but this moment. Everything seemed completely magical and unreal. Everything just disappeared, and they were in their own little world together.
Then Mike kneeled down on one knee and held out a small box containing a ring. "Katlyn, will you marry me?"
Kate started to cry in happiness and she nodded her head. "Yes, I will."
Mike slid the ring onto her small finger and kissed her, tears rolling down his face. "I love you Katlyn."
"I love you too Mike."
Everyone in the room clapped loudly and cheered for them as they kissed one more time that night.
December 18th was a night to remember for the both of them.

"MikeWhy are you so good to me? You have saved my life, helped me through so much, and have always been here for me when I needed someone." Kate asked him one day as they were planning out their wedding together.
"SimpleBecause I love you Kate. You don't deserve to be hurt, you deserve to be treated right, and like a queen. I'm trying to show you how a woman really should be treated."
"I love you Mike." Kate smiled.
"I love you too." Mike looked through one of the wedding books at different prices of everything. "What do you say we take a break and go out for something to eat?"
"Nah, you can go. I'm not that hungry."
"You haven't eaten anything all day Kate, how can you not be hungry?"
Kate shrugged. "I don't know. I'm just not hungry."
"Are you alright? Does your stomach hurt?"
"Yeah, a little bit."
"Okaywhy don't you take something for it?"
"I already did."
"Oh wow! Look at this dress!" Kate exclaimed showing Mike a page in a bridal magazine of wedding dresses.
Mike looked at the picture. "That would definitely look awesome on you Kate." He smiled, still unbelieving that he was marrying her.
Kate mumbled under her breath. "I'd have to lose 20 pounds to fit in it though."
"Nothing. I didn't say anything. I was just admiring the dress. It's really pretty."
"Oh" Mike had heard what she said.


Months passed, and things weren't looking too good. Kate and Mike were drifting apart somehow.
"Mike, can you help me with something?" Kate asked him as he was watching TV in his living room.
"What Kate? I'm watching TV."
Kate sighed. "Nevermind" She walked back out, leaving Mike to watching his TV. She walked upstairs into the bathroom and took out the scale. How much did she weigh? Had she lost anything yet? She stood up on the scale. She had lost 20 lbs. "I weigh 105 pounds?!? I'm never going to lose weight!" She sat down on the floor and started to cry. "How could I ever become so fat? It's not fair! I'm going to look incredibly ugly on my wedding day! That's it I need to go on a bigger diet now."
Mike came in and saw her crying. "Kate? You okay?"
She wiped her eyes. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just fell, I'm okay."
"Alright. Just making sure. You said you needed me for something?"
"No. I'm all set. I'll do it on my own. Wouldn't want you to miss any of your shows."
"I'm not watching anything."
"I'm fine." Kate stood back up and walked out past him. Mike sighed as he saw the scale sitting on the floor.
"What is going on with her?"


Kate laid in her bed one night staring up at the ceiling. She thought to herself. "What is going on? Why are we falling apart? He seems to not care about anything, and he has changed so much. He's not being himself. He is almost like avoiding me." She thought about Jon. She was starting to feel that she was going to get hurt again. She loved Mike so much, and he had never done anything to hurt her before. She didn't know what to do, if she should break it off with him, or stick by him? She was so confused.


A few days later, Kate went over to Mike's house. He was watching TV, and drinking something. She walked over to him and sat down.
"Mike, I need to talk to you."
"But I'm watching" He looked over to her and saw a hurt expression on her face, so he turned the TV off and looked at her. "What's up?"
"MikeIt has seemed lately that we have been falling apart."
"What are you talking about?"
"You haven't noticed?"
"Not really. Everything is fine Kate."
"No it's not Mike. You have seemed like you don't care anymore, about anything. All you do is sit and watch TV, and you don't care about anything."
"I do care. I care about you."
"Well it really shows it."
"What is your problem Kate?"
Mike sighed. "Is that all you wanted to talk to me about?"
"I need to ask you something. Promise me you'll give me an honest answerNo lying?"
"I won't lie. What is it?"
"Are you drinking?"
"Yeah, honestly."
"Yeah, I am."
Kate looked as if she was going to cry. "MikeYou promised me you wouldn't."
"Well at the time when I started, nothing seemed to matter much anymore, so I figured why not?"
"So you do see that something is wrong?"
"Why did you turn to alcohol again? You know I hate it Mike. Remember how Jon was to me? And he drank all the timeI don't want that to happen to you Mike."
"Well I am so sorry! Kate you can't have everything you want in life. So deal with it."
Kate started to cry. "I'm so sorry for even caring! I didn't want you to turn into an alcoholic like your father! But I guess if that's the path you would like to choose, go right ahead! That's probably alcohol you are drinking now, isn't it?"
"Well let's just see" Kate took his glass and took a sip, finding out that it was alcohol. "And now you are going to lie about it." She threw the glass at the floor and walked out.
"Kate, where are you going?"
"Bye Mike."
"Kate!" Mike sighed as the front door slammed shut and he looked at the spill on the carpet. "What am I doing?" He asked himself.

Kate sat at home everyday and became weaker and weaker as she did not eat a single crumb of food. The only thing she allowed entering her body was water. She missed the old Mike, and she didn't know what to do. A week had went by that the two did not talk to each other.
One night, as Kate was watching TV in her room at her apartment, her phone rang. She picked it up hearing Mike's voice on the other line.
"I am so sorry for everything. I have been such an asshole lately. Please forgive me Kate. I'm so sorry. I didn't realize what was going on, and now I do. I shouldn't have done what I did. I shouldn't have started drinking again. I'm sorry." He started to cry.
Kate was crying too. "Mike, I miss you so much."
"I know, I miss you too Kate. I'm sorry for changing on you like that."
"I'm sorry for changing too."
"You were scaring me Kate. You seemed really dark and depressive. I didn't know what to do. I thought everything was going to end, so I didn't know what else to do."
"I'm sorry."
"Don't be sorry Kate. I love you with all my heart. I don't want anything to happen to you."
"I don't want anything to happen to you either Mike. I love you."
"Can I come over? I need to hold you in my arms right now."
"Yeah. I don't feel so good either."
"What's wrong?"
"My stomach hurts."
"I think I have a problem Mike." She started to cry. "I haven't eaten anything at all in a week."
"What!? Kate, why are you doing that to yourself?"
"I don't know."
"There has to be a reason Kate. No one doesn't eat for no reason."
"I'm fat Mike. I feel so fat."
"Kate! You aren't even anywhere near being fat!? You're dealing with something really bad Kate. I've noticed for a long while you haven't been eating right. And you are always using the excuse that you're not hungry. You need to eat. This is Anorexia Kate. You know what that does to you?"
"I know. I'm sorry Mike."
"I'm coming over, okay? You have to eat something, ok? Please try to?"
"Okay Mike."
"I love you. And I'll be right over. Bye." Mike hung the phone up, and Kate sat there crying. She had messed herself up, and felt too sick to eat anything at all.


Mike arrived at her apartment and when he saw her, threw his arms around her and hugged her for the longest time. He started to cry. "KatePlease eat. If you don't, you will become so fragile and breakable, and you might break when I try to hold you. I love you no matter what, but it would kill me if I wouldn't be able to hold you in my arms. I love you so much, I'm so worried."
Kate cried. "I won't let that happen. I promise."
"Did you eat anything yet?"
"I can't Mike. My stomach hurts so much."
"Alright. Sit down hun. I'll get you something you'll be able to keep down."
Kate sat down as Mike went into the cabinet finding some saltine crackers. He grabbed a whole package of them, and then got some gingerale out of the refrigerator. "OK. Kate, I want you to eat this whole package of crackers, and drink this gingerale with it. You can take as long as you need to, I just want you to eat the whole thing." He set the package of crackers and a glass of gingerale infront of her on the table then sat down across from her.
Kate sighed and started to eat the crackers.


After that, things started getting better than ever. The wedding was only a couple months away. Kate was packing up all her things in her apartment so she could move in with Mike at his house.
One day as she was packing, there was a knock on her door. A man delivering flowers was standing there holding a dozen red roses in a vase with a note. "Are you Katlyn?"
"Yes." She said looking at the roses. The man handed them to her and left. She read the note, which read, "Meet me tonight at the place we were at on December 18th. I love you. From Mike." She smiled placing the vase of roses on a table. She thought about the 18th, remembering how she had such a bad day and he had changed it and made it one of the best days of her life. She was so glad that he had asked her to marry him. He was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. They have been through a lot of bad things together, but had made it through everything, and were still going strong today. She loved him with all of her heart, and for once in her life, was completely happy.


Kate walked into the nightclub and looked for Mike. She saw him sitting at the same table she sat at on the 18th. A smile crossed her face as she walked to him sitting down next to him. "Hey Mike."
"Hey cutie. Thanks for coming."
"Anything for you."
"I love you." He kissed her passionately and held her in his arms. "Thank you for everything Kate. I am so lucky to have you not only for a girlfriend, but also as my best friend. You mean so much to me, and have given me so much to live for. I love you."
"I love you too Mike."
"Come on. Let's go dance."
They both got up and went onto the dance floor. The song, "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You." Was playing loudly, as all the couples danced together. Mike and Kate soon joined them.
In the middle of the song, Mike looked at Kate. "Kate, I have something I have to tell you." He sighed.
"What?" Kate replied looking up to him.
"I was informed today at work, that I have to go out on a trip."
"Oh. To where?"
"What? That's all the way across the country!"
"I know" He sighed. "If I don't go, I lose my job. And I need my job Kate. It pays really well, and we will be insured to have enough money to live together. They are giving me a real large bonus too if I go on the trip."
Kate sighed. "How long will you be gone?"
There was a long silence. "3 months. We will have to move our wedding back."
"3 months!? Oh GodThat is such a long time."
"I know Kate. I know." He sighed. "I'm really sorry. I know we've had to wait over a year to get married and everything. I feel really bad. But I promise you I will make it up to you. We will have the best wedding ever. We'll have it in July. The fourth. There will be fireworks, and everything."
"When are you leaving?"
"Next week."
"Well, then I am going to miss you so much Mike."
"I'm going to miss you too. I will still have my cell phone, we can talk and write to each other. Everything will be okay. I promise. And while I am gone, you can move into my house and get all settled in and everything. My friend Andy will help you."
"Okay. I love you Mike."
"I love you too sweetie." He kissed her and then she laid her head down on his shoulder and they continued to dance close together.


"Flight 23 to California is ready to board." The announcement was made over the loud speakers.
"That's your flight." Kate sighed, sitting next to Mike.
"I know." He stood up, bringing Kate up with him, holding onto her hand. "Listen Kate, I'm always going to love you. Don't ever forget that, ok? You mean the world to me, and I'm not ever giving up on you. If we make it through these three months, we'll make it through anything."
"I know Mike. And I know we can make it. We've made it through every thing else, haven't we?"
"I love you Mike. And don't you ever forget it, ok?"
"I won't Kate. I won't."
"Last call for flight 23 to California."
"Well you gotta go now." Kate said smiling as she fixed the collar of his shirt.
"Alright." He said twirling his finger in her hair. "I love you. And I am going to miss you so much."
"I'm going to miss you."
"Keep smiling, ok? I love your smile. You are so beautiful Kate. I'm going to miss looking at your face everyday.
"I love you Mike. Be careful, ok?"
"I will. I promise. I'll give you a call when I get there, ok?"
"You better!" Kate said playfully hitting his shoulder. "Hurry up, or you'll miss your flight!"
"I want to miss it. I wish I could stay in this moment forever."
"I wish I could too."
"But I have to go." He sighed.
"I know. I wish I could come with you."
"I wish you could too, but you need to stay here."
"I love you Kate."
"I love you too Mike."
Mike kissed her long and passionately. He then pulled away and held onto her hand.
"No good-byes, ok?"
"No good-byes. I love you Kate. Take care of yourself."
"Okay. You too."
"I love you."
"Love you too."
They kissed one more time, and Mike walked slowly into the plane, walking backwards until she was out of his sight.
Kate watched as the plane took off, and she sighed. "I love you Mike."


As the months went by, Kate missed Mike more and more. Every time he called, she would smile and talk to him for hours. They mostly talked at night when everyone was sleeping. He didn't know it, but she fell even more in love with him each time she heard from him.
She laid in bed and thought about him when she tried falling asleep. She always would love going to sleep, looking forward to seeing him in her dreams. He was always there.
When it was the last month that Mike would be gone for, Kate finally moved into his house. She loved it there. The place smelled like him, and was filled with all of his love. She sat on the couch for hours and just read all of the letters and notes he had ever written to her. They made her smile all the time. She slept in his bed, imagining what it would be like if he was lying there by her side, and holding her in his arms. She couldn't wait for him to get back.


Finally, May had come. The day Mike was coming home. Kate woke up early that morning, showered, did her hair beautifully, applied makeup, and dressed in an outfit that Mike loved. She was so excited.
When she had finished getting ready, she quickly drove to the airport and waited in the lobby for his plane to arrive.


"Kate!!!" Mike called as he stepped off the plane and into the lobby.
Kate saw him and stood up quickly running to him. She jumped up on him wrapping her legs around his waist, and her arms around to the back of his neck. "God I missed you!!!!" Kate cried.
"ILoveYou!" Mike said kissing her between each word.
Kate got down off of Mike and hugged him. "Welcome home hun. I missed you so much!"
"I missed you too baby." They kissed deeply, both glad to be with each other again.


July 4th had come. The day of Mike and Kate's wedding. They had planned the ceremony to be around dusk and sundown, so that their reception would be all night long and they could have the fireworks over the party.
The ceremony was beautiful. It was outside in front of a lake. There were flowers everywhere and everything was wonderful.
Mike stood nervously with his best man, waiting for Kate to walk down the isle. The music had started, and soon came Kate, walking slowly down the isle, wearing a long beautiful white gown. Mike thought to himself that he had never seen such a beautiful sight in his entire life. He watched as she came down the isle, and smiled when she stood by his side, holding his hand.
As the priest started, Kate and Mike's minds joined together and they both thought about everything they went through together. All of the times they were there for each other, all the great wonderful things they did together, and all the bad times that they pulled through.
"Do you Michael take Katlyn to be your lawfully wedded wife, for sickness and in health, for richer or poorer. For all time till death due you part?"
The priest asked.
"Yes, I do." Mike answered.
"And do you Katlyn, take Michael to be your lawfully wedded husband, for sickness and in health, for richer or poorer. For all time till death due you part?"
"I do." Kate answered smiling at Mike.
"Then by the power invested by me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."
Mike lifted the vale out of Kate's face and kissed her. The music started up again as they walked back up the isle together hand in hand into forever.
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