Remorse | By: Barbo | | Category: Poem - Adventure Bookmark and Share


Black and white all shades of gray - this moment of this yesterday
and grayer still the birds of prey - converge upon the bare Renee'
Inside tomorrow's memory
Her soul as soft as morning rain - as quiet as a hidden pain
that stirs the settled heart again - leaves only wisdom here to gain
Inside tomorrow's memory
Temptations gathered one by one - as careless as a loaded gun
and blinding as the brightest sun - have left this child unloved, undone
Inside tomorrow's memory
Without remorse and without end - indifferent faces failed to lend
the comfort of a thoughtful friend - upon who's care dreams do depend
Inside tomorrow's memory
A frightened child alone at night - her innocence a tethered kite
and once released a bird in flight - is fleeting ever lost from sight
Inside tomorrow's memory
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