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The Seeker

I am seeking inspiration.

I am searching for it, like we search the skies and the stars. Gazing up at infinite intricacies with the vein hope that, somehow, we may someday understand.

Inspiration – to inspire – to stimulate the human mind to creative thought or the making of art. I want to be an artist. I want to create.

But my journey, my attempt at creation, is hindered by a wall thicker than mud – stronger than steel. It is a wall woven by errands and responsibilities and seriousness. It is a wall of reality. It is a wall I must breech.

And so I ask for light. I ask for colour, for destiny, for life to show me its essence. I ask to see the world beyond the wall.

Show me the wind dancing through the trees. Show me the first budding flower to bloom in sweet-smelling spring. Show me the feeble rays of sun on a winter’s morning, fighting to warm the hardened, sleet covered ground. Show me the forest come to life at dusk. Show me the rainbow where water meets light, and the pot of gold at its end. Show me the eagle plummeting through the sky, its sleek and powerful frame gunning for its prey. Show me the raw power of lighting, as it burns the darkness and splits the sky in two.

Show me the world beyond the wall.

Inspire me.

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