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y her?? y both of us???


She was walking down the beach.  It was a beautiful sunny day, clear blue sky, the sun bright an warm.  Crystal looked up and smiled when she saw ducks flying in a perfect "V" shape, she took out her digital camera and took some pictures smiled once more put her digital camera away and continued on walking.  She kicked rocks out of her path, she was alone nobody around her, she likes it that way she just wanted to be out of the realistic world for some time.  There was so much chaos in her life, her sister moved out to seattle, her boss almost fired her because she did one thing wrong, one thing but she got lucky and finally her boyfriend broke up with her because she was to moody, well that was a lame excuse ,wasin't?.

"Ugh, I HATE my life!" Crystal screamed at the top of her lungs.  She fell to the ground  on her knees, arms in the air, hands balled into fists.  She fell toward slamed her fist-hands  hard down at the sand and started crying rapidly.  She couldn't bare any of this anymore.  Suddently, she felt a pain in her cheast and didn't how to breath, she feel back cluching her skin so hard with her nails it started to bleed, she let go and stared at the ocean, eyes closing at the same time.  She was dying, painfully yet peacefuly, near the waves, birds chirping widly around her.  She took another look and her eyes shut down completly just as he body.


"Hello?",Claire said when she picked up her cell phone.

"Hi,is this Claire Anderson sister of Crystal Scarlet Anderson?", a woman said on the other side of the phone.

"Speaking, may I ask who is this?" Claire said a little bit confused.

"Yes, my name is Nikki and I am calling from the Santa Cruz Police Department to infrom you that you that your sister Crystal Scarlet Anderson is dead", Nikki replied with apsalute no emotion in her voice.

"Wh...what!, how did this happen?", Calire asked while her throat started to close up.

"She was on the beach and she had a heart attack", replied Nikki "I'm really sorry but i must go"

"Thank...you", Claire maneged to choke out and she hanged up her cell phone.  Why did this have to happen to me,she tought not able to say the words out loud.  At that same moment she balled up on the floor tears coming out rapidly.  Just like her sister her cheast started to hurt even more she couldn't bare the pain, she closed her eyes tightly, then she saw her,Crystal, satring at her, she was wearing a long white robe down to the floor, all you can see was her face.  Crystal's face was smooth, cheecks pink, bright red lips, her clear blue eyes shining in the light.

"Sa tres bien venir ici" Crystal said in French in a perfect chimmed voice.  Oddly enough Claire could understand every word she said but she didn't speak French.  The voices in her head translated everyword...Sa tres bien venir ici...It's okay come here.

"Tout va etre bien sa securite ici", Everything is going to be alright it's safe here.

"NO!!, I don't want to die!!, get out of my head!!!", Claire shouted in her mind.

"Venez avec moi, rester avec moi, im peur d'ete seule",Come with me, stay with me, I'm scared to be alone.  Crystal looked sad, she needed someone to keep her company.  Claire knew she couldn't leave her sister there alone, her one only sister that she loved so much and at that she let her body give away.  She met up with her sister in a flash they held hands and walked away.

"je vous aime", Crystal said smiling at her lovley sister.

"I love you, too", Claire said smiling at her lovley sister.

And they both vanished into the light.

                                          THE END


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