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To the One I Love

The way we met
was something unreal.
The way me kissed
had a magical feel.
How can we last when we are like this?
So far apart,
but close at heart.

They say we'll never make it.
"Give them a year" they say.
How do they know the true feeling we have?
And say it will never be okay?

Do they know how I feel when I'm in your arms?
Do they know how I feel with your lips against mine?
Do they know how I feel when you say "I love you"?
Do they know how much we really do shine?

How can they say we won't last?
When we believe that what we have is strong.
We fight for what we have,
and live for one another.
I need you,
and I think you need me too.
You've pulled me out of hell and saved my life.
You've been there through thick and thin,
and I have been there for you.

Our love for one another,
stays strong because of the feeling inside.
It grows between the both of us,
and never tries to hide.

We'll last forever if we keep the dedication.
We'll last forever if we keep this love.
We'll last forever if we're honest.
We'll last forever if we stay open.
We'll last forever if we trust.
We will last forever.

When I look in your eyes,
I see true love.
When I see your smile,
I feel warmth,
When I feel your touch,
I taste the truth.
When I taste your kiss,
I know that it's real.
When I know you're there,
I see forever.

Whatever anyone says,
whatever anyone believes,
I will believe that they are wrong.
I will believe that we will last.
And I will believe that you are the one for me.

You are the only man I want to be with,
the only one I want to kiss.
To hold you deep inside my heart,
and never ever will we depart.
You are the love of my life,
my true love,
and all of my heart belongs to you.

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