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Sasha's imagination

                                        Sasha's Imagination 


 Sasha was a very quiet girl, she loved to play outside on her own and imagine magical places.

One day she was sat outside imagining where she would like to be, she thought about the beach with the blue water, but sasha thought the beach would be too sandy and the water too cold.

So she thought where else she could be, a beautiful forest with rows of pretty flowers and a silvery coloured lane, she kept imagining the forest and thought about bright coloured birds flying high in the trees, and trees that could talk, as she kept imagining her eyes were closed and she was very excited about her imaginary forest.


Sasha had been imagining her forest for so long she hadn't realised it was dark outside and starting to rain, just then a big drop landed on her head, she jumped up and begun running in the direction of her house, the rain got harder and she ran faster straight into a big tree, she fell to the ground bumping her head "ouch" said Sasha, then she heard someone talking to her she looked around everywhere but could not see anyone.


Sasha got back on her feet and started walking again, just then she felt a tap on her shoulder she looked round feeling a little scared but all she could see was a big tree, "hello are you alright" said the big tree, sasha feeling a little confused said hello to the tree and asked if she was dreaming, the tree told her she wasn't dreaming this was the place she wanted to be, her imaginary forest had come true.                                               

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