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Remember When There Was Us

I Remember When There Was Us/ But Now Its Just Me
I Remember when I was lonely just in HighSchool and
we met and fell in love, this was when it was us we
grew to love one another and 2yrs later took each
other hand in marriage and had one child this was
when it was us,We loved each other day by day always
together this was when it was us,Remeber when we couldn't
eat or sleep with out each other but this was when
it was us , But something happened and after 5yrs we
allowed others to come in between and now we fell
apart and one of us didn't care about the other person
its not me I will always love you but now its just me
but know we have one more child and we need to work it
out for our two kids so one of us is subborn so it will
just me in this I gave 5Yrs to be with you and build
a dream but now that has goin down the drain but 2 good
things came out 2 beauitful kids but I guest its just me
left alone again.

child which means know its just me an my too kids
more child
something happened and we grew apart
when it was us

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