The Old Tree | By: Shane L.Smith | | Category: Short Story - Friendship Bookmark and Share

The Old Tree

Her name was Sara,a more loving woman you would never find. My name is Joseph and what I'm about to tell you has been on my mind since the very day I saw her sitting their under that old tree down in the valley by the pond.It was a breezy warm June morning and as I walked down over the steep grassy hill, I saw a figure sitting against an old pine tree and seemed to be reading a book. As I moved closer, I could see that the figure was a woman and that she was reading some papers of some sort. Her hair was flowing in the early morning breeze and the sun light made it appear a golden brown. I must have startled her as I lost my footing and tripped on a rock. " Are you alright, that was quite a fall you had, is their anything I can do" ? " Yes,you can help me up if you would please".
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