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The True Meaning of Easter

Easter is not about chocolate bunnies, colored eggs, candy, and fancy clothes. It is about what our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, did for us over 2000 years ago by dying on the cross to atone for all OUR SINS. He did not only die for the Christians, but for the whole of mankind, so it would not be lost to sin. He thought us worthy enough to do this for, so he took it upon himself.
I sit here with Holy Week approaching, and with deep regret and remorse for all my sins and shameful acts.
I know I am not worthy enough to die for , but he thought so. What can I give, I have nothing to give him but my undying love and devotion. He gave me so much more than I can ever give him in return. But come that day when it is time to take a Stand, I will gladly be the first one to put my head on the chopping block, because I will not forget what he did for me over two thousand years ago.
The Lord has gotten me through so much and has never abandoned me or forsaken me as my family did. He has carried me in the bad times and seen me in the good times.
His unwavering love for me, is remarkable.
Let us remember the spiritual and Christian significance of Easter as Holy Week Approaches. Let us remember, that Jesus Is the Lamb of God whom took away the sins of the World.
Let us be thankful for his sacrifice on the cross this Holy Season.
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