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My Tomorrow

Beyond the gates of my emotions, far away from the realm of dreams,
awaits beauty and peace incased in the form of an angel.

With only a smile from this angelic soul, all of my troubles and sorrow
fade as if they were shadows running from the flicking of a light
switch. With just the smell of her hair I'm taken to a far away place
where dreams are realized and fear is that which is afraid.

What I have with her goes beyond anything I have ever known or experianced.
It goes beyond passion, joy or even love. I still feel her as she lies
beside me, holding me, soothing me, even though now she comes to me
only behind closed eyes.

I'm told tomorrow can never be known. It is the one thing which will
always remain uncertain. I say untrue. For when I gaze into her
eyes, become lost within her smile and peer into her soul, I see the
future, I see peace, I see my tomorrow.

R.F. Mayes
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