WAITING FOR LUIGI. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Despair Bookmark and Share


Luigi keeps you waiting,
He always does, looks upon
You as his bit on the side,

The dame whoíd come round
When he wanted, when he
Called or when he turned up,

And you hear on the radio
About the Wall Street crash,
And sitting in the armchair

You wonder if heís going to
Call, but he hasnít, and you
Begin to speculate if he will,

That maybe heí s otherwise
Engaged at that moment, that
Other schmucks might be with

Him taking up his time and
Passion, worrying about their
Money and shares, and how

Their businesses are going to
Go or if itís going to pull a
Few rugs from beneath a few

Butts and Luigiís amongst them,
And sighing, you wonder where
You come in all this, whether

Youíll be still kept in this small
Apartment or whether youíll be
Out on your ear and on your ass

And back where you were when
He found you and picked you up
And dusted you off and set you

Up where he could find you and
Have you when he wanted and
He likes to have a dame on his

Arm, and a pretty dame too, and
At this moment, you are probably,
You think, one of the prettiest,

At least thatís what you believe,
And why not, if you donít believe
In yourself, your old lady says,

Whoís going to buy into you or
Your dream and keep you on the
Sweet life and save you from

Drowning in the cesspit of the
City, and so you wait, sitting
There feeling quite sexy, at this

Time, wanting Luigi to call,
Wanting him so say, Iíll be right
Over Baby, get yourself all hot

And brightened up and ready for
Luigi for your lover man cometh,
And that laugh of his echoes loudly

Through your head and heart and
Plucks at your strings, and you
Being bright and alive, like a skylark

Sings, or so youíve heard, and yes,
You want, at this moment in your
Life, to be just like that darn bird.

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