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 Chapter 1

The Bronze Coin

"Class dismissed." Said Mr Fenton as the bell rang out in the hallway. James Connolly, probably the least admired boy in the year, sighed
and went outside for break. It was a damp morning, the ground still wet. Connolly had no sooner got out when Griff Harrison, the meanest
of them all stepped out in front of him.
"Hey Connolly, where do you think you're going?" He was at least a foot taller than Connolly, and had a very ugly face.
"I...err...that is..."
"You were just coming to give me some lunch money!" Harrison grinned, showing rows of blackened teeth.
"Yeah...I guess so..." Connolly started to back off. There was a narrow passageway to his left. If he could just...
"You guess so?" He turned around to his cronies. "He guesses so!!" Connolly decided to make a break for it whilst his back was turned.
As he reached the passage, he heard a cry and heavy footsteps coming rapidly towards him. He squeezed through and ran as fast as he could.
He rounded a bend behind the school, it was a dead end but he was safe. It was then that he saw a bronze coin on the floor, it was different
to other coins, as it was bigger and thicker than a 2p coin. He picked it up and looked at it. On both sides was the same inscription with a
symbol - a flame. He read the inscription aloud.
"Unto thee ist the power..." He felt an overwhelming sense of dizziness sweep over him as Griff Harrison rounded the bend. He shut his
eyes tight.
When they opened again, he was in a dimly lit room, where he could see just that it was made of stone and an aging man sat beside a fire.
The man looked up at him.
"Ahh." He croaked. "You have come...good."
"Come where?" Asked Connolly, bewildered.
"You are from the other world. Welcome to Ranya, the place where that coin was forged." Connolly looked at it again.
"What is this, anyway?"
"That is one of the ten coins of Ranya, and whilst they are in your possession you have the power to use them."
"Use them how? I don't understand."
"Let me start from the beginning. Once, many thousands of years ago, your planet was once a place of war and witchcraft and such. An evil
witch forged five rings, made of pure gold, and with even purer magic inside. Evil magic. The five people she gave the rings to brought
havoc and terror to their lands. A good wizard, however, made ten magical coins, each with a different power over nature. That which you
have there is the coin of Fire. The ten coin bearers defeated and destroyed four of the evil ringed ones, and one escaped, to here. On this
island are ten coin Masters, each one's destiny to challenge the chosen one, a direct descendant of the Wizard himself. That person is you,
young man." Connolly stared. The old man continued. "At the top of the mountain of this island lives the last of the five ring bearers, as he
remains alive today. You must challenge each of the coin masters, obtain their coins and then defeat the final Ringed One to return home."
"I...I...see." Connolly was all overwhelmed by this all. The old man smiled up at him. "How do I use it?" Said Connolly, holding the coin
in his fingers. The old man nodded.
"Place it on the back of your hand and repeat the inscription, except say 'Unto me ist..' You will receive the knowledge of anything you wish
to know concerning the coin itself." James Slapped it onto his hand, saying, "Unto me ist the power!" He instantly felt stronger, and his mind
filled with knowledge of the powers he had. He was certainly impressed.
"Now I understand...I know what I have to do." He took off the coin and he chatted to the old man for a while. Then he went to bed in the
spare room adjoining the one he was in.

The next morning he packed up some things that the old man gave him and set off towards a small coastal village called Caled.
He walked for miles before he came across a small wood. Rather than going around it, he went through at a thinner part. At the approximate
middle of the portion of woodland he came across a clearing. He cautiously walked out into the air. When he got to the middle he stopped.
He slowly turned to come face to face with a pair of thieves. As he looked about him he noticed at least a dozen more, with what looked
like Tigers. He discreetly took out the coin and held it in a closed fist. The ring leader approached him.
"Okay kid, easy now." He started to patronise him. "Just hand over all ya valuables and we won't hurt ya." James smiled, and slapped the
coin down onto his hand.
"Unto me ist the power!" His body surged with strength, as the bewildered thugs stared at him. He looked at the leader. "Come and take
it, if you think you're hard enough." The Tigers started to snarl. The leader was furious. With a roar he charged at James, who tensed for
his first battle.
"Ember!" He yelled, holding out his hands. The coin glowed as tongues of fire sprayed out from his fingers. The thug screeched to a halt
as his shirt caught fire. Then the men released the tigers. They leapt at him but he mustered his strength and yelled, "Blaze!!" A large ring
of fire spread out about three feet off the floor and moved outwards like a shockwave. The burnt tigers slammed down to the ground as
the terrified thieves fled for safety. He took off the coin and continued out of the woods, pleased that he was learning how to control his
abilities. He entered the small town uneasily, unsure as to what would greet him. Townsfolk seemed alarmed at his presence, but continued
with their tasks. He strode boldly over to a small bar and entered. With some of the money the old man had given him, he bought himself
a drink, and looked around. Most people were quite young, he had noticed. Finishing his drink, he left the place and went out, looking for
the hall of the local Coin master. He found it close to the end of the main street, and he couldn't exactly miss it. It was massive, and
decorated with all sorts of inscriptions and hieroglyphs. There, at the centre of it all, was the crest. A giant flower. James smiled. Fire versus
grass and flowers wasn't really a challenge. He entered, sniffing the various plants that lined the walls. Then he seemed to come across a
large hall, with inscriptions like the ones outside on the walls. He gazed around until his eyes met the raised platform at the other side. There
sat a youngish man on a throne-like chair, surrounded by wild and beautiful flowers.
"Greetings, young one. I have been expecting you." He rose. "Shall we begin?" He took out a silver coin from his cloak. Then he slapped
it onto his hand and called out the same words James used for his own. Instantly, he leapt down to the marble floor with a giant leap. He
stood, tense, waiting for James. James smiled as he slapped the coin onto his own hand.
"Unto me ist the power!" He felt strong, powerful, and ready to do battle. They eyed each other up. With the knowledge of the coin in his
mind, he knew that he was in for a tough battle. His opponent had a silver coin whereas his was only bronze. He tried to relax and
concentrate. Then, the Hall Master held out his hands, yelling,
"Vine Wrap!" four great big vines emerged from his arms and reached for James. He was ready, though, and held out his own, returning,
"Ember!" The small flames leapt out, and sizzled at the contact between them and the vines. The vines drooped, and the fire ceased. The
Coin Master fixed him with a look, then said,
"Grass Hyperball!" A great ball of grass shot out of each hand. The ember flames were ineffective, and the balls slammed into Jason, sending
him staggering back. Four more ball flew out, screaming right at him. Mustering his strength, he roared,
"Blaze!!" The wall of fire smashed out, and sending the Master to the floor. He got up, dazed and wary. Then he rose and grunted.
"Beeswarm...Go!" He rose his arms, as a huge swarm of Bees appeared in front of him and zoomed towards James. Helpless, he couldn't
stop them from virtually covering him, and wracking him with pain. He tried to endure it, but the pain was too great. Then, the bees stopped
and hovered, only a metre from him. The Master came over.
"You need more training, boy. You have yet to master your abilities..." He trailed off as he saw the coin on James's hand glint. James opened
his eyes, but remained motionless. Then he said.
"Do you think so?" The master stepped back. James stood, the bees still waiting. Then the master watched as the coin shone brighter than
ever. He shielded his eyes with his hand, and when it disappeared, he lowered it. There, stood before him was James, flames burned along
his forearms, and his coin was silver. James smiled, and raised his hand. "Flame gun!" A long stream of flame lanced out, slamming the
master in the chest, and sending him flying. He stayed down this time, and James watched as the coin rose from the man's hand of it's own
accord. Then it hovered over to him and alighted in his hand, only it was bronze. James looked at him, as his struggled to his feet. Taking
off his own coin, he helped him up. The man smiled.
"I have underestimated you. You have indeed proven your worth. Good. My name is Master Togo, of the wild flower kingdom, and I am
now relieved of my obligation to bear that coin. Come, rest, let me teach you of the coins and this world." They went out of a small door
behind the throne, and entered a room with a cooker and a wooden table. Togo rustled something up in no time, and they talked over their
food. The next morning, James left, admiring the beauty of his new possession. He left on the road Togo had suggested, and he soon sighted
a group of towers of smoke. He hurried over the ridge and saw a disaster, the village that was there had been completely destroyed, all that
was left were some smoking ruins. He made his way down, and as he entered town, the perpetrator was evident. He saw the electrical burns
and the watery stains on the floor. Togo had warned him of this. He knew that this was only a farming outpost of a larger town on the coast
of the island he was on. The Master in that place was a Water-wielding woman, and she, like Togo, was a pacifist. On the other hand,
another nearby Town was the home of an electrical wielding man, who was by no means a pacifist. He subjugated the townsfolk and made
them pay tribute, lest he destroy them all. Or so the rumours told. James sighed and shook his head sadly. He was about to move on, when
he saw her. She was lying in the street, her clothes partially burned, her hair a mess, and barely awake. He ran to her side, and held her in
his lap. She opened her eyes and looked at him.
" it you? Chosen one?" She breathed.
" easy, please ma'am." He felt awkward. "I'm not sure how badly you're hurt." She shook her head.
"It matters not, now you are here. You must stop Garamanus. He is the one behind all this. I tried to stop him but he had the advantage.
I conduct his electricity, and am powerless. You can stop him. You must. He's headed for my Town to finish what he started." James smiled,
"I'll do what I can. He gathered some bits and pieces, applied some rough aids, and then stood, fire coin in hand. He frowned, revenge must
be issued, for her sake. Slapping the coin down with great force, he called the sacred words, and felt the flames shoot out of his arms, he
closed his eyes, feeling the raw energy and power flow into his veins. Then, with all the power he could muster, flew up into the air. He was
initially awestruck by the wonder of flight, but soon regained his composure, and set off, arms outstretched in his 'superman' pose. He sighted
the trail of destruction to it's source. He saw Garamanus, and zoomed down to face him.
"So," He smiled, his hands red from the electricity. "You are the chosen one. It is a great pleasure to meet you at last." He seemed not too
evil. James was cautious. "You defeated one Coin Master, but let's see if you can defeat me, maybe the greatest of all masters." James finally
let out his bottled up rage.
"Fire Blast!!" He held out both arms, the massive. powerful flames splattered out, but Garamanus dodged it.
"Hey! What's up? You feeling okay?" He smiled sympathetically, and said in a friendly voice, "Thunderbolt!!" A stream of electricity shot
out, but James, too was fast, and he flipped backwards and landed on his feet, the electricity hitting the ground where he had previously
been. He struck back, saying,
"Flame gun!" He kept trying, but it wasn't fast enough. Then Garamanus struck him with his power, and send him reeling down. He
struggled to his feet, weakened. Garamanus stood towering over him, chuckling.
"Com'on! Are you okay?" The anger welled up inside him reached the surface at last, and, his face red with rage, James snapped.
"Supersonic Fire!!!!" Garamanus frowned, and that was all James needed, the ball of flame smashed into him, knocking him at least 10 feet
off the ground, and then slamming him into the floor several metres away. He lay there, unmoving. Then, out of the mist on the brow of
the hill, came a silhouetted figure. A woman. It was her. The woman he'd saved. She seemed quite beautiful in the dim light. He smiled.
"Hey, I got him. He won't destroy your town now!" He said brightly. She sneered.
"Stupid kid! Super Splash!" And a jet of water shot out of her hand, slamming him to the floor, it hurt badly. "Hah! Did that hurt, boy? You
should've known, Water is strong against fire! Water kick!!" She swung her foot out and another spray of water hit him in his chest. He was
throw back into as tree, which subsequently caught fire. Garamanus was also getting to his feet. James rolled to avoid another water attack,
and removed his coin. He reached for the other one. He saw her turn towards Garamanus, helpless and weak. She sneered.
"To think." She said. "The little chosen one was fooled by little me!" She kicked him in the ribs, and he rolled over to a clump of bushes.
James got up.
"Unto me ist the power!!" He pressed the other coin he had onto his hand. "He felt the knowledge it had in it and he smiled at her, returning
the evil gaze.
"So. The kid has another power for me to destroy...excellent..." He raised her hands. "Super Splash!" The water lanced out. It hit him, he
put one foot back to steady himself. The water hit him, and he felt stronger instead of weaker. The woman's smile left her face, and she
looked at her hands. "Wha..?" James maintained his gaze.
"Grass spray!" He yelled, and the flying grass hit her, knocking her staggering.
"Grrr! You'll regret that, kid!" She took a few steps back, and said, "Hydro attack!" Two massive jets of water shot out of her hands,
slamming into James' chest, and knocking him over. He struggled to his feet. She was still strong against him. He saw Garamanus get to
his feet next to him.
"Com'on kid, you and I can beat her together!" James nodded. The two of them got to their feet.
"Bow down and serve me or I will destroy both of you!" She snarled.
"You can defeat one of us, but not both at once! Electric Shock!" At the same time, James called out,
"Blume Bomb!" A massive bulb flew from each of his hands, exploding in front of her. The electricity slammed into her and she collapsed.
His coin became silver in his hand, and her coin flipped up into the air and hovered. Then, it went back to being bronze, and went into James'
hand. He closed his fist onto it, and took off the grass coin. He put both into his pocket and turned to Garamanus.
"How can I ever apologise for attacking you like that?" He said. Garamanus smiled.
"It's okay kid, all that matters now is that you have defeated her and taken her coin. She will not trouble anyone else. Here." He held out
his Electric Coin. "Take it. Please. You saved me when she was going to kill me. Have it, and good luck on the rest of your quest.

Chapter 2


James continued on his way, now bearing the fire, grass, electric and water coins. He was pleased. The next leg was to be more tricky. He
had been told by Garamanus that the next challenge that awaited him was in the Moolah Mountains, so named because of an evil baron
overlord ruled there, and was stinking rich, thanks to extortionate methods. He had under his command a large number of thugs and hit-men,
employed to do his dirty work and 'collect' money from people, by any means possible.
He first met one of these thugs on a winding mountain path. The large man was very chunky, had a crew cut hairstyle, and had a pretty
mean-looking club. He turned, and saw James.
"Hey, you!" He grunted. James stopped. "Hand over ya' taxes, boy!" James looked at him, carefully. "I said, hand over ya' cash!" James
stepped back and the man lifted his club. Instinctively, James reached into his pocket. He didn't care which coin it was, as he slapped it down
with the magic words. It was his trusty fire coin, and a smile slipped out of the corner of his mouth. The man looked puzzled, and raised
the weapon to attack. James lifted one hand. "Supersonic fire!" He said, and the super-quick blast of flame sprung out, and frazzled the floor
beneath the man's feet. He dropped the club and danced around, yelping. James laughed. "That's it, dance!" He was hit on the back of his
head, with something dull and clumsy. He staggered forwards, reeling, stunned. He was hit again, and he blacked out.

He awoke in a jail cell, it was a dark dungeon, slimy, wet and dank, just like he'd read about in books. He sat up on the small wooden bed.
There were rags for covers, and he found that his pouch containing the coins was gone. A dark figure moved, outside the barred entrance.
"Hello?" He asked, cautiously. "Is someone there?" The dark silhouette moved on. His heart sank. No coins, no friends, no hope.
He examined the room, to no avail, the only shaft of light came from a high, barred window. As he sat down, a grating sound came from
the door. He looked up, and saw a jailer, or what looked like one, enter. He held a tray of food and a metal cup in his hands. He put them
down. He was leaving, when James got up and said,
"Hey! Hey you!" The man ignored him and locked the door. James looked at the meal. Bread, a mushy stew and water. He sat down and
ate it, even though it was the most vile stuff he'd ever tasted, even worse than school dinners, he was surprisingly hungry. About an hour
later he went to sleep, thinking of a plan to get out of there.
He awoke in not much better condition, bleary eyed and aching all over. He did have an idea though. He'd seen in several movies that the
good guys pretended to be sick and hit the guard when they entered. He tried it.
"Ohhhhh!!" He groaned, as a pair of eyes appeared at the grilled door. "Oh, guard, help! I feel terrible!" The door opened, and as the man
knelt down, James clocked him with his foot, grabbed the man's keys and shot out of the room. He looked both ways, locked the cell door,
and bolted. He came to a pair of steps, and a door. Peering through the keyhole, he saw an empty room with his pouch on a table. he went
inside and grabbed it. Luckily enough, all of the coins were still there. He left and ran up the stairway and though the door at the top. He
came out into a great hall, lit with a pair of chandeliers. A fat man sat at a raised throne at one end, and two guards stood either side of him.
A tall man in a black cloak with a hood was stood next to him.
"Guards!" The fat man roared. At once, a dozen men in armoured breastplates and bearing swords came out of another doorway. The
surrounded James in a semi-circle. He got out the electric coin. "Unto me ist the power!" He said, and the electric coin's powers pulsed
through him. He nodded. "Just bring it!"
"Thunderball!" He threw a ball of energy at a few men, their breast-plates acted as conductors and they collapsed. The rest of them moved
backwards, warily. The tall, sinister dark man moved smoothly down the steps.
"I'll handle this. Unto me ist the power!" He took his own coin, and placed it onto his own hand. James wondered what coin it was. "Earthen
monster!" The earth rumbled for a second. James had a slight idea, as suddenly two giant earth-monsters rose out of the floor. The fat guy
sat on the throne was aghast.
James steadied himself, and jumped backwards as their 'arms' came down at him. He waited there, waiting for their move. They swung wildly
around, reaching for him.
"Thunderball!" The ball smashed into one without effect. They kept on coming. He ran into a corner to change coins. He fumbled on his
fire coin, and flew up into the air to combat the ground creatures.
"It's no use boy. I have a Golden coin. Surrender to me or I will kill you!"
"Never! Flame gun!!" The twin streaks of fire lanced from his palms, and one of the creatures fell, merging with the ground. The evil coin-
master laughed, evilly.
"Fool! Rock grip!" A massive hand rose from the ground below James, and gripped him, hard. He felt his energy weakening. The coin
dropped, but James managed to catch it.
"No!!" He groaned. He chose another coin. "Come on, do it! Unto me ist the power!" The water coin was one of his last hopes. The grass
coin wasn't going to do well.
"Water Pump!" He yelled with a deep, labourious breath. The rocks gripping him cracked and smashed to pieces. He dropped to the floor,
gasping. The second Earth-monster loomed over him. It kicked him with it's foot. He hit the wall, in pain.
"Ha, ha! Can it be that I have defeated the Chosen one? How interesting!" James pressed his arm against the wall and gritted his teeth. The
coin was glowing.
"Huh?" He muttered. The light was blinding for a second, but receded, to reveal the silver coin and a cape made out of rippling water, yet
hanging on his shoulders. "Okay, no more Mr. Nice Guy! Hydro Attack!" The jets of water smashed out, shattering the monster, and
catching the dark man on the shoulder. He cried out in pain.
"You will pay for that!" He said, a sinister glint in his eyes.
"Ya' reckon? Water kick!" A massive blast of water streamed from his foot, gaining strength as it moved. The man was reduced to a ball
on the floor. He clambered onto his feet and ran, out of a door and away. James gazed at the remains of the hall. The fat man and his men
had long gone, and the floor and walls were wrecked. James left, and continued on his journey.

Not far from the great hall, James met another band of thugs, whom he quickly dispatched. Not long after, he entered a forest. It wound
on for ages, until he came to a small clearing. No sooner as he entered, a boy not much older than James, in a rough jacket and trousers
"Greetings, O Chosen One. I am Nephti, the travelling Blade Warrior. I challenge you to a battle for one of your coins."
"And what do I get when I win?" James asked.
"If you win, I shall give you my own coin. The Blade Coin. It is a mystical treasure, passed down over generations. It was prophesied that
I would meet you here and we would do battle."
"Huh. I accept your challenge. One coin each?" Nephti nodded. "Unto me ist the power!" The Trusty Fire coin hit his hand firmly.
"Unto me ist the power!" Nephti returned, and slapped the silver Coin onto his hand. Multiple blades suddenly jammed out of his forearms
and back. They faced off, admiring each other's abilities. James rose into the air. "Here we go! Flame gun!!" The twin bursts of flame spat
and streaked towards Nephti. He dodged, and returned,
"Knife attack!" Two small blades shot from both hands, but James evaded. They seemed well matched, until Nephti hit James on the shoulder
with one of his blades. James dropped to the floor, crouching and clutching at his wound. Nephti stopped for a moment, and James swung
"Supersonic Fire!" The super-blast of fire caught Nephti in the chest. He fell to the floor, dazed. James saw the coin on his hand. It was
glowing. He was about to witness his opponent's coin progress to the golden stage. More blades grew out of him, and his fingers grew razor
sharp spikes. Nephti bore the new power well. He stood. Confident.
"Spike Spray!" He held up his hands. The fingers launched a brutal, unavoidable attack. James felt like when he'd had his Meningitis jab at
school, and had fainted. He felt his legs turning to jelly, and he fell back against a tree stump. Nephti moved forwards.
"Give it up. You can't win." He was trying to save James from further pain. James grunted, and said,
"I'll at least try!" He planted a kick to Nephti's gut, and whilst he staggered back, James rose. He felt a wave of inexplicable warmth wash
over him, and his coin flashed bright. The next thing he knew, his back sprouted great wings of pure fire. The fires on his arms grew in
intensity and he felt his energy renewed. The knowledge of advanced fire techniques flooded his mind, and flapped the wings to gain height.
He floated, about 30 feet off the ground, as Nephti looked up in awe. Then, James called out,
"Phoenix Wing!" An flapped the wings hard. Uncountable numbers of embers broke off, and hurtled towards Nephti, and knocked him
against a tree, and defeated. The Blade coin rose from his hand, turned Bronze and alighted itself in James' hands. James landed and removed
his coin. He helped Nephti to his feet and they returned to Nephti's hut, where they talked and ate.

They said their farewells, and James left. He carried on the road to the coast. On the path, he left the forest, and carried on his way in open
land. No sooner than he'd gotten six yards, when he heard a shrill scream of distress. He turned, saw through a high bush, and saw a large
elegant house. He struggled against the branches and leaves and pushed his way to the other side. Then he gripped the Blade coin in his hand,
and ran towards the house, which he assumed was the source of the cry. He stealthily moved around the house. He saw three men, one stood
over a kneeling lady, holding a sword at her neck, and the other two bundling a girl about James's own age into a large sack. James turned
with his back to the wall, so they couldn't see him, and whispered,
"Unto me ist the power!" So they couldn't hear. The Blade coin hit his hand softly. The power flooded him and he turned fully around the
corner and strode towards the action. The man with the weapon turned to him.
"Who are you? A servant?" The man eyed his disdainfully. The woman was petrified.
"I...I've never seen him in my life!" It was quite obvious she feared for his life.
"She's right. I've never set foot here in my life." James said.
"Is that so? Then why are you here?" He raised the sword in James direction. James calmly looked from the man, to his sword, to the man
"You don't want to do that." James said firmly. Suddenly, James grabbed the man's wrist and arm and flung him over his shoulder, judo-style.
The man rolled, and got to his feet.
"Really?" The man swung, and James dodged to the right. James used the strongest technique he knew. Concentrating hard, he formed a
shining metal sword in his own hand. The man stared, aghast. He raised his own sword in preparation for combat. The two fenced for a few
moments, until the man pulled back, out of the battle.
"It will be quite unfortunate to kill you, boy. You and I would make a great team!" He commented. The went back to it, and it ended up
with James hitting the man in the face, and knocking his sword away. He had the man pinned. James hesitated. Sweat practically dripped
off both of them.
"You can't do it, can you?" The man said. "You can't kill a man." James stared into his eyes. Suddenly, The man kicked him in the stomach,
and hit him down. James looked up at him. "Until next time kid. We will meet again. I guarantee it." Then he picked up the sword and ran
after the two other men, who had gone. The woman sat on the steps leading to the door, weeping.
James went over to her, reabsorbing the sword. She looked up at him as he stood over her.
"Thank you for trying to save Meli and myself, but I'm afraid they got away."
"Who were they?" James asked.
"That man you fought was a powerful warrior named Dagon. He is like a ruler of sorts here. He takes what he wants in exchange for sparing
your life."
"Why doesn't anyone try to stop this?"
"The last man who tried...never came back." James was silent in thought. "You can defeat him, can't you! If you could help us, we would
be eternally in great gratitude." James crouched.
"I don't know anything about them. There could be hundreds of them. I could never accomplish that!"
"Yes you can. You...I've heard of someone like you. A boy who was destined to do good and defeat the evil coin Masters." James looked
"I am the chosen one, if that's what you mean, but I'm no swashbuckler. I'll try, but I can't guarantee that I'll succeed."
So it was decided. James received directions to their supposed lair, and set out to recover Meli and bring an end to the tyranny of Dagon.

Chapter 3

James Wages War...With a Little Help!

It was not long after he made it to the site of their proposed lair that nightfall came. There was a small cliff face of rock, and he decided to
sleep. He replaced the Blade coin with the grass one and climbed into a tree to sleep. The next morning, he climbed down, and chose the
Water coin. He gazed around, looking for the entrance. He couldn't find it. He resorted to extremes.
"Super Splash!" He said, sending the jets of compressed water smashing into the face of the cliff. There was a rumble, and a large circular
piece of rock collapsed, revealing a passageway. He went in, but it was too dark. He took off the coin.
"Unto me ist the power!" He said, putting on the fire coin. The fires grew refreshingly out of his body. They provided warmth and light for
him to continue. He came across a fork, and when he saw the light to the left, he followed it. He came to a balcony made of rock, looking
down over a subterranean work pit. Men seemed to be mining something. It looked like gold, but he couldn't tell. Then he spotted something
bad. He watched two familiar men at work. One was a boy about his own age, the other a tall man. It was Nephti and Garamanus. It seemed
that somehow Dagon had captured them. James looked a bout him. There was only one way down, that was using his fire abilities. He
slipped the coin on with the magic words, and rose into the air. A cry went up, and there was almost complete chaos below him. He floated
there a moment, and watched as lines of mercenary-style men came out of the cave entrances, armed and holding back the riotous prisoners.
James was surprised as suddenly, to the right of them, on a higher platform, Dagon came out of a cave, along with the mysterious man he'd
fought before. The Earth-Master. With a slight movement, the Master shook the earth, becalming the workers, and then released A pair
of massive boulders at James. He evaded one, to find the second hit him, sending him reeling into the cave wall. He dropped, with some
people gasping below him, but glided down, in control, and swung up onto the platform. James switched to the Grass coin. It glowed silver
in his hand.
"The boy is mine. You have no need to take part in this battle." The man said, half turned to James and half to the man. James nodded as
the Master turned back to him.
"Nice to see you again, I hope you've worked on those skills, or this is going to be a really short battle."
"Hah. The same to you, boy. I know not to underestimate you this time. Rock grip!"
"Vine Wrap!" James countered, hands pointed to the floor. The vines whipped away the rocky fingers, and then swung up at the man.
"Earthquake!" The ground beneath James shook viciously, and he fell, close to the edge of the platform. There were gasps from below. They
were only about ten feet down, but it would break a bone at least if James fell. He picked himself up, to find one of the Earthen monsters
looming over him.
"Grass Hyperball!" Two of them shot out, catching it's upper chest, only momentarily disorienting it. Then it gave him a swift kick, and he
flew back, over the edge, two coins falling out of his pocket. Two of the prisoners leapt up and caught them. They glanced at each other,
as James' vines touched himself down steadily. They traded coins and put them on, each receiving their own original coin. James was
impressed, as Nephti's was still Gold and Garamanus's still silver. They greeted each other momentarily, and then James lifted them up to
face the Earth Master.
"So. You have allies among the Workers. Fortunate for me, I can easily defeat both."
"Not likely." James said. He nodded, and Nephti moved around the man to face Dagon. Dagon cowered back, afraid of the man who stood
before him. Suddenly, two Shuriken appeared in Nephti's hands, and he flung them at Dagon, they pinned his arms to the wall. This left
James and Garamanus to fight the Earth master.
James hit out with his vines, and Garamanus sprayed him with a Super Splash. The Master fell, hurt.
"Free the prisoners, and we'll spare you." James told him. The master grunted.
"Your coins may have grow stronger, but you are still of feeble intellect, boy. Until next time perhaps." The Master flung his cloak over
himself, and he suddenly melted through the solid rock beneath him. Garamanus shook his head, smiling wryly at the floor.
"Tricky fellow to get that guy. He's one of the strongest Coin Masters in existence." Nephti said. He still had Dagon pinned to the wall.
Then, as James moved towards them, a flood of troops approached from the ledge.
"Unto me ist the power!" James shouted, putting on the Fire coin. The Giant wings once more came into existence. "Hyper-Fireball!" A
blast of superheated flame smashed into the frontmost of them, sending them down like a human domino set. James returned his attention
to Dagon. "Perhaps I can convince you to release the prisoners." He held a deadly glint in his eye. Dagon was hysterical.
"Yes! Yes, of course! No problem!" He was sweating all over, but maybe that was because of the intense heat. He nodded to the guards,
who opened the gates. James swooped over to the cave exit, and asked around for Meli. He found her and lifted her to safety. Nephti
released Dagon, who ran faster than he ever had in his life. The four of them stood virtually alone in the cave, and began to think of what
to do. They first decided to take Meli home, and wait there for further developments.

When they got to Meli's, her mother ran out to meet them, weeping with happiness. She took the three Coin wielders into her home, fed
them and they rested for a couple of days. Then Garamanus finally decided to return home at last. He returned the Water coin and said his
farewells. He went, and left the other two wondering what to do. James decided that it was time to move on to the next challenge, which
he was told was one of the hardest coins to defeat. The Invisibility Master could become invisible at will, and had a variety of tricks up his
"It's time I must leave you, I'm afraid." James told Meli's mother. "Thank you for your hospitality."
"You are more than welcome, any time, Chosen one." She was not exactly happy to see James leave, with rumours of Dagon's troops
returning to being renegade bandits, but she let him go.
James looked to Nephti.
"Well? Are you returning home or staying?"
"Actually, Dagon's minions destroyed it in their raid on me. I have no home."
"Nothing wrong. I've always wanted to see more of the island." James smiled, slapped him on the back, and led him out of the garden and
along the road. James said to him,
"Keep your coin, buddy. You're stronger with it than I am." Nephti agreed, and they moved on.

The next town they came across was pretty deserted. The two lads entered the gates, it was foggy, and out of the mist came a shaking old
woman. She fell into James' arms, croaking out a warning,
"Don't enter this town, for your own sakes...but wait!" She stopped, and stared into his eyes. It was a sharp, piercing gaze, with deep, wise
brown eyes. She smiled. "You are the chosen one. I can see it in your eyes..." she got up from his arms and walked away, into the mist,
leaving the boys bewildered. As she did so, the fog lifted slowly. The town was old and rickety, it appeared. The houses old, run down
shacks. Out of one side street, they could hear a sound. They slowly moved towards it, curious. It was a mob, moving their way with flaming
torches and implements of death. The two boys turned and looked back. There was a similar mob moving towards them. The two of them
hurried into a doorway, away from the action, as the two gangs met head on and fought crazily. Then, battered and beaten, they retreated
from each other. James and Nephti followed the first lot to a large building, where they entered and found them worshipping an empty
throne. A thunderous voice suddenly said,
"I am pleased with your works, O servants of Rahjik. However, it is my impression that we have a pair of uninvited guests. Bring them to
me." James and Nephti frantically powered up with their coins. James flew up into the air, and rained fiery embers down upon them. Nephti
held them off with a massive spiked shield. Then, without warning, James was struck by a ball of energy, from an unknown source. He fell,
almost to the floor, if he hadn't recovered and returned to his position above the group. He looked at the throne, as a man shimmered into
"Greetings, Chosen One." He said in a loud voice. "Welcome to the Temple of Rahjik. I am Rahjik, The Invisibility Master you no doubt
have heard about." James decided to play it coy.
"I might have. Why do you wish your people to attack me and my friend?"
"I was simply protecting the sanctity of our temple."
"You have a temple where you are worshipped? That is quite vain, if you don't mind my saying. The powers we possess do not make us
Gods, Rahjik. You simply made it into your God." Rahjik was breaking, James could tell. With a swipe of his hand, a number of slaves pulled
great big ropes, shaking the entire temple for a moment. Then, the walls sank, and the people scattered. The central platform rose about
five feet from the ground. Nephti grabbed on, as the middle circle dropped slightly, only about half a foot. It left a large inner circle, about
twenty feet in diameter, with a foot-wide part above, on which Nephti stood and watched. The Invisibility Master's coin was Silver, and
it seemed he held some important powers. James started the bout, shouting,
"Hyper-fireball!" A blast of flame smashed out, hitting noting but the floor. The master was gone. James prepared himself, and then was
struck by another hyperball. His coin's boosted knowledge told him that the Silver coin's attacks were not very powerful, but it would be
nearly impossible to hit him. James crouched, ready for another strike, when he was kicked in the side, then slammed into the wall. James
flipped up with a Fire Slash, but he missed, and was taken down as he moved forwards. He fell, hard. He was never going to defeat this
He took off his fire coin, and slapped on his water one. He could just imagine the look of pleasure on Rahjik's face as he prepared himself.
Then, confidently, he pointed his arms downward, and shouted, "Hydro attack!" The twin jets of water splashed out, filling the mini-arena
like a water vat. Nephti watched from above, impressed by James' ingenuity. They could both easily see where Rahjik was by the area
without any water, where there were leg-shaped gaps. James hit out. "Water kick!" A wave of water smashed into Rahjik, slamming him
into the wall. Then James hit him again, "Super Splash!" The jet of water slammed Rahjik into unconsciousness. The whole arena reformed
into a normal slab, raised only a couple of inches off the ground. The Coin turned Bronze and moved into James' hands.
Rahjik rose, holding his ribs, and gasping.
"You are a wily one, young man. My congratulations to you, but another challenge awaits you in this town. Only very recently, another
Coin Master entered my territories and turned my own followers against me. We rallied, and fought back, but it was a pretty even contest.
Now I guess he's won." He said despairingly. Nephti cut in.
"Hang about. Did this guy have control of the ground and a serious attitude problem?"
"The Earth Master? Why, yes it was!" The two boys looked at each other. This would be interesting.
"Never fear, Rahjik, we'll drive him outta here! We've deal with him on more than one occasion." James said. Rahjik was pleased.
"Thank you, so much, Chosen one!" The boys left him and walked across town to the other Temple, constructed entirely out or Rock. This
would be tough, since the entire battle arena would be made of the substance the Earth-master could control.
They slowly and cautiously entered, James with the Water coin on, and Nephti with his Blade coin. They passed through a series of
corridors, before finding a huge rocky arena. At the other side of the massive hall stood the Earth Master.
"We meet again, Chosen one. Nice of you to come to me and fight on my own ground." He smiled at the pun.
"Enough chatter. We're here to finish you off! Hydro Attack!" Nephti chimed in with,
"Spike spray!" The attacks smashed out, but a great barrier, like a tidal wave, rose from the floor and deflected the attacks.
"Was that your best?" Jeered the Master. "Boulder Cannon!" Two massive rocks rose from the ground and flew towards the boys.
"Drill attack!"
"Water Kick!" The two boys shattered the Rocks.
"Not bad, children. Now see if you like this." He waved his arms, and great chunks of solid rock broke out of the floor beneath them. They
were thrown away from each other and to the floor. More chunks of rock seemingly grew out of the floor and formed cages around them.
They were solid sone, with diamond to strengthen it.
"Hyperslash!" Called out Nephti. The bars of the cage resisted the attack. The Cage shrunk slightly.
"For every time you attack the cage, it will shrink. After a time, it will crush you!" The Master gloated. "Now surrender your coins to me!"
It seemed almost hopeless, the bars of the cage were solid, with no room to escape. Nephti attacked the roof of his cage in anger, and it
got even smaller. He was forced to crouch because it was so small. James had a plan. He switched to his grass coin.
"I can't attack the" He said quietly, and turned to the Master. "Beeswarm!" The swarms of bees streaked out, between the bars,
and started to attack the Master. As he attempted to swat them, James shouted to Nephti, "Try it now, the cage should be weakened while
he's distracted!" Sure enough, Nephti's slashes shattered the bars, and he got James free. The Bees withdrew.
"So, you are indeed a crafty pair!" He stopped. "I have no other choice for you. Pitter!!" The ground started to rumble, and a massive hole
in the floor began to open and widen. "Goodbye!"
"Not so fast! Unto me ist the power!" James slapped on the Fire coin. His massive wings lifted him off the floor. Nephti grew himself a pair
of steel wings, and joined him in the air.
"Interesting. You know of course that you're now even more vulnerable, boys. Rock grip!" Two massive muddy hands reached out from
the walls and grabbed them. "Now for the final and most enjoyable action..." He held out both hands and began to close his fists. Suddenly,
James and Nephti burst out of the rocks, and launched a pair of attacks at him. He deflected them with a barrier of stone.
"We need to get him out of here. I'll distract him whilst you open up the ceiling." James said to Nephti. He nodded, and began taking several
blade attacks to the upper stone areas. James focussed back onto the Master.
"Very well, one at a time, suits me." He smiled, "Boulder Cannon!" Two more boulders were launched at him, and as he tried to move, he
found himself restrained by a solid rock belt, holding him there. One of the boulders hit him before Nephti could sever the restraints. He
dropped, and as he recovered, switched to the Grass coin again.
"Vine Wrap!" He called, wrapping a pair of vines around and over hanging rock. He swung up, Spiderman-style, and attached another vine
to another rock. "That's it, no more Mister Nice Guy!" The coin was starting to glow. He landed not far from the Master, and had a serious
and deadly glint in his eye. "Grass Hyperball!" The two balls smashed out, shattering the flimsy barrier the Master rose up, and then he
jumped feet first through another. He was now five feet away from the Master, who was enjoying every minute of it.
"Beeswarm!" The bees shot out, deflecting the rocks that flew at him, until one caught him, and sent him to his knees, almost at the Master's
feet. Mustering his strength, he roared, "Vine Wrap!!" The vines caught the Master's arms from launching another devastating attack, and
then they threw him to the ground. By now, the coin was shining Gold, he felt a new energy pulse into his veins. The coin was now Golden,
and he was refreshed. He stood, triumphantly. The Master lifted himself into the air, and realised that the air above him was open to the
outside. Nephti had sheared off nearly the entire top of the temple! James flipped over, realising that vines were now wrapped around his
arms and legs. "Cactus Blast!" A massive spread of razor-sharp cactus spines blasted out at the Earth Master, penetrating his barriers, and
slightly catching him off guard. Then he was hit from behind by Nephti's Spikes, and he fell limply into his own Pit. James moved to the edge
and looked down. A glinting Bronze coin floated up and into James' hand. They had finally defeated the Master.

Chapter 4

The Logic Trial

James and Nephti left the town with the knowledge that it was free from evil. They walked along a long road, until they found a valley
entrance. It seemed quite peaceful beyond, so they began to walk through it, and felt a strange sensation as they passed through the entrance.
Thinking little of it, they continued as they spotted another Town along the road ahead. They hurried on, with the sense that they were being
watched somehow.
As they entered the town, the boys could tell there was something wrong. Nobody stopped to greet or acknowledge them, and they seemed
to act like zombies, with no outward emotion. The boys carried on until they found a tall house at the centre. It was strange in design; kind
of warped. James put on his Invisibility coin. Nephti took his own Blade coin and put it on.
They entered, and found that there was a huge, long, hall-like corridor inside, too big to account for, with the size of the house on the
outside. At the end was a tall, thin man in a long black and red robe. He looked up with two glowing red eyes. The room around them
shimmered away, and shimmered back, only as a huge circular steel room, without any doors.
"The Game's afoot...Greetings to you, Chosen one. You will find that that coin is useless here, I see all and know all!" James shimmered
into existence, having removed the coin.
"Very well. Unto me ist the power!" He slapped on the Fire Coin.
"Two on one. Seems like this will be interesting. Psychic rays!" Two beams of transparent energy smashed out. James ducked, but Nephti
was thrown into the wall, and unconscious. "You see, young man, you are little compared to my power."
"We'll see. Lava Bomb!" A ball of superheated fire fired out, but the Psychic Master rose his hand.
"Psyshield." The Bomb exploded against what looked like a glass dome around the man. "Teleport." He vanished in an instant, reappearing
behind James. He struck him from behind, and James collapsed. He got to his feet again, and launched another attack.
"Fire Wrap!" The Fiery twister rose from the ground around the Master, scorching him before he could react. The flames were quickly
doused by the man, and he looked at James again.
"Commendable. Nobody has ever come close to injuring me before. A pity I must destroy you, however. Mind-Melter!" A massive burst
of energy blasted out, and James ducked underneath it. He was caught in the aftershock however, and collapsed to the floor, weakened.
" ist the...power!" He switched coins, and felt a new, fresh energy flow into him.
"Psychic Rays!" The Psychic Master unleashed another attack. James, wearing the Electric coin, had increased Speed, and so evaded the
attack. That was the only strength James had - his speed at avoiding the Master's attacks. He had only a Bronze Coin with which to battle
with, however. He flipped over another attack, and launched one of his own.
"Static Charge!" He ran at the Master, his body becoming electrified as he moved, faster and faster. The Master lifted himself up off the
floor to avoid the charging boy, but James jumped up into the air and kicked him in the stomach. The man doubled up in pain. He punched
the man in the face, and both of them fell to the floor. James remained on his feet, the man on his knees. That was the only weakness that
the Master had - the physical aspect of his abilities were very weak. A few attacks like that would finish him. The Master rose himself into
the air again.
"Mind Melter!" He grunted, arms outstretched. James, unprepared, looked up as the blast shot out. Suddenly, a voice shouted,
"Super Spinner!" It was Nephti. He flew in, spinning at a phenomenal rate. The blast of Psychic energy was deflected away from both of
them. Nephti stopped spinning, and dropped to the ground next to James. "I say we give this guy a real fight!" He looked at him with a smile,
but turned away to look at the shining coin. The Electricity coin glowed until it turned Silver. James looked up at the bewildered Master.
"I reckon we should. A Gold and Silver team should be able to whap this guy's ass! Thunderbolt!" A ball of electricity shot out of his hand.
"Hyperslash!" Nephti chimed in. The two attacks blasted towards the master, who frantically deflected them.
"Use speed, that's what he can't handle!" James shouted, moving around the Master, catching him with a split decision. "Electric Shock!"
A few thousand volts of energy lanced at him.
"Spike spray!" The Master blocked the electricity, but the Spikes stabbed into his back, and he fell to the ground, wounded and bleeding.
James stood still.
"Nephti, get off the ground." As he did so, James launched another attack. "Shocker!" He spread his body against the metal walls of the
room. The electricity was focussed on the walls, and it conducted the power, frying the Master as he struggled to his feet. The coin
transferred to James, and the Master slowly faded out of existence. The room followed, until they were left in the middle of a dirt path, the
same one that ran through the valley, with the exception of the fact that there was no town at all, with no sign that it ever existed.

The boys walked on, finding another village on the long and winding dirt road. When they entered, they found it rather hospitable. Everyone
was friendly towards them. They found lodgings with an Innkeeper, and were settling down to an evening meal when the Innkeeper's son
burst in, frantic.
"Father! It's the Madragons! They're attacking again!" The Boys stood as the man grabbed a sword from under the counter and rushed
outside with a fiery torch. The Two lads hurried out after them, wondering what all the commotion was about.
"What's a Madragon? Why are they attacking your village?"
"There, that's a Madragon!" He pointed up to where a wing of great scaly Dragon-like creatures were floating in the skies nearby, waiting
to attack. "They are the Minions of Greynoor, the Darkness Master of Skull fortress."
"Darkness Master? Then he is a Coin-bearer!" James said, looking up at the Dragons.
"Yes...why?" The Innkeeper looked at him questioningly.
"Excellent. Unto Me ist the Power!" He slammed on the Fire Coin. "Nephti, let's go kick some ass!" He floated up into the air, watched
by the bewildered Innkeeper and son. Nephti floated up next to him. They looked at each other, laughed and nodded.
"Hyper-Fireball!" James called out.
"Spike Spray!" Nephti called. The twin attacks blasted out, taking down the leader of the Madragons. The others were furious with this
defiant action, and swooped in, breathing streams of Super-heated Fire at them. Nephti evaded, but James remained motionless, enduring
the Fire attacks with barely a singe.
"Phoenix Wing!" The Wings flapped hard, sending the Dragons scattering in all directions. They were off guard as Nephti hit another pair
with his Hyperslash. They were fleeing now, unprepared for the intensity of the attacks. James and Nephti landed where they'd started from,
as a crowd of people began to gather around them.
"Thank you, but no thanks is necessary. We're just doing our job, I guess." James said.

The next morning, they set out for Skull Fortress and the Darkness Master, Greynoor.
"This will be an interesting fight, James. Nothing, or very little is known about this Darkness Master's powers, except that they are very
strong. Only one, Andanoor, the Master of Light, has any idea, and nobody knows where he lives."
"We shall see. It certainly won't be easy, but no fight ever is. We'll cross each bridge as it comes." They continued on the road, noticing that
it was darkening around them.
"The Darkness Master..." Nephti looked at him. James nodded. They walked to the brow of the hill they were on, where the dirt road ended,
and looked about. It was about thirty metres down, and the valley was vast. There was a black, stone wall, fortified and guarded, with a
large steel gate. There were large Ogre-like guards on either side, with large battle-axes. Further into the valley was a large Castle that was
black and menacing.
"Let's go, we should be able to defeat them with my little trump card. Unto Me ist the Power!" He hit one of the Bronze coins he possessed
onto his hand. The ground shook slightly, as James rose his hands slowly. A path of earth rose up in front of them, leading down into the
valley. The two Boys ran in with coins ready. Two pairs of archers, atop the Wall, opened fire, but Nephti absorbed their shots with little
effort. Then it was James's turn.
"Rock Throw!" He lifted two big boulders and threw them at the gate. It collapsed inwards as the two guards moved to intercept the
attackers. Nephti went straight in, dodging the slow and cumbersome Ogre, and slashing away at it. James went for a more distant attack.
"Mud Ball!" Two balls of earth blasted at it from his hands. It staggered back, and James charged in with a rugby tackle. It collapsed heavily,
and then found the floor beneath it gone, and a large opening in the ground there instead. It fell through, becoming trapped in at the waist.
Then James switched to his Fire Coin. He flew up into the dark and Misty skies, and swooped in on the archers, either burning them or
sending them falling from the wall. Then the two lads met up and continued onwards. They walked onward, and found themselves at the
entrance to the castle path, leading up to the Massive doors that led inside.
"Well, it's time for a real test now." Nephti said.
"Hah Hah Hah! Your test is just beginning and, I'm happy to say, Ending!" Said a voice. They looked about, seeing nobody.
"Who said that? Where are you?" James demanded, looking about.
"I'm all around you...not really! See!" A ghostly figure rose from the ground in front of them, tall and thin, with a ghostly evil look to it's
face. "Now then, boys, turn and never return, of be sent to oblivion!"
"I don't think so, whoever you are. You're messing with the real deal here. Lava Bomb!"
"Darkness shield!" The Lava Ball shattered in contact with his hand. "Your powers are useless. I have an extension of Greynoor's powers!"
"I see, well then, Drill Attack!" A spinning blade blasted forth from Nephti's hand, but was similarly stopped.
"Ha Ha! Venom Wave!" A wave of Black and Grey Snakes burst into existence in front of them, hissing madly.
"Phoenix Wing!"
"Spike Spray!" The boys called, fending off the evil snakes. They recoiled and vanished.
"It's time for a change of scenery. Unto Me ist the Power!" James switched to his Earth Coin. "Mud Ball!" The dirt ball flew at the Man,
but it was feeble to the shield's powers.
"Super Spinner!" Nephti begun to spin in and uncontrollable manner, rising up off the ground like a spinning top, and then altered so he was
horizontal and shot forwards at the Darkness Henchman. The Shield shattered, and James capitalised with another Mud Ball. It hit the weak
Darkness henchman and knocked it into nonexistence.
"Bring it on!" Nephti smiled. They ran up the path and broke open the large doors to the Castle. To their surprise, it was all one big hall,
quite dimly lit, and a battle was in progress. A light-wielding Woman was battling a Dark Master, Greynoor, and it was an interesting
"What the?" The woman turned, and was subsequently hit by a black blast of energy. She collapsed with a gasp. Her coin was Silver, the
Darkness Master's was Gold, and things didn't look good.
"That was unfair! Her back was turned!" Nephti said aloud.
"They don't call me evil for nothing kid, and you're next! Black Thunder!" A jet Black streak of Lightning connected them for a moment,
and Nephti collapsed, out cold. "Now...chosen one. You present me with an Interesting challenge. Are you ready for me?" James stepped
forwards, confidently.
"You bet your ass I am!" The Master frowned momentarily.
"I'll take that as a yes. Goodbye. Black Thunder!" James rose his arms, and a wall of earth rose in front of him, blocking the shot. "Excellent.
You are indeed proficient. But how will hour handle this? Greyball!" He twisted his hand about, and a sphere of grey began to close about
"What the? Rock throw!" They had little effect. It finally sealed up. "Unto me ist the Power!" He changed to the Grass coin. He rose his
arms, turning slowly in a circle. Great Vines rose around him, outside the Ball, and crushed it until it shattered away.
"Good, good. You are indeed a worthy adversary. Now we stop the games. Black Whip!" A long, thick rope reached out towards him.
"Not so fast. You're not Omnipotent, my friend." James smiled. "Play the Game. Unto me ist the power!" He faded out of sight. The master
"Fool. You cannot escape me in my own realm! Darkshear!" A solid circle of blackened steel expanded around him. It missed the target.
"Who's a challenge now, hmm? Stealth Attack!" Suddenly, the Master was struck by an invisible attack. He rose, furious.
"How dare you! Grisly Skull!!" A blast of ghostly Skulls expanded out of him. James was hit, but remained invisible. "Aha! Now I have you!
Black Thunder!" The bolt of Black flashed out, but missed again. He could hear a noise. A silver circle was glowing in front of him, lighting
up an invisible arm. "What?" James' Invisibility coin had progressed to the Silver stage.
"Hyperball!" James called out. Another invisible attack struck the Darkness Master, hurting him more. "Invisibility Projector!" The world
around them faded out of existence. Greynoor was left stood in the air, wondering what had happened. "Now try to finish the Job,
Greynoor!" A voice said. He looked about him in all directions. Nothing. He was stood about ten feet above the rocky floor.
"Now We have You, Greynoor!" Said a soft voice. It was the Light woman. "Lightning!" A sudden stream of light blasted out, holding the
Master in place. "Boys, finish him!"
"Hyperball!" James called.
"Drill attack!" Nephti joined in. The two struck the Darkness master, and he collapsed under the strain. His coin went Bronze, and fell into
James' hands. The area around them re-appeared, and the Woman thanked the boys.
"Well done, Chosen one. For a moment back there I thought that you might not make it. You pulled through well. Here." She pulled off
her Coin and gave it to James. "Take it. Complete your quest. It is your destiny!" Then she departed. James and Nephti left the Dark realm,
heading onward towards the Mountain at the centre of the Island.

Chapter 5

The Final Showdown

Upon further investigation, the mountain was just a big hill, with a flat top on it. The journey up the hill was hard and, at moments, perilous.
The two boys, with a little help from their coins, eventually reached the top.
The top of the hill was eerily quiet. The floor was misty, and it was very warm. At the centre of the great arena was a large platform over
a pit of black sludge, which was steaming and bubbling.
"Hello?" Called Nephti aloud. "Is there anybody here?" The sound echoed. No reply. "I guess he's not home..."
Suddenly, a great rumble shook the ground, and the earth beneath them cracked apart. They were separated. across it.
"Only the Chosen One may battle me, for he is the only one worthy enough." A voice boomed. It was sinister. A purple Dome grew over
a helpless Nephti. His Blade coin transferred to James. He looked helplessly at his former partner, banging on the solid transparent walls
of his cage.
"Chosen one." The voice said. James broke eye contact, and looked around again as the voice spoke. "Are you ready to challenge me?"
"Not until my friend is released!" He demanded.
"That barrier is for his own protection. I guarantee that he will not be harmed." The voice insisted.
"Very well. Unto me ist the Power!" The Fiery Wings grew from his body.
"Ah, the primitive Fire coin. An interesting start." A tall, dark and sinister man rose from the pit and alighted on the platform. James flew
up to face him. "Now, let's begin." He rose his hands, and another dome encased the arena, including the sludge lake underneath.
"Fine. Fire wrap!" He called. The Ring bearer was unaffected. He made a move of his hand. James was struck by a blast of energy. He was
thrown back, but recovered before he could fall off the edge. "Fire Slash!" The fiery claw shot towards the Ring Man, and dispersed around
him. James was hit by another energy shot, and the Fire Coin fell from his hand to the rocky ground, blackened. James fumbled it back on,
but it acted like a normal coin, slipping off the ground.
"Unto me ist the Power!" He tried the Water coin. "Hydro Attack!" The water didn't even faze the man. The coin dropped from his hand,
"I tire of this silly game. Goodbye, Chosen One." The satchel on James shoulder broke, Black coins clattering to the floor around him. He
sank to his knees, wide eyed and despairing. The Ring Bearer laughed, sardonically. "Well, how will you defend yourself now, eh?"
"I...I...don't know! How did the other Coin Warriors win?" His head sank, a tear dropping to the ground with a plop. He slowly and
inexplicably rose to his feet, a determined look in his eyes.
"What now? Don't you know when you are beaten?" He laughed and rose his arm. A purple blast of energy shot out.
"I'll tell you how they won." He ducked, the blast missing him completely. "Teamwork!" He grabbed the bundle of coins and threw them
up into the air. "Unto me ist the Power!" All of a sudden, the coins slowed down and arranged themselves into a vertical line above his hand.
Then, the slowly joined together into a miniature cylinder, then flattened into a single coin. It had a rainbow pattern with a golden circle
in the middle. It dropped onto his hand.
"Well, let's see who's beaten now!" He held out his arms. "Terraforce!" A huge ball of golden energy blasted out from them, and blew up
the entire platform, sending James flying. The Purple barriers vanished, and he was picked up off the ground by Nephti, not five yards from
where he'd been trapped.
"Jimmy? Jimmy are you okay?" He asked, frantically.
"I feel like I just got blown up in one hell of a fight." He smiled. Nephti helped him into a sitting position. He looked at his hand, then looked
about for the coin. "There! Look!" All ten of the Original coins were rolling in a line towards the Sludge Pit. They all dropped in, to James'
"What will I do now? How will I get home?"
"I think that's been decided for you. Look at your legs." They were slowly fading out of existence. "Is this goodbye?"
"I guess it is. Goodbye, Nephti old friend. It was great to fight alongside you."
"Goodbye, James. It was indeed a great Quest. One that, I'm glad to say, will change this world for ages to come." James smiled, just as
his head was engulfed. He was gone. Nephti stood, and left the mountain, wondering if James, or indeed anyone like him, would ever return
to that world...
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