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My name is Richard M Edwards I have been wondering about what had happen in my life.You must wonder what I'm talking about.10 years of my life has been lost beyond my mind.Heavy rain drops hit contstantly on a old window pane above where I lay with a painful headache that could make a grown man kill his self.Tears upon tears rolled down my face while I rock side to side as the pain kept getting worse,that sweet sound of her voice linger in my ear "I'm coming sweety" I satup as she crushed some kind of small white pill into a spoon of water.The memories of this became my last all I could have heard is the sound of my humming while rocking.My eyes had awaking and my brain trying to foucs I wasn't understanding what was going on there was toys everywhere that I havn't seen before.Standing up and things was much smaller things was confuseing to me,there was  bunkbeds as I turned around towards them and my sister was laying on top and she is older then the last time I saw her on a sofa couch at the bottom of where I was laying.Thing began to get more stanger my heart begin to pound some not knowing what esle I may find.Starting down a set of brown wooden stairs I became more confuse,across these stairs sat a man reading a news paper and some small boy sitting in front of a floor modle tv.After seeing this strang happening the number one person came to mind and there she was right across from me in a strang kitchen cooking.I walked up to her hopping she could give me some kind of insight of whats going on.  "Mom whats going on?" "What do you mean Todd?" "I was just 5 years old with a very bad headache and you gave me something to sleep and now I awake like this,how old am I" "Todd your 15 years old." Just the thought of that boggled my mind how could I lose 10 years of my life while more and more question inter my mind. "Mommy how is that little boy and the man?" "Todd thats your brother Kevin and his father Tony." "How mom, something is wrong I don't know none of them." "Todd you know your brother." She replied in a smile that a person could never forget. "Where are we?" I asked "We are in millville,son go outside while I finish cooking."


To be continued

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