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Shang hoi


At a small abounded creek, on a sunny morning.  There was a boy called Sam.  He had a Shang hoi, he was practising his skills.  Sam was using black, shiny pebbles to fire at trees and wildlife.  He noticed there was a road next to the creek and there were cars speeding up and down.  It was obviously a highway.


Sam noticed there was a truck slowly moving up the highway.  So he decided to grab a shiny pebble and have a shot at the moving vehicles’ tyre.  Sam managed to pick up a black pebble and fit it into his Shang hoi.  “Slowly, slowly”, he mumbled to himself.  Carefully he managed to grab the stone and aim. Then, he realised his fingers and WHOOSH, the stone was aiming for the tyre faster and faster it got and BANG.  The tyre was popped and Sam was running and swimming as the only way he could escape the angry truck driver was to run away.


He started wondering why he had ever grabbed that black, shiny pebble and placed it in his Shan hoi.  All those thoughts running through his mind at once, he had stopped looking at where he was running and he ran straight into a big, fat, ugly truck driver who didn’t look happy.  “Where do you think your going?” Yelled the truck driver. 

“Ah, ah nowhere” whispered Sam, trying not to be noticed.

“You did just bust a tyre on my truck, you do no that. Right?” said the truck driver said.

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