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That which was not there

type story here That Which Was Not There

We left at midnight from the airport to be
At a place far away which we had to see
A hole in the ground that troubled our land
That pulled at the heart as ripped by a hand

A place they said importance will be there
Also the down trodden and those in despair
For the world had seen a blow of mighty power
That tore at this place during that horrible hour

Said to my friend a souvenir I would bring
Something of value maybe a piece or thing
This place where mankind of the world had been
Until the day when it all came to an end

The skyline was clear as we flew into sight
Not like it was when we watched all that night
For the day that it happened man would see
Not the Phoenix arise but the Eagle would be

We gathered our things and hurried there
My heart was pounding as I held back my care
I wanted to see as I held close to the fence
Stared hard for that look and have not seen since

For my eyes were full with tears of grief
As I thought of all that died, it was unbelief
How could this happen by those who hate
For all that died would seal their fate

I could not bend down and pick a stone
For in my heart I felt alone
With those that had died on that day
So I folded my hands and begin to pray

Now at this time back in my home
I will never forget that time alone
I witnessed that day with clear in the air
A place that which was not there

Joseph Marvin McManus
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