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My Date with Mr.Fate

Frank Willis looked at his wristwatch, pulling up his overcoat sleeves, it was 8.30 pm. He had to meet a person, with whom he had only communicated by phone till now.

She had promised to turn up at the church at the Edward’s street at 9.15 pm. He still had forty-five minutes left. She had told him that she would dress in pink and carry Sydney Sheldon’ “Nothing Lasts Forever” in her hand for him to recognize her.

This is perhaps going to be an eventful night, he thought. The weather was as cold as any other winter night in the month of December.

He was now in the Fox Street and he had to walk some blocks to reach the Edward Street, where the church was located. He took out a cigarette and lighted it, just when he resumed to walk further, a fellow stopped him and asked for a light.

He lighted his cigarette and as the fire flared up the darkness, he studied his face. Rather, attractive, he seemed to him. “Here’s someone to start a conversation with to kill the time--” He thought.

The person was studying Frank closer, now. Frank hoped that he too favorably impressed him.

“Rather, a cold night, isn’t it?” He asked, in a pleasant voice, as he stepped along side the stranger.

“Sure it is!” He replied. So the two of them discussed the weather for a few seconds, walking aimlessly along.

Having broken the ice, the stranger asked : “are you going to meet some on this evening ?”

Some how, this question put him on guard.

He glanced sharply at his face, at that moment, which was illuminated by a street light, which two of them were passing by.

“Yes” He replied, “ I am going to meet someone for the first time, whom I had know well for a quite sometime.” He added, taking a puff of his cigarette.

• “How is it possible to know someone without even meeting once?” He asked.

“We both had talked to each other by phone so far, you see.” he said, “ I only hope that it’s going to be an eventful incident.”

“Maybe? But, something more eventful is going to happen in this very street.” He said, taking a puff of his cigarette, “By the way, what time is it?”

• “What do you mean?” He asked, “It’s 8.55 pm.”

• “Well, exactly at 8.58 pm, a car is going to rush into this very street and a petrol tanker, which is going in the other road will suddenly divert and turn into this street. And to be precise, the car as well as the tanker are both are on there way.”

• “You are telling me that an accident is going to take place, is it? Will the people in that car survive or not?” he asked, shocked, “but, how do you know all this----?”

• “I have come over here to see that everything happens as per the schedule!” He said.

“But---?” he asked. Suddenly, a car started racing from the one end of the road.

Frank looked at his watch. It showed precisely 8.58 pm: as it headed the turning, suddenly, a huge petrol tanker turned into this very road and both applied breaks simultaneously.

The car cam to a sudden halt. But, the breaks of the tanker failed and it went and hit the car and then an electric pole and came to a halt.

The car was smashed beyond recognition. It was beyond doubt that anyone could have survived at all.

Frank was shocked was watching all this: “Who the hell are you?” he asked, turning to the stranger, “ You should have paid the driver of the truck to do this, isn’t it? The people in the car should be your enemies and you wanted to get rid of them, right?”

“Pal, It’s time for me to take leave now.” He said, forcing a smile on his lips, “ Also it’s getting late for your schedule to meet your friend. So you would better hurry up!” he said, walking away into the darkness.

The church bell started to strike nine times as Frank rushed towards the Edward Street as fast as he could and he reached 9.09 pm and waited for her to come.

But, she didn’t turn up even after 9.40 pm. He made a phone call to her. But, the phone was ringing and no one picked up.

He was disappointed and didn’t want to pass by the street again, so he took another one, which was a bit longer. Meantime, the cops forced open the jammed door of the smashed car in that accident.

They found two bodies, on an old man, in late seventies and the other of a young woman, who was stunningly beautiful, dressed in pink and she was holding Sydney Sheldon’s “Nothing Lasts Forever” in her right hand, firmly, even after her death.

• The End

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