RENOIR GIRL. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Introspective Bookmark and Share


He has a print of a Renoir
Painting on his wall and it
Isn’t one of those with girls

Without clothes bathing or
Sitting around undressed
Waiting for something to

Happen or not to happen
And it isn’t one of those
Where lots of people sit

And stand around chatting
And laughing and its not
One with girls playing piano

Or standing on swings while
Men look lustfully on no it’s
Of a girl sitting reading a book

Who possibly borrowed it from
Her father’s library and who
Finds certain passages a bit

Purple and beyond her young
Knowledge or maybe she just
Likes the pictures of animals in

Woodlands or maybe prints of
Paintings with girls bathing in
The nude (how rude) by riversides

Or sitting naked on sofas waiting
For something to happen or not
Or for some lover to come and

Kiss and make love before Renoir’s
Arthritic hand tires and the oils
Smudge, smear or sickeningly spoil.

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