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Dreaming of the dead

Dreaming is a normal part of life for me, in fact, dreaming is something that
I look forward to nightly.

Last Saturday, June 10, 2000; I had a dream of my best friend Michelle.
Michelle passed away Jan 3rd 2000. I really believed that she died that
Sunday. I saw visions of light and dark water. Dark water is something that
I tend to see when death is approaching. Getting back to my dream; my girl
and I was having a conversation. The conversation seems as though I lead it.
I ask Michelle, why did she die. Michelle replied that she didn't know. I
confirmed that we were able to see and hear one of other and that she should
take my cell phone to communicate with me when she needed to speak with me.
Michelle, then said, Cheryl I can't do that. I then reply to Michelle, why?
I said to her, you left me lonely, why did you have to die. She didn't reply
with an answer. I then said to her again, why did you die. Michelle, still
didn't say anything. I then began to weep. I then woke up from my dream
weeping. It took me about 15 minutes to return to sleep. I then began to
dream that I was talking to someone about the dream I had. The phone rung
and the dream was interrupted.

To be continued!
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