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Dark Musings

She watches out her frosted bedroom window as the rain pours, icy and heavy. Almost like her heart. Her room has been darkened to match her depression and her dark thoughts. A little silver pocket knife rests lightly in the palm of her hand, with blood stained on the open blade. The word "WHY" she has carved into her arm. The blood is still fresh, and staining the white carpet beneath her feet. She wonders once again, "Will he come in time?" Her vision fades to black and it is all over. He has broken her heart with his killing words, "I hate you."

   She's standing out on the sidewalk in front of her house, barefoot, wearing a thin white dress despite the freezing weather.

   "I don't want you anymore," he says shoving her away roughly. "You're just some whore. You're dead to me."

Tears come to her eyes as she watches him walk away, taking the shattered remains of her heart with him. Once he has crossed the street, she manages to find the strength to run after him. She doesn't see the car come around the corner, smashing into her weakened body and rendering her lifeless.

   He's yelling at her, but he can't remember why they are fighting in the first place. In a fit of anger, his fist connects with the side of her face. She cries out as she hits the asphalt, her head cracking against the ground. He's stunned for a moment at what he has done, then he drops to his knee screaming her name, holding her in his arms, begging not to leave, but it's too late. She's gone.

   All three souls meet in Heaven, and they wonder why they had to go through so much pain on Earth.





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