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Slumbs(ghetto town)

It was a hot sunny day when me and my friend ended up hangin around the slumbs again.  It was like every other sunday me, Im Jonny boy and my friend here is Skinny we was the trouble makin kids around here.  It really wasnt are idea to live this way, see we both had hard lives and we aint raised or treated that good either.  Both of our dads died in world war two and we was livin in dirt. Thats how we ended up in here, rite now, Juvy.  It all happen like this.

"Aye yo Jonny boy, hows it goin?"  "its all  good for know just got done runin down the street skinny." Not again man you do this time, everyday be gettin in trouble you know we promised are ma not to do anything bad this time" Aw hush you lil baby all i did was steal a dang toy" thats still stealing and you know that." Yelled Jonny Boy!

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