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Seekers of Glory


Seekers of Glory




Jerome Brooke




“Brave knights, we must seek the holy grail.  Which of you will sally forth, the holy quest to make,”  I said.



The Scarlet Knight rose.



“My king, I tire of tourneys, of feasts, and music of the harp.  Send me forth.  I will cut my way thru any who may bar my quest.”



“And what say the rest?”  I asked.



“I shall go, Sire,”  quote my son.  “I have yet to win my spurs,”  spake my own young son.



“I will seek the grail, my king.  I desire one last time to ride forth, for many years have pasted in service to the Faith,”  said the oldest of our number.



“I will go, Sire.  The quest is a holy duty of a knight who has taken the Cross,”  quote a knight strong in the faith.



“I will go, Sire.  My lady has given me a blue scarf in token of her love.  I must prove myself worthy of her troth,”  spoke the bravest of the brave.



“All of you shall ride forth, my knights.  Ride to the march of the north, and war against the evils of greed.  Ride into the desert, and war against sloth.  Ride forth to all places faith and valor may lead,”  I commanded.



“Long live the King,”  called out all my men.



Thus began the holy quest.  As long as valor is prized, the bards will sing of their deeds. 






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