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After not seeing you or hearing your voice. Not knowing where you are, where you went, are you still alive? Do you ever wonder what I have become, what I have been through?

Now after 20 yrs. Family found you. We have talked a few times. I told you I was thinking about dropping by without you knowing. Just as a surprise. As it has been 20 yrs I mind you. Was hoping to hear you say that wouild be great. But what I got from you was nothing to what I thought it would be. I got from you. No, thats not a good idea. I will come to you.

Would you like to know how that made me feel.. Let me tell you how that made me feel.

After 20 yrs not knowing you, seeing you, wondering if you were still alive. Wishing you a Happy Birthday EVERY yr for the past 20 yrs. Without you knowing, still telling you I Love You. NOT allowing ANY man take your place. You have always been in my heart. No man has ever been no type of father to me. Because that is your place, your job. Has and always will be.

I know its not your fault to as what happen and Im sorry it did.

To my point.. You saying what you did. Made me feel like the BIGGEST piece of shit. Made me feel that you dont care that you probably never really did. Makes me wonder. Did you ever try to look for us like you said you did?

I have something true that will never be any false information. I will always Love You!

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