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Where Doves Fly

Every day you've been away,I dream of where you are. I miss your love,I love your
soul. Your vision seems so far.
On cold summer nights I feel the fright,blankets tearing at the seams.
Have I made a mistake,I cannot wake. Who's going to shake me from bad
Your body's gone, the wait so long, its agony waiting for your love. the
stars may shift, but how I rather wish the wind would lift the wings of
my dove.
So please end to me the dark mystery,tomorrow as black as coal. Of all
the times I've lost, I will pay any cost just to see the beauty in your
So many things I didn't say, a flowers scent fades away. Why did my
dove fly so far?
Asleep for a hundred years and unconcious tears... I'm still dreaming
of where you are.
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